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Haven't been hearing a lot of Die Young lately? That's cuz radio stations are pulling the track (above) off their playlists out of respect for the chil… Read more…

25 comments to “Kesha's Die Young YANKED From Radio Playlists Following Connecticut Shooting”

  1. 1

    Is it really possible to be TOO sensitive…?

  2. 2

    I work for 5 radio stations and we have pulled quite a few songs from our rotation out of respect. One being "If I Die Young." I'd rather be labeled "over sensitive" than risk being a jackass for playing a song about young people dying, or guns, during a time of mourning in our country.

  3. Emily says – reply to this


    Too sensitive. It's just a song.

  4. 4

    Anything by Keisha should be pulled from Radio for just plain sucking.

  5. MyName says – reply to this


    I heard this song on the radio after dropping my son off at school yesterday - I immediately changed the station but the damage was already done and it was stuck in my head. Even after my son's school was put on lock down yesterday after some sicko called in a bomb threat to his school, all I could think of was that stupid song. I'm glad to read that many DJ's are taking this off the airwaves - while Ke$ha may feel the burn on this. there was no way she could have seen this coming and I'm certain she's supportive of the removal as well. Incidentally, my son is fine and the lock down was lifted - no word on the specifics of the threat.

  6. Megan says – reply to this


    its not about children dying, its about living in the moment and making the most of each night. And doing crazy shit with your friends

  7. shelby says – reply to this


    That will just get more attention for the video. Good grief.

  8. sara l. rose says – reply to this


    Re: MyName – I agree. Pulling ANY KeSha song shows good taste.

  9. 9

    Yes Fibber, it is certainly possible, as is the case here. Should we pull the CDs off the shelf? Pull certain movie titles from the Netflix catalog? All because we might offend someone? Of course not - that's silly. Cancelling premiere's, altering playlists, etc. is stupid. Part of dealing with tragedies is dealing with the hurt, not insulating people from outside influence. Just more US "politically correct" stupidity

  10. ONIT says – reply to this


    Totally understandable! People associate the songs title with something very horrible. After the tsunami in the Indian Ocean a song by the title "The Perfect Wave", hugely popular in Europe, was pulled too.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    I kind of balked at these lyrics when it came out, but chalked them up to the 21/2012
    thing along with teen party hearty live for now phase. It's a very poor message if you take it literally.

  12. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    ban the guns…not the song..how typical of emotional hypocrites..

  13. Camilla says – reply to this


    After det shootings here in Norway 22/7 last year there came a song called "some die young". Here it became an instant hit and a consolation.

  14. Jess says – reply to this


    I understand why this was taken off. I also thought that song titanium would be too because it mentioned getting shot at and someone taking aim. I had to change that song when I heard it because it reminded me of those poor children.

  15. 15

    People are going too far with yanking all of these songs, movie premiers, shows, etc because of the shooting. It was a horribly tragic event, but people need to strive to move on to find some form of normalcy again in order to heal. The wrong things seem to be getting banned, and no action is actually being made towards trying to solve what actually is the problem. Though, I really shouldn't complain about a Kesha song being banned, but I would prefer it be for the reason that her music sucks, not because of an unthinkable crime.

  16. Enough says – reply to this


    That's so stupid. You know how many people die young everyday? Why is this so special? People need to stop being so damn sensitive! Gosh. The song about living life to the fullest and while what happened was tragic-life goes on. It's not disrespectful. The song is dope as hell.

  17. Olivia says – reply to this


    Kids die every day, from illness , murder, accidents. This is the major problem with Americans, we think some how some way we will not die.

  18. 18

    Like a week after the Christchurch earthquake, they were playing Earthquake by labyrinth. I think the US is being a bit too sensitive. The song doesn't even sing about shootings or guns.

  19. 19

    Way too sensitive!

  20. magnus24 says – reply to this


    Brilliant! Ban Kesha's song instead of banning weapons. Once again America has it's priorities all straight and in check. Congrats!

  21. Ari says – reply to this


    I personally think it is too sensitive. Yes she says "Die" but people..Lots of people are going to sing "Die" or "Shoot" or "Kill" and if we pulled every song on the radio who has that we would be missing quite a few. It isn't THAT hard to change the radio station? I don't miss it, it not being one of my favorite songs but still. Ke$ha is not saying to kill yourselves while your young. She is saying to live while your young. To party.

  22. Eparen says – reply to this


    The event in Newtown, CT was horrible, tragic, say what you will. It has made me really think about life, there's no telling what could happen at any moment. The title of Kesha's song may remind people of this recent loss of young lives, but the message is very different. The song is about living life to its fullest potential so there are no regrets. We can only hope the children lost were living happy, full, and carefree lives.

  23. 23

    Their being to sensitive the song isn't about dying it's about livening life to the fullest

  24. DingDong says – reply to this


    I agree with Jess at number 14 comment Titanium is a great song and I love it but it is sorta offensive to what happened.

  25. vic says – reply to this


    it's definitely way too sensitive. the song doesn't perceive a very good message, but it's not about shootings of any kind. this song was released before the shooting, and it's about enjoying life and living for the moment. it's just a song, i don't get why america's so stupid.