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SNL "Comedian" Victoria Jackson Compares Sandy Hook Shooting To Abortion!

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Victoria Jackson, you continue to surprise and disgust us with your incredible ignorance and complete lack of respect.

Over the weekend, former Saturday Night Live comedian and avid Tea Party supporter Victoria Jackson took to her Facebook page to voice her opinion regarding the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Victoria posted:

"My friend Jim Riley posted: 'Wasn't the Connecticut killer just doing what abortionists do every day?' It's a wonder we don't have more 20 year old "dads" doing what women and doctors have been an accomplice to for years in America. When you forget the TEN COMMANDMENTS, people, THIS is what you get.

Obama dramatically wiped a tear as he said, "The majority of those who died today were children — beautiful little kids … They had their entire lives ahead of them — birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own" …YEAH OBAMA. SAME AS THE MILLION BABIES YOU HAD ABORTED THIS YEAR. ARE YOU CRYING FOR THEM?!"


We feel deeply sorry for Mz. Jackson.

We can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to constantly carry around such anger and hatred.

Hopefully Victoria will one day find peace, and not feel the need to spew such negativity toward her fellow human beings.

And seriously… "million babies you had aborted this year?"

Wow! All that presidential campaigning must have really taken time out of Obama's forced abortion initiative!


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125 comments to “SNL "Comedian" Victoria Jackson Compares Sandy Hook Shooting To Abortion!”

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  1. lindalisa886 says – reply to this


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  2. Agree says – reply to this


    She's got a point.

  3. justine says – reply to this


    Sorry, but abortion IS murder. I worked at a Planned Parenthood clinic as an RN. Planned Parenthood is nothing but an abortion mill-those who say otherwise are lying, plain and simple. I lost count of how many women had 10, 12, 15 plus abortions, thinking nothing was wrong with that. I'll never forget the babies that were aborted that were more than 24 weeks term, that could have survived, but had their brains bashed in instead. Slaughter. No other word for it.

  4. buddybop says – reply to this


    This is so disgusting. Need we remind you Ms. Jackson, every menstruation you had for the past 40 - 50 years, you were flushing fertilized eggs down the toilette? That's plenty of potential babies you have "murdered".

  5. wow says – reply to this


    wow so i agree with abortion not nessicly the act itself but the mothers right to chosse because we dont know what kind of situation that person is in it coud be a drug up addict, girl that suffers any forrm of abuse, or simply a girl that forgot to take her birth control saying that if i ever got pregnant i would never abort my baby even at my age at 16 it is just something i couldnt do but i belive we should respect eveyones opinion because you cant chage my mind and i cant change yours so we should agree to disagree but i dont see how abortion is the same as a mentaly ill person intetionaly getting a gun going to the school and looking for and killing 20 chiledren and teachers

  6. 106

    Man Perez, STFU you hater. If she's pro-life, that's her business. Funny, people who are "pro-choice" clearly don't believe the choice should be that some choose life. So f*ck off Perez, you HATER.

  7. 107

    Re: coldfear
    Don't they though? Watch it y'all… the "Neo-Libhaters" are like Stalinists. Sick. Not at all about love or freedom. In fact, they're more the type to put Jews in ovens.

  8. 108

    Re: Frances27
    you fu*cking worthless pig-whore.

  9. 109

    Re: Crissy
    You f*cking no good, worthless, b*tch. Burn in hell whore.

  10. 110

    Re: Crissy
    I hope you can never have children. You're a filthy pig of a human being. Rot in hell you whore.

  11. 111

    Re: wow
    Really? There were 895,000 abortions in the U.S. last hear. That is closing in on 1 MILLION. Come on. Seriously. That's just sick and wrong. In fact, I'd welcome Sharia law here just to stop that murder. Nearly 1 million!! F*cking cu*ts.

  12. The Facts Only says – reply to this


    Obama voted for late term abortion he was s Illinois state senator. He shed no tears when he approved that a women could abort a 9 month old in the womb fetus. Fucking hypocrite.

  13. Abort Frances says – reply to this


    Re: Frances27 – You're one ignorant motherfucker.

  14. not everyone is same says – reply to this


    Re: shannyisme – Im truly truly happy for you, but if Im gang raped or violently raped by white,black,Spanish,whatever race I wont be forced to carry said child of unknown origin.
    Especially a woman raped by another race, a black lady was gang raped by a group of mixed race scum, got pregnant, forced to carry by those who want to control a womans body, guess what shes in prison for?
    Her child born,colicy,crying,shes alone, father and family disgusted by obviously white child.
    Now shes in an institution for crazy inmates.
    Sounds wonderful.

    Not everyone is the same. Nor should they be forced to forcibly relive a brutal gang rape. She was a freshman in college wanting to be a Vet.

  15. hypocrisy says – reply to this


    Re: justine – then why don't you and all the cry babies give your paychecks to these morons pumping them out like spastic bunnies?
    Lady next door had her fourth. Shes sucking the welfare teet bone ass dry. I cant even buy new winter clothes, but shes on welfare and bought all 4 kids uggs and norface sweaters?!
    I done have warm clothes that fit but my rents paid. I cant work ft but im trying. You want more kids brought into the world? Like this?

  16. Jamie says – reply to this


    A person's a person no matter how small. Educate yourselves on how abortions are performed and you will see that you are the ignorant ones.

  17. Frances27 says – reply to this


    Re: Abort Frances – There's no need for name calling pal. You're obviously really mature, I can tell. If being aware and a realist makes me ignorant, then so be it. You're really, really immature and childish, and from what I can tell, an uneducated imbecile.

  18. 118

    You're too stupid to get her point; I think the one people should feel sorry for is YOU, homo, because you're such a dipshit. Your IQ has to be in the single digits, you diseased retard.

  19. 119

    Re: rosebud99 – Wow … you're a stupid fuck. Obozo sticking his mug into the act for press time — nice touch trying to make people think he was wiping away a tear — is the epitome of using the situation for political coin. Are you so dumb that you don't see that? Or are you running your ignorant mouth because your politics lean toward that stupid nigguh prez and so you'll excuse him for doing what you deplore in others? Hypocrites like you should be put down.

  20. 120

    What a f*cking psycho.

  21. Dee says – reply to this


    Sad that the readers of this site seem to be so uneducated. Your arguments of fallacy would be funny if they weren't so sad. You claim to be the party of tolerance, yet you can't seem to make one valid argument nor can you make any arguments that aren't filled with hate and vitriol. Wishing she would have been aborted or miscarried because she shares an opinion that's different from you? THEN you wonder how anyone could walk into a school and shoot little kids? If you have spew this garbage and such disregard for human life, how can you be shocked at someone else's?

  22. 122

    It's amusing to read the comments about some posters supposedly using Sandy Hook to promote a political agenda. I'm assuming these are references to the more conservative posters' comparisons of Sandy Hook to abortion in order to promote an anti-abortion political agenda. It seems to have escaped the attention of those making that accusation that even before the dead children had been removed from the school, the liberal, left-wing radicals were making political hay out of this tragedy to resurrect their typical ill-conceived and totally flawed anti-gun campaign. They have done this following every such occurrence, using the murdered children as political fodder to continually push their failed strategy to remove guns from the hands of everyone but the criminal elements so that our government can impose a completely totalitarian state upon its unarmed populace. It is truly amazing that the same individuals who are so shocked and saddened by Sandy Hook feel no remorse or sorrow over that fact that, on average, we murder 1.2 million unborn babies each year in this country and have been doing so for decades. I firmly believe that our country is beyond redemption and that things are going to get far worse. One day in the not too distant future, things will probably happen that will make Sandy Hook look like a Sunday School picnic by comparison. In the immortal words of Pogo, "I have met the enemy and he is us."

  23. samm says – reply to this


    @perezhilton regarding "SNL Comedian Victoria Jackson"
    AMEN to victoria jackson!
    It's not that she is carrying hatred or anger. It is just a harsh reality to realize that abortion and the massacre of Sandy Hook are incredibly similar.
    It is so interesting to see obama get so upset about 20 five year olds but, allow millions of children to be aborted each year..
    FYI: Abortion is Murder.
    good luck on judgement day.

  24. barga20 says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – What does her right to speak have to do with our right to criticize her?

  25. Annie Solstad says – reply to this


    Victoria Jackson is crazy! She even hate's The Little Mermaid! Don't give this washed up booze bag any more of your attention.

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