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8 Things We'll Miss If The World Ends Tomorrow!

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Zac Efron World Ends 2012

You've all seen some of the bullshizz we won't think twice about when the Mayans come to get us on the 21st — now check out some of the FAB things we WILL be missing!

We really hope this isn't the end, LOLz!!

Zac Efron

LOLz! For seeeeeerious, guys! What would the world be without Zefron?? If he goes, we can only hope we go too! HA!

Magic Mike

Magic Mike World Ends 2012

HAVE YOU SEEN MAGIC MIKE?? You'd be crazy not to hope for a inter-demensional way to watch this after we're gone! Ha!

Dogs (Especially Teddy!)

Puppies World Ends 2012

If the Mayans take us, we hope they'll be kind enough to let us bring along our pets — and be kind to the rest of the animals on this planet! We'll miss Teddy TOO much!!


Sex World Ends 2012

Come on! You KNOW this is on your list too! Though, who knows if the Mayans aren't taking us to some awesome massive orgy for eternity! LOLz!!


Music World Ends 2012

Music is such a huge part of our lives, we just don't know if could handle any kind of existence without it! Plus, can you imagine a world without IM5?? Us either!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears End Of The World 2012

Britney Spears is an icon — she's constantly at the top of the charts, making us dance, and filling the world with fun.



Disney End Of The World 2012

All the magic, all the inspiration and spreading of good will… gone. That's not cooooOOOoool with us!!



There has never been a shark who correctly thought it could take a bite out of Robert Pattinson. R-Patz has a perfect record.


BONUS: You Guys!

You Guys World Ends 2012

You guys are seriously the best part of our lives — we couldn't do anything without you! If the world ends on Dec. 21st, just know that we love each and every one of you guys!

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful End Times!! HA!

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11 comments to “8 Things We'll Miss If The World Ends Tomorrow!”

  1. 1

    All that meth has damaged your brain if you think we want to see moving pictures.

    I hope you get shot.

  2. 2

    Aww sweet

  3. madonnamaniac says – reply to this



  4. 4

    Nobody cares what you'll miss because you are a worthless piece of shit who has no redeeming qualities. You are a total zero. You need to get over yourself because we're definitely over you.

  5. stevie ratcliffe says – reply to this


    Wow you people are vile! Leave Perez alone. Who cares if he says something you don't like?! It's called having an opinion douchebags! He's a celebrity blogger which requires you to blog about your feelings, fashion, celebs ECT… And as for he comment that "he should get shot", after what has just happened in Conneticut, did you seriously just write that?! You rancid people need to realise that what you type on the internet has consequences. He is a person and has feelings. Respect that! Why even bother looking on his site if you don't like him? Does it make you feel like a man hiding behind your keyboard, insulting others and making them feel like shit? GROW UP and better yet WAKE UP and realise that he is living his life and isn't afraid to show it, while you will forever be a keynote warrior! Love you Perez!!! Peace out.

  6. Tootie says – reply to this


    Uhm, you won't miss anything because we will all be dead, you ugly moron

  7. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I would miss:
    1. Akumal, Mexico
    2. Disneyland
    3. Grilled cheese sandwiches with Campbell's Tomato Soup
    4. KFC
    5. In and Out Burger
    Many others but those are the ones that come to mind immediately.

  8. 8

    Why do you refer to yourself as "we"? You are ONE person dumbass.

  9. 9

    well apparently im already dead its almost 21st midnight im in yet another motel still homeless but maybe get one tomorow heres hoping ..then the cats can come out of their airconditioned resort and come home ….and noone to do anything with with photoshoper still driving in his van towards me yes but still on the road..

    so adieu perez thanks for the rollar coaster ride if im not here tomorow… xxx

    adieu mon ami j'tadore… 5ft 4 brown hair green eyes …:)

  10. 10

    ill miss

    my cats
    yes kfc
    root canals .. really looking for wards to my one in 2 weeks
    my hyundai god thats a good car…
    telling everyone im breaking my diet … every day for the last 3 years…

  11. eLo says – reply to this


    What ? No ASkars ? I'm disappointed Perez !!!