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Kristen Stewart & Katy Perry Are Quarreling Queens! Lusting After The Same Man?!

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Well, Katy Kat was rumored to be cozying up to Robert Pattinson post-cheating scandal…

But no, Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry are NOT hankering after the same undead male, they're lusting after Queen frontman Freddie Mercury!

Or at least, the ladies are both aching to play "the love of his life" Mary Austin (his life-love before Freddie revealed he actually preferred men!) in the as yet untitled Freddie Mercury biopic

Starring Sacha Baron Cohen as the Queen himself!

One film insider explains:

"Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart are on the short list for Mary, who played a huge role in Freddie’s life. They…desperately want the part, and it’s getting ugly! With the girls fighting like this, it’s just hurting their chances of getting the part. It’s unprofessional, and Sacha is tired of the back-and-forth — he wants to choose one of them and be done with it."

Back in the summer, we heard that Katy hadn't been offered the role of Mary, and that she wasn't sure if she would even take the part…

But perhaps now that her song Wide Awake may be nominated for an Oscar, Kayper's got the golden statue fever and sees this as a way to break into the Academy?

Oooo you better watch out Kristen!! That Katy Kitty's got claws AND the power of candy-coated music behind her!!

But then again, KStew DOES have vamper fangs and super strength…

We wonder who will emerge victorious in this epic battle of Queens??

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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24 comments to “Kristen Stewart & Katy Perry Are Quarreling Queens! Lusting After The Same Man?!”

  1. Kassy says – reply to this


    I hope Kstew will get the role, I don't see Katy Perry as an actress.

  2. Crystal says – reply to this


    I cant put my finger on who should play her role, but these two are not it. They look nothing like the original Mary to give the essence of her character.

  3. 3

    Kristin is terrible….does no one else see it? i feel like im taking crazy pills!!! I'm not sure if Katy would be better. She is less annoying to me than Kstew.

  4. 4

    this sounds like BS. Actresses go up for the same part all the time. It's buisness as usual. Ackward I'm sure but actual drama? Very unlikly

  5. kaz says – reply to this


    This is a joke right, KS with her one facial expression to play Mary in this film will be a disaster! She can not act to save her life and only gets her parts by porking the directors. Mind you KP is no better!

  6. 6

    Neither of them. Get someone who can ACT.

  7. 7

    Fake story

    Gossip cop :

    Star simply took three gigantic names in order to manufacture controversy around a high-profile upcoming production.

    Sources close to the situation tell Gossip Cop they have heard of no casting conversations involving Gaga, while Stewart and Perry insiders inform us that neither star is in discussions for the project.

    The names supposedly included on the Mary Austin “shortlist” are the result of pure, baseless speculation by Star’s sources, and the alleged “ugly” cat fight among Perry, Gaga and Stewart is a figment of their imagination.

  8. marylinda241 says – reply to this


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  11. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Since we know KS cannot act they can actually go either way unless this character is supposed to show "emotion". Then they will have to give KP a shot.

  12. lck033 says – reply to this


    Have you seen Katy in How I met your mother? AWFUL ACTING

  13. 13

    Katy and Kristen are friends Perez. ALSO after the scandal, where Katy DIDN'T cosy up to Rob.. also I hope none of them gets the role

  14. happyrockafellah says – reply to this


    katy is a loser and she can't act. she peaked too late. she's almost 30 and acting like she's rihanna's age.

  15. 15

    It seems Perez may be having someone else write his headlines and copy these days. The headlines are often not only annoyingly manipulative, they are often bogus, and the copy is cheesy like old movie mag copy. I am sick enough of this to stop bothering to come read it. It is just a shame really, when it used to be so fresh, so clever, so…. Perez, And now it is shlocky. Perez, at least get someone who writes like you do. You might not think my opinion matters and if I don't read you anymore, that does not matter either. But, they say that only 1 person in 5000 with a shared opinion will actually write. Consider this 5000 people complaining.

  16. Ralph says – reply to this


    Not to mention a complete imbecile.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – We've been reading entirely too much fiction these days.

  18. mo says – reply to this


    Re: Crystal
    I agree. If this were a fictional story and they were casting based on character descriptions that would be one thing, but it is a biopic, and they should at least resemble in some small part the real person.

  19. 19

    katy isnt a actress she should stick to bad singing and kirsten to bad acting

  20. Cat Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: sven erlandson – Why don't you write a book on the male actors who cheat on their women? You can find a whole lot of information on that subject. When something goes wrong and there is cheating, it's always the woman's fault. There's always two people doing the cheating and the man usually gets off with a slap on the hand.

  21. Cat Lauren says – reply to this


    Perez, Why are you stirring the doggone crap pot again? Lay off Kristen and making more bad press for her with anything no matter how small the detail. GET OVER IT. Thank you. Turn the bully off. Peace.

  22. ylime says – reply to this


    Wow, Sacha Baron Cohan looks just the part for Freddie Mercury. As for the battle between Kristen and Katy, I hope neither of them gets it but if I had to choose it would be Kristen. She did a good Joan Jett and Katy Perry isn't an actress and should just stick to what she's good at: making terrible pop tunes.

  23. jj says – reply to this


    ugh please neither. I love katy but she needs to stick to music.

  24. 24

    typo katy HAD BEEN offered the role over the summer n not HAD NOT BEEN. also katy is a HAS BEEN n so is KSTEW n i just dont like either of them at all but i do like sacha baron cohen so i hope both of them dont get the part really. but if i absolutely had to choose at least kstew sorta has fashion sense so ya her.