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EXCLUSIVE! Momma Perez Chats With The Guilt Trip Director Anne Fletcher About Making The Film… And Punching Moms?! WATCH HERE!

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Momma Perez charms again!

Yesterday, we were SO excited to present to you — our lovely readers — an exclusive interview with The Guilt Trip costars Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, conducted by our very own mother…

And now we offer another adorable interview with the film's sweetheart of a director, Anne Fletcher (above)!

Anne dishes on how she got Barbra to take the role of Joyce Brewster, describes which were her favorite scenes to film, lets us in on her guilty pleasure foods, AND talks about punching… mothers?!

LOLz! Obviously not literally!

SO lucky to have the chance to sit down with such a talented director! And Momma made us oh so proud!

For the FULL Anne Fletcher interview transcript, click …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Momma Perez: Were you excited when Barbra (Streisand) and Seth (Rogen) were cast?
Anne Fletcher: Yes! I was excited. I Worked really hard I’d say — not in a bad way cause I got to go visit Barbra every day. I went to visit Barbra for a whole year to convince her to please do this movie, so when she finally said yes it was amazing because I didn’t want anybody else in the movie besides Barbra. There was no second choice. And the same thing with Seth Rogen, there wasn’t a second choice. It was either them, or none of us were making this movie. So of course I was super excited.

MP: How much of the dialogue was improv?
AF: Well, I would guess that most of it was the script. Dan Fogleman, our writer, wrote a beautiful script that’s based on his road trip he took with his own mom. And then with Barbra and Seth, who are so, so talented on so many levels, we would always explore the improv part of it because they’re gonna find new things with their characters as they’re doing the scene that we all wanna explore. And so I’d say majority script, but a lot of improv just sort of peppered in through the whole film.

MP: What was your favorite scene to direct?
AF: My favorite scene in that movie?! That’s a tough one. It’s a hard one to say the best scene because there’s such an evolution in their relationship… so… it’s too hard! Maybe the steak eating scene? I don’t know! I have no scene! Is that terrible? Joyce’s friends? I could go on there’s so many scenes that I love. And I think I love so many of them because they’re (Seth and Barbra) so great together, and to watch the two of them together, wherever they are in their emotional relationship, I just love to see that unfold. So I’d say there’s too many to discuss.

MP: In the movie, Joyce’s character loves to eat M&Ms. What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?
AF: Ooo really? Tito's Tacos! Do you know Tito's Tacos? It’s here in LA, it’s the best! I would say that’s my guilty pleasure, but I have to drive a ways to go get it so it has to be worth it. Um anything sweet. Cake. I like that, but you can’t package that in M&Ms like Barbra — Joyce Brewster — has, where you can just put ‘em in your bag. Of course I have big food. I can’t put anything in the bag! But yeah, I think that’s it.

AF: Do you feel like you and Perez have that relationship?
MP: Yes!
AF: You do?! So you identified with it. I have that relationship with my mother. I think I’m a little meaner. I do. I think I get a little bit mean with my mom. But you know, you can only punch a mom so many times before she punches back. And she will punch back! And it destroys you. You’re like ahhhhh!

MP: Thank you so much, thank you for having me!
AF: Oh it was wonderful to meet you! Thank you for coming!
MP: Happy holidays!
AF: You too!

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