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18 comments to “facebook-lady-gaga-slammed-by-peta-for-buying”

  1. 1

    "I respect your views, please respect mine." Good for her.

  2. Ryan Parker says – reply to this


    If PETA's goal is to protect animals, then they need to focus more of their time and money on educating people on animal rights. Slamming public figures for buying fur is just an asshole move.

  3. Greg says – reply to this


    Ruh Roh!! Someone sounds more than a lil jealous of their ex BFF!!

  4. Susannah says – reply to this


    Re: Pelegirl5284
    Yeah, and lame-ass quotes which ultimately mean nothing are "good" for everybody.
    It's like saying to a wife-abuser:
    "Listen, it's ok if you wanna hurt her. I think you're wrong. But I respect your views, so go ahead and do your thing" … all the while doing sweet fuck all about the actual ISSUE of abuse.
    I don't necessarily condone violent protests, but speaking as, and pretending to act as an intelligent and informed person while acting like a self-absorbed childish jackass is something entirely different.
    This bitch is a fucking joke.
    She's HIDING behind that "I respect your views, please respect mine" quote.
    In the end, Gagme does what the fuck she wants, and she doesn't give a shit. YOU might think that's positive and life-affirming, but all it means to MOST OF US is that she's an unenlightened and unevolved piece of crap who believes she's above us all, and shouldn't be called out for her behaviour.
    Re: Ryan Parker
    We slam our celebrities for everything.. when they are caught cheating, stealing, driving drunk and committing crimes. In some cases, it draws attention to an issue and makes us think. In some cases, it's the other way around.
    What's different here?

  5. Kansas says – reply to this


    This article makes me wanna grab some scissors, chop the bitch's hair off, and wear it on my head as a wig.
    I mean, it's ok, right?
    She respects my "point of view," (which in this case, is that women's hair doesn't mean a damned thing to me).
    So it's all good…

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  7. 7

    I love gaga, but don't agree with her wearing fur. Animals are for eating, not for wearing, experimentation etc. I think it's only fair if we treat animals the way they treat us/other animals. Only eating what they need. But Perez, stop sending shade towards gaga, you are coming off as a jealous, bitter old friend

  8. Oliver says – reply to this


    Re: shannoncooper – How long you been posting at Perez Hilton.com, shannon? This dickhead slings "shade" (oh please, is that the new word for shit these days? how dumb) at everyone around here. And frankly, who cares? it's just lady horseface we're talking about here.. you know, that dumb prostitute who couldn't write a song to save her life.

  9. Sara says – reply to this


    Gaga is tweeting photos with the Rolling Stones you are tweeting useless izm shit. You are a jealous bitter old hag

  10. Dan says – reply to this


    Forget slamming her views.
    Slam her head into a door.

  11. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    Reductive slag! Animal killer!

  12. 12

    Hahahahaha, Perez, You pathetic dickhead, you are shame on every single gay person specially when you ended up flashing that bitter jealous bitch attitude, since GAGA decided to unfollow you after that 1D and lady gaga’s makeup artist incident you could help but to show that pathetic you within. Keep on doing what u’re doing, trust me she doesn’t give a fuck, there are plenty of other website posting what that woman is really doing (new record, donating 1m for sandy, well doing world tour, and singing with the stones) what have you been doing???
    For your information, just go and google how your boss “Madonna” wears fur, AND ON STAGE!!! lool

  13. Pay att'n idiot. says – reply to this


    Re: ParisIsBurning
    Hey, ParisIsBurning… here's a question for you:
    Let's say some nutjob is reading your comments today. Let's say they're thisclose to being admitted to a mental institution, and own a few guns.
    Let's say they go out and LITERALLY SHOOT each person that you've said you wanted shot in the past few comments.
    And let's say that later… it all comes back to: "Well, I read this bitch's online opinion, and I thought it was a good idea, so I packed up my gun and…well, I only did what she was hoping for…"

    Get a good lawyer. You could be held liable.

  14. Lis says – reply to this


    Fur coats are an antiquated way of showing the world look at how much money I have and how 'special' I am. Personally, I would never own fur even if I were filthy rich. I am pretty sure the animal who wears the fur needs it much more than I do. Gaga is just a self-centered ignorant twat.

  15. marc says – reply to this


    I don't begrudge her spending 210K on a coat, because this is the same woman who wears meat and blood diamonds…Being over indulgent is not a "point of view", is rather sad..She's become a joke, just like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey..At the end of the day, is her money and she can do whatever she wants.. But Gaga, don't go around "championing" causes because you seems to be missing a "moral compass"…

  16. JJJ says – reply to this


    I wonder why Perez just can't post directly about GaGa (so he gets around it by posting a link to an article about her). Is it because GaGa's people asked you to stop, or did Madonna's people pay you to stop?

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Balance would be showing negative AND positive stories.

  18. prg says – reply to this


    isnt gaga his bff??