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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Jelena Over For Good?!

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Break Up Again Nick Jonas

Baby, baby, baby, nooo!

We had a feeling things between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez weren’t going too well, especially after one of Selenita’s exes got in the way!

The young Hollywood couple had been mending their relationship since their recent split and now it seems like they’ve called it quits… again!

We previously mentioned how the Biebs got together with Nick Jonas, Selena’s ex-boyfriend recently, and it sounds like that was the last straw!

An insider revealed:

“Hanging out with Nick proved that he wants to just be a jerk about this, and Selena’s sick of being heartbroken. They are finished, and I think it’s for good this time.”

Wow, it looks like Justin and Nick’s ping pong studio sesh really did some damage to Jelena’s relationship!

Their recent split has been confirmed by multiple sources and reportedly, Selena was a no-show at Justin’s B96 Jingle Bash performance in Chicago this past Saturday!

A source spilled:

“At this point, Selena isn’t going to any of Justin’s concerts ever again. She doesn’t want to speak to him anymore and told him it’s over.”

Oh no! We were really hoping they would be able to work things out!!

Maybe there’s still a chance the two will give their love another go?!?

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40 comments to “Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Jelena Over For Good?!”

  1. 1

    This white trash little boy needs to be deported…hasnt it been 15 min?

  2. Bieber Love says – reply to this


    Oh please!!! Selena is just doing what she always does!!! Making Justin look like that bad guy! But you know what Selena needs to leave Justin alone!!! She is just messing up his life an his career!!!! So what if Justin hangs out with Nick? Its not like he's doing anything wrong!!!! Justin can't have friends without Selena's approval? Oh please Selena go to hell!!! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!! JUST WISH JUSTIN HAD SOMEONE TO SHOW HIM THE WHITE TRASH LITTLE BITCH SELENA GOMEZ IS!!! :@ ALL SHE WANTED WAS HIS FAME!!! STNK FAMEWHORE!!!! SELENA LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE!!!! AND ALL YOU JB HATERS GET A LIFE!!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE OR BY THE WAY GO AHEAD AN HATE YOU'RE JUST GETTIN HIM MORE FAMOUS! :p HHAHAHAHA PEACE OUT BITCHES!!!! :p

  3. justin love says – reply to this


    go to the hell selena

  4. fid says – reply to this


    They're super young, immature with more money than most of us could ever dream of. So is it really breaking news that they may break up?

  5. jenn says – reply to this


    sorry hun, but if my boyfriend hangs out with my ex, I will kill him. there is a reason why we broke up not for you to be hanging out with him. Justin is making himself look bad.

  6. grace says – reply to this


    why would selena date such an immature brat. Justin is such a loser. she needs a man, not a girl who is going through puberty.

  7. ds;lafjsd says – reply to this


    selena is sexy as hell, I just want to lick her pus*y

  8. john says – reply to this


    soooo when is Justin going to leave our country?? cant we send his ass back to Canada.

  9. Bob says – reply to this


    Why are you getting on Selena's case? Justin doesn't need Selena's help to look like a bad guy. Believe me, he is doing it all on his own. He has no idea how to handle a relationship. He is like a little boy in a candy shop - he wants it all! He dresses like a dork - wearing God awful pants that look like a diaper. Selena should have dumped him a long time ago. He may have been a nice kid a couple of years ago . . . but after all the mentoring he has received, he has turned into a first class jerk.

  10. ivan says – reply to this


    If she broke up over his being friendly with an ex, than she is a controlling and petty person. He should forget about her and move on. I notice the classless haters are out to trash Justin again-like roaches smelling food. He took his shirt off when she attended his concerts, it is what his fans want-no big deal

  11. 11

    Re: john – nope we dont want him back. he's all yours.

  12. vanessa says – reply to this


    Re: Bieber Love – I FUCKING LOVE YOU. finally someone who understands and sees how fake selena homez is. i'm not a huge bieber fan but i just hate selena and i hope they do break up gor good and find someone else that's worth it. i wonder who selena will date next. one direction? since they are famous at the moment.

  13. DJMcCommons says – reply to this


    I really hope this is all lies/gossip. Not really a reason to break up, don't care if they are young, young love is still love, been with my husband for 15 years and we met at 14 yrs old. If he beat my ex at ping pong I'd be thinking "HAHA, you got the girl and the game"

  14. Sophie says – reply to this


    GOD guys calm down.. So what? They split up.. Selena got hated for going out with Justin, and now she's getting hated for breaking up with him!? And why would she only want him for his fame when she's famous to..? I just don't get why everyone is making such a big deal over this.. Everyone goes through this at least once in there life, so what so special about Justin and Selena? I know they're famous but seriouslyy chillout.. :Lx

  15. 15

    Two kids doing what kids do….make out and move on. Nobody really expected them to stay together forever, did they? And to keep breaking up and making up, it keeps her in the news. She may go on acting, but his career has piqued and he will be in a downward spiral real soon.

  16. Boredism says – reply to this


    Re: Bieber Love – you sound like a crazy stalker

  17. Valentina says – reply to this


    Mmmm… I think Selena should take a long time to think about everything. They made a beautiful couple, but for some reason … They finished. No? If it was for ex boyfriends … It was for some reason! I'm no fan of Justin Bieber, his music is good, yes, but I can't imagine this couple all life together. I don't know, is what I think. She needs a man, much was said about Justin's immaturity. So, Selena … Don't come back with Justin! Lol

  18. 18

    I think Selena should take a long time to think about everything. They made a beautiful couple, but for some reason … They finished. No? If it was for ex boyfriends … It was for some reason! I'm no fan of Justin Bieber, his music is good, yes, but I can not imagine this couple all life together. Do not know, is what I think. She needs a man, much was said about Justin's immaturity. So, Selena … Do not come back with Justin!

  19. candy heart says – reply to this


    I see so many comments of people talking shit, but if don't even like them than why bother reading the article? You all are just hypocrites! And as this deported shit? Really? He is from Canada and who the hell care? The US has many criminals that are locked up and should be deported, but you guys don't. He is not doing no harm. This brake up nonsense need to stop! What is the difference between their relationship and our?

  20. atiyeh says – reply to this


    selena is so much better than justin. justin is such a kid

  21. kio says – reply to this


    selena SUCKS. Justin deserves so much better.

  22. BLUEJAYS says – reply to this


    You can not trust these people when their afaid to give up their names mean most likely it a bold face lie. Which mean either their are not ever close to the stituration or their lying about how close they really are. All tho Jenner been hitting on him both of them in a tweet today she say I want to touch Justin Bieber ass and the other one say every one does. are they trying to be the next love of Justin bieber life. He had no clue they were hit on him. I think he starting to figure it out.

  23. BLUEJAYS says – reply to this


    I highly doubt she will get mad over Justin being with her Ex. If this is true then I said if he can't be with his age people they need to split. It does make much sense if he can have fun with other stars. all he wants are friends his ages which every one needs these day. She need to learn that if she can't then she has more growing up to do then she thinks.

  24. BLUEJAYS says – reply to this


    I should of read it more carefully He said hollywoodlife. which mean this is most likely not true.

  25. 25

    Well finally. She should have ended the contract a long time ago with this little shit.

  26. Daniela says – reply to this


    I hope that Selena and Justin get back together they were the hottest couple

  27. Daniela says – reply to this


    I agree

  28. Daniela says – reply to this


    Come on Selena give Justin mercy he bought you a stinking dog please I am begging you stay with him if any one agrees with me replay please show your support…… So okay Selena well I'm not telling you to exactly get back together with him now like for right know he's mine okay even though I'm only 12 I don't care so guys remember back me up on Justin and Selena getting back together but not right know!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Nelena Lover says – reply to this


    Thank god they finally broke up. Selena and Nick were so cute together and I think they should be together. Plus she's prettier now and he's a lot hotter too. :P

  30. Gieber says – reply to this


    i don't think they really broke up.How many times people said they broke up & a few days later they are spotted hand in hand ? & people should leave them alone :s…it's their personal life btw… ?

  31. Maria says – reply to this


    This is just a gossip story. Selena even said in a interview that she is good friends with nick and a great guy to hang out with. I really don't think she got mad. Justin and nick being friends is probably a good thing to selena

  32. Directioner says – reply to this


    FYI Selena Gomez was way! more famous before justins gay ass came along..
    ih yeah n One Direction is better:)

  33. Selina kim says – reply to this


    It's all lies.JELENA forever

  34. Becca says – reply to this


    I love selena she is great. Just do what you want selena dont let justin get in your way. Why would he want to speak to your ex any way hes just messing with you just carry on with your life and get a new boy!!.

  35. Carly-Amelia says – reply to this


    Finally selena realises that justin is a dork and a show-off too . He is way too big for his boots and he doesn't care ! I like hate selena and justin anyway but I'm like glad they are over :)

  36. alexis marquez says – reply to this


    Im glad they split up but feel bad for jb i hope he dates a better person whos not scared to be seen with him

  37. Lib says – reply to this


    Re: Bieber Love – like really it's just love for them too you don't have to be mad at Selena it's her relationship and nothing else about it just get off her back like really how old are you 8 !?!?!?!?!?!

  38. Stophatin says – reply to this


    Re: graceRe: Bob – AAAMMMEEENNN

  39. tifany says – reply to this


    shut up justin IS “that bad guy“

  40. tifany says – reply to this


    thow bout NEVER