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NRA Breaks Silence On Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

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Five days after a young man used three high-powered firearms to commit one of of the most heinous acts in American history, the National Rifle Association finally has something to say.

Like most of the world, the NRA is "shocked, saddened and heartbroken" by the senseless tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut.

Unlike most of the world, the powerful gun lobby group apparently has no problem with the ease in which Adam Lanza obtained these instruments of war and brought them to an elementary school.

Here is the NRA's press release:

"The National Rifle Association of America is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters – and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in Newtown.

Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting.

The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.

The NRA is planning to hold a major news conference in the Washington, DC area on Friday, December 21."

Hmm. What meaningful contributions they possibly have in mind?

[Image via NRA.]

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41 comments to “NRA Breaks Silence On Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings”

  1. Really? says – reply to this


    The "ease" in which he obtained the weapons? He killed his mom and stole them. If you think that's an easy thing to do then I'm truly sorry for you.

  2. 2

    Re: Really? – If they weren't in the house to begin with, it would've been a lot harder, don't you think?

  3. gwen01 says – reply to this


    your attitude and your misguided interpretation of the constitution has allowed deranged and insane ppl to literally "put down" innocent lives. You have nothing to say or to add to what just recently happened. You will justify it all with the "right to bare arms" and there is no way the leaders back then could foresee assualt weapons being sold at Walmarts or wherever with such ease. Good god can you ppl not see where your attitudes have gotten your country. How many more people have to be shot to death. Now 6 year olds are fair game…your out of control.

  4. 4

    It amazes me how Americans listen to anything the NRA has to say. They are a group of gun nuts with big money and who only care about making sure zero rules apply to them and their guns. If NAMBLA had as much money, pedophiles would be free to roam schools and playgrounds.

  5. Kim says – reply to this


    Gay marriage and abortion is not in the Constitution and it's not a right,
    The right to own arms is. ( The 2nd Amendment)
    Yet you liberals want to take that right away.
    It's horrible what happen to those kids.
    The shooter was mental, why not focus on that.
    As a matter a fact some say being gay is mental, so maybe we show watch you for violence tendance.
    The reason we have the The 2nd Amendment is for protection from the government if ever it would try to become another Iran, same thing what Obama is trying to do.

  6. robert junior says – reply to this


    Guns don't kill people, mental cases do. Why dont we focus on that instead of inanimate objects. I own 2 assault rifles, legally. I've never so much as pointed them at another human being. So why should MY RIGHTS get trampled on to make some simpletons feel safer. This fruitcake could have just as easily built a bomb out of houshold chemicals and a few purchases at a farming store and killed a 1000 people at a mall during the xmas rush. You cant legislate crazy people, you can only hope that someone close to them raises the red flag in time. Knee-jerk reactions to the actions of a minute percentage of the populations is just plain stupid. Where does it end. If he used a baseball bat instead of a rifle would we be talking about banning baseball bats? Maybe we should be blaming parents for not spanking their children, or little league coaches handing out trophies to the losers. There are so many factors that led up to this tragedy that have nothing to do with firearms in any way. So how does banning them help, or even address the actual mental health issue at hand? It doesn't.

  7. 7

    It would be a truly meaningful contribution if the NRA would support certain measures of gun control. They seem to promote a very black and white idea that gun control means banning all guns and an unacceptable infringement of rights. Look at models from other countries and see what can be done. It would be very progressive of them to finally admit that something needs to be done, and be part of the process of making changes.

  8. 8

    Hey Perez, do you or your mom own a gun?

  9. SAD says – reply to this


    I really feal sorry for america after reading these post. No one even understands what the Constitution really means. It is not a salad bar. You can't pick and choose what parts you want to keed and what parts you want to discard. The second admendment is in the Constituition to guarantee all the other admendments. And yes, the founding fathers DID have military arms in mind when they wrote it. Is has NOTHING to do with hunters or sporting uses. The problem lies in the state of mental health car in this country. Not with inanimate objests. More children died last year on the highway. Should we ban cars next?

  10. 10

    Re: Kim
    Thats an extremely offensive and ignorant comparison to make. I have never heard anyone refer to being gay as a madness and to even bring it up in reference to such horrific events is appaling. You seem to stand as the prime example of gun wielding ignorant American that the rest of the world sees.
    This is a result of many factors, all of which need to be addressed, gun control is one of the main problems. Surely you can see the sense on greater gun regulations, not banning them, but heavier checks, mental health checks, criminal record checks, even taking into account the mental and criminal state of those that live with you. I live in Canada, I don't own a gun but know many that do and have no problem with the checks, nor would I even if they were more thorough. If I ever chose to own one I'd quite happily give up as much information as needed, take any necessary course, I have nothing to hide. People will always slip through the cracks but it's bound to make a huge impact.

  11. boogie woogie says – reply to this


    It was his mom's fault, SHE is the criminal here, not the NRA

  12. robert junior says – reply to this


    I agree that assault rifles should be harder to get. Maybe even laws need to be modified to include LOCKING THEM UP (common sense to anyone with proper training and experience with firearms), or even not being allowed to have them in homes with children with behavioral issues. A reboot of the Brady Bill will be an unfortunate step backwards. I'm not willing to sacrifice my freedoms to make other people mistakenly feel safer.

  13. JB says – reply to this


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop saying his name. Just say "the shooter". Do not give them any credit-that's part of what drives them to do it.

  14. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    Please take a few moments to watch the following video as my response to this very issue! It can be found on you tube under the title Connecticut Shooting - A very important message and is approx. 4:05 min.
    Thank you, Much Love.

  15. GenS says – reply to this


    Perez please stop posting that name on your website, especially in bold. That name does not deserve to see the light of day. Post the childrens names, or the families. That person is nothing and doesnt deserve any attention.

  16. madison says – reply to this


    Don't be blinded Read this: The Libor Scandal and Two Shooters:

    It will make it hard for you to sleep at night and maybe you will have answers for why they want your guns!

  17. madison says – reply to this


    Read if you really want answers: 2 shooters?

  18. red83 says – reply to this



    "blame the mental person, not the gun" What a shit statement.

    Yes, we can blame the mental person, we can blame NRA, we can blame no gun control we can blame the parent who had the guns, BLAME BLAME BLAME BLAME BLAME!!

    FEEL BETTER NOW? I don't. That isn't bringing back the innocent lives lost, its not teaching anyone a lesson and it IS NOT CHANGING ANYTHING!

    Want to do something smart? Forget about gun control laws, because those who want a gun will get one no matter what. Why don't you start focusing on HUMANITY, how you treat people, raise your children, and LIVE. Stop letting FEAR drive your decisions and turn off the fucking NEWS! Just because your in the land of the FREE doesn't mean you are FREE- all I see is everyone screaming and fighting over this tragedy & it is primarily about GUNS….. Dude in china stabbed 20 kids and was mentally ill, guess how many died? To my knowledge none. Then some idiot will argue he didn't really want to kill anyone and he just wanted to cause a stir and be crazy. REALLY? You think that was his intention? How well thought out.

  19. red83 says – reply to this


    STOP THE EXCUSES! Anyone who feels the NEED to own a gun to protect themselves, their land & their family are THE PROBLEM! Because you have let the news, and FEAR take you over & instead of dealing with things, YOU FIGHT! Your neighbor parks in your drive way twice , you say I'm going to shoot you if you do it again, he does it again, you shoot him in the leg & tell him " I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING TO SHOOT YOU". NO RESPECT OR CARE FOR HUMAN LIFE!

    DONT worry about gun control, there will never be any. Worry about how you conduct yourself, stop fucking fighting & start making a difference!

  20. 20

    I'm actually damn impressed that they're sounding this open to negotiations. Before people start pissing themselves, let's see what they can bring to the table.

  21. xxxntricit says – reply to this


    Re: SAD – I surely hope you don't really believe what you just said. Since when did you become a constitutional interpreter? Guns only for military purposes? really? how did people provide food for themselves back them, they went out and killed it with their firearms. Firearms back then were their means of survival both to provide food for their families and protection as well. They didn't have the luxury of being able to go to a grocery store and buy what they are, get a clue. The US Government will never be able to remove guns from the people of the United States and for anyone to think that by removing certain types of firearms it will diminish the amount of gun related violent crimes is very uninformed and misguided. It only takes one bullet to kill someone, and if a criminal wants to kill people one shot a time, then thats what they will do. Lets quit blaming guns and get help for the people who use guns as a means of dealing with their mental, social, or personal problems.

  22. TG says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Says – Completely agreed. There shouldn't be a complete ban but there should be some regulation. Criminals will be able to get guns, albeit harder, on the black market if they really want one that bad, and when they do I would still like to at least have something to try and protect myself.

  23. shelby says – reply to this


    Re: Really? – They were in his house you moron.

  24. Rose says – reply to this


    Definetly there should be some loopholes closed, but you have to ask yourself while living in the plastic bubble who will protect you if we are invaded? I think some people do not understand that this could happen. They think war is for 'going away and fighting' not that it could ever happen here.

  25. 25

    Re: Rose – And in the meantime, the people American's are more afraid of is other American's. Most people get guns to protect themselves from their neighbors. Sad. There are a few issues that need to be addressed - 1) mental health controls 2) gun control 3) societies view of guns ie. extremely violent video games for kids etc. 4) emergency preparedness - we all know exactly what to do in case of a fire - but the same cannot be said for an armed assault.

  26. Fergie_beat_Marios_Ass says – reply to this


    911- Box cutters were the weapon of choice because they knew the passengers were unarmed and box cutters would be easy to get on board. If 1 person on each plane had been armed 911 would have never happened. Oklahoma bombing- Last I heard Making/possessing a bomb was illegal. You see they will always find a way.

    So we ban guns. I bet all the criminals/would be criminals all run right down and turn theirs all in. Just something else that will be smuggled into the country. And do you really think the crooks won't start/continue manufacturing their own or breaking into armories.

    The main reason legal gun owners fight gun control is they know the opposition will never be happy until the get their way 100% with no compromise. So every law they pass is just a small not so noticed step closer to getting what they want.

    That's my opinion and it was fire arms that gave me the right to express it.

  27. 27

    Re: rosebud99
    you really think most people buy guns to protect themselves from their neighbors? I have three of my own and none of them have been purchased to protect myself from my neighbor. I believe most people buy guns to hunt or for recreational purposes. target shooting is no different from than most other sports. takes skill and proctice. Wow!

  28. 28

    His MOTHER should have been more responsible. If she knew that she had a mentally ill kid in her house, she should not have had guns lying around or accessible to him. By the way she was quoted as saying "don't turn your back on him." She obviously knew he was dangerous. The issue is NOT gun control. It's mental illness and seeking adequate treatment. This kid was not adequately treated and that's the reason why 20 children never came home from school. Open your eyes America, guns have been around for a long time, it's the people who have changed. Too many sickos.

  29. Ashley says – reply to this


    Re: TREE73 – I didnt realize peopled needed/used semi automatic and handguns for hunting. Thanks for enlightening me, jackass.

  30. 30

    Re: TREE73 – Apparently only 6% of Americans hunt. A similar percentage, which overlaps with the hunters, participate in gun sports. Yet over a third of Americans have guns - you do the math.

  31. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Re: Really? – He took them from his own home. Please don't think it took too much effort to get to them. The point is that they were in the house in the first place. Not just single shot pistols — assault weapons which are only meant to hunt people. When the constitution was written people had musketts - not assault weapons. I don't think that this is what was intended. Even if it was then it's time for a revision. When any individual's "right" infringes upon others and creates a danger to the public at large then that "right" needs to be taken away or at least regulated. If people "must" have guns let them have six shooters, that must be registered. I also think that bullets should be kept track of as well. Any person who can look at the pictures of all of those dead children and still insist that they have to have an assault rifle is someone who needs his head examined. There is no way to foresee what any individual will do at any given time. What we can do is make it almost impossible for him to use a gun to "demonstrate" his instability.

  32. 32

    Blaming guns is like blaming spoons for the reason people are so obese. Sorry no matter what the gun laws are people will obtain guns just like drugs. Maybe mental health care should be more affordable. I myself feel like if somebody breaks into my house and threatens my life…I would like to be able to defend myself. If they had some weapons at the school some kid lives might have been saved. I feel bad for people who just don't get it. Taking guns away from responsible people is just absurd. I bet you would feel differently if someone with a CCW saved your life from some psycho. People collect guns and shoot them as a hobby, they hunt with them and also can use them to protect themselves and their families. You will NEVER get rid of violence there will always be psychos out there that will use any weapon they have to kill people.

  33. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Says – Being called offensive and ignorant means I'm telling the truth,
    there was a time where if you were gay you had mental problem.
    and some one from Canada who still has a Queen to bow to doesn't know much about our American Constitution or American rights.
    Americans fought your English country man with guns and became free because of it.

  34. Joanne Holl says – reply to this


    re=6288180]Re: shelby[/re] How about anyone wanting a gun passing a test & getting a license? you need to pass a drivers test before driving your car on the highway. In our state we have youth gun training laws. My children got training and passed a test and received a certificate at about the age of 4-H & Scouting. They grew up with respect for guns and now are seeing that their kids get that training. Every state legislature could review their state's need for rules or laws………….

  35. 35

    Re: Kim
    No being called offensive and ignorant doesn't remotely mean your telling the truth, it means your rude and uninformed. And no, there was never a time when being gay was considered a mental illness, there was a just a time of hatred and ignorance.
    I know enough about your constitution, and thank you for bringing up the Queen, I'm a born Brit, and if you knew anything about the Commonwealth you'd know we don't have these issues with mass gun crimes.We have laws and regulations that would be good to be adopted. And yes you did fight us with guns, but that how is that relevant?!?

  36. Boom says – reply to this


    The uk has strict gun laws, more so then the us, how is their crime rate doing? We should look at the pharmaceutical problem we have in the us. Also, Israel has strict has gun laws and also require a mental/psychological exam and training to own a gun. It's not just a right but a privelage to protect you and your family. The governments goal is to take all guns away. That's the problem is that people rely on the government but don't realize they are the problem and will continue to be the problem in future. Continue to read and watch your biased news.

  37. 37

    Re: Boom
    'The uk has strict gun laws, more so then the us, how is their crime rate doing?'…
    Terrible but still half that of the US.

  38. Brandon says – reply to this


    Re: robert junior – cigarettes and alcohol kill people but gov don't wanna outlaw them bullshit

  39. LouFanelli says – reply to this


    I grew up in a small Italian enclave in Philadelphia. Each and every household had several shotguns and rifles. There was not one homicide in the neighborhood among neigbors however there were many fights and arguments but everyone when back home to their families. Perhaps only their pride was hurt. There was a great deal of respect for each other. We do not call for liquor bans or vehicle bans when someone is struck down by a drunk driver. The issue is very deep rooted and we need to do a much better job of identifying mental illness in our society, starting with parents and schools. In the meantime, we can only mourn for those that lost loved ones because of yet another cowardly act.

  40. 40

    Notice how the NRA has waited and given it a bit of time before turning a tragedy into a political agenda? The same cannot be said for liberals who waited a millisecond to start the political nonsense.

  41. 41

    Re: red83 – HEY BITCH. I do feel like I "need" my gun. If I was armed 10/27/08, MAYBE I could have defended myself and NOT gotten raped! FUCK YOU SAYING I'M THE PROBLEM.