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Selena Gomez Fills Justin Bieber Hole With Hooters Chicken?!

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We guess there's nothing that can dull the ache of a breakup quite like tasty chicken wings and bountiful boobage!

Which is why we're assuming Selena Gomez ventured over to Hooters in Burbank Monday looking a little worse for a wear…

In that "I just broke up with my boyfriend" kinda way (above)!

Rumor has it that after almost a month of working on their relationship, Selena kicked on-again, off-again lover Justin Bieber to the Hollywood curb.

We guess Da Beebz was simply too much TROUBLE for her sweet self to deal with!

Hence Hooters chicken.

Although we hope she's not simply frequenting Justin's known hangouts to hopefully "run in" to her ex…

You're so much better than that Selenita!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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26 comments to “Selena Gomez Fills Justin Bieber Hole With Hooters Chicken?!”

  1. Rose says – reply to this


    Isnt it a little early in the day to be using Perez?

  2. !!!! says – reply to this


    Whats goin on bewteen them??

  3. Hey! says – reply to this


    she looks disgusting lol she's gonna be fat one day i guarantee it

  4. irene says – reply to this


    Selena come on!! you deserve way better!! Just end it!!

  5. irene says – reply to this


    Re: Hey! – … she's not.. she'll get over it.. :P

  6. lovedagomez says – reply to this


    selena is fine as fúck. she needs to be dating older guys in thier late twentys who can really get her off

  7. Daniela says – reply to this


    Hey Selena hope your reading this but you deserve better who cares about JB he doesn't even deserve Lindsay Lohan she's to good for him you deserve nick Jonas I really think he's the right guy for you. Like he's so sweet. I don't see the harm he can cause with a really pretty girl like you

  8. Hahaha says – reply to this


    Re: Hey!

    Probably better looking than your ugly ass.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    What, does Hooters do good chicken? Anyone?

  10. 10

    Um, the reason we constantly see her coming out of junk food places is bc she is a bulimic. Everyone in Hwood knows this…why someone isn't insisting she go to treatment is sad.

  11. Hey! says – reply to this


    @Hahaha ya your probably right seeing that I'm a GUY. She aint hotter than my gf tho that's for damn sure. And since i know you're a girl by your comment, she's hotter than you too! :D now go have fun caking on your makeup and trying to look good.

  12. sara says – reply to this


    Re: Countess Olenska – sooooo true she has always said that she has had a bad diet and never ate healthy food just junk plus she says she HATES exercising and i though "well how the hell are you still slim?" .bulimia. srsly her and taylor swift (serial dater) are the ones who need to be treated now instead of concentrating on miley. i really believe miley has always been the scapegoat to hide all the other disney stars shame

  13. selenator says – reply to this


    love you Selena<3

  14. Ummm says – reply to this


    Re: sara – Selena has a fast metabolism. Don't just assume she's bulimic. She gained weight this year, but look how fast she lost it. Everyone calls her fat when she isn't and never has been. I don't wanna accept the fact that she may be bulimic because that's not the only way she could be so thin. There's many other girls who are really skinny but eat a lot. The girls in my class eat junk food all the time, but they are still super tiny. I'd hope Sel isn't bulimic. I'm worried enough about her health as it is. Oh, and she does exercise lol. Just not a lot haha.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Gawd, Selena can eat chicken if she wants to.

  16. Javi says – reply to this


    You are the best disney star. Stop hurting yourself Selena <3 you my idol

  17. Emma Bieber wiseman says – reply to this


    selena gomez needs to leave justin bieber alone seriously selena gomez doesn't deserve to have justin bieber to be her boyfrind anymore he is moved on no his life i just waiting for him to find a Girl ?

  18. Emma Bieber wiseman says – reply to this


    selena gomez needs to leave justin bieber alone selena gomez doesn't deserve justin bieber to be her boyfreind anymore he is moved on no his life i am just waiting for justin bieber to find a girl

  19. Barbie says – reply to this


    Re: Hey! – lmao. I am a chick and personally, you are talking shit. She is adorable and isn't even CLOSE to fat. I love how your so immature for being a guy and having this "hotter" girlfriend. Just sit down and reevaluate your shit :) xx love to you, precious hater <3

  20. amber says – reply to this


    Why is everyone hating on Justin when Selena is the one acting immature? For one she is a 20 yr old girl she should be worrying about her lie of work and not trying to diss her ex! that is childish! Why is she playing innocent? Is it not her fault her and Justin broke up? Why is Justin always the bad guy? REMEMBER GUYS IT TAKES TWO TO MAKE THINGS GO WRONG! so next time you wanna call Selena all innocent and how she doesn't do anything wrong? think about about it for a second? She is getting soo much attention and for what talent? She hasnt done anything recent but diss justing every 5 seconds… so who is being the immature one here?

  21. 21

    Beaver's fans think it's okay to cheat just because he is their idol! What has this world come to!

  22. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Personally for fried chicken I would go with good old KFC (Extra Crispy please). Sure wish they would bring back Pioneer Chicken, that was the best ever. If she was in Orange County I"d telll her to visit Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner, it is SO good.

  23. yodapiglet says – reply to this


    I'm thinking Justin should just dump her!!! What is her problem? He's being immature??? He can't look at half naked girls strutting around in garter belts (right, no man would do that) and now he also can't play ping pong with a guy? So what if she dated him? If they are friends, so what? What is her problem? If she is worried about something Jonas will say about her, then, guess what? She has something to hide, and that's not good! Leave it be Bieber…. finding another girl is not problem and you are only 18, should play the field for a while anyway. The two of you fight too much, let it go!!!

  24. stardom says – reply to this


    it looks like she pregooo..unless i am seeing wrong

  25. Hey! says – reply to this


    @Hahaha did I say she was fat? No. I said she is going to be fat…dumbass.

  26. Hey! says – reply to this


    @Hahaha and while i "reevaluate my shit", you shold try reevaluating my comment…good lord whoever gave you access to a computer is out of their damn mind.

    Shitty comeback coming in 3….2…..1…….