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LeAnn Rimes Outshined By Carly Rose Sonenclar On X Factor! WATCH HERE!

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Wow. Just… stunned.

During last night's X Factor, 13-year-old prodigy Carly Rose Sonenclar began singing How Do I Live, and all was right with world.

But then the song's original crooner, LeAnn Rimes, joined her on stage…

And let's just say, the result was the complete opposite of pretty.

Ch-ch-check out this cringe worthy duet (above) if you dare!

WARNING: Your ears may feel violated.

This just breaks our heart! First of all, so many props to Carly for handling this like a true professional. We can't even imagine how hard it must have been to keep on key after listening to LeAnn's poorly timed vocal acrobatics.


Is all the Brandi Glanville drama affecting your vocal chords? Do you have a throat problem you're not telling us about? Because we simply don't understand what's going on here!


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65 comments to “LeAnn Rimes Outshined By Carly Rose Sonenclar On X Factor! WATCH HERE!”

  1. 1

    Couldn't agree more Perez. Leann sounded really bad. That duet was so awkward.

  2. 2

    It was ok. I have read other reviews that actually liked it. If it was Rihanna or Katy Perry you would have loved it no matter what. LeAnn has a fantastic voice. No, this was not her best performance - in fact, she seems a little drunk, but it was still good. But I am still uncomfortable with a 13 year old singing songs about something she can no nothing about. And I am really uncomfortable with a child that young being on this type of show.

  3. Amberae says – reply to this


    LeAnne looked like she was drunk. Did you see Carlys face afterwards?? She was like, who the eff is this biotch who can't sing? I mean seriously, Leanne hasn't had anything come out in Carlys lifetime, other than her home wrecking ways. Leanne if you want people to respect you then have some respect for yourself honey.

  4. 4

    OMG I felt SOO embarassed for LeAnn - she was HORRIBLE!!! She must just want to crawl into a hole and die tonight

  5. 5

    lmfao @ Britneys wtf face! Yep, its official…Leanne is on crack. The signs are very clear. That little girl was almost laughing at her horrendous vocals! Why XF are bringing on such D-list has been acts Im not sure but they mustve blown all the budget on Brits fee.

  6. Rita says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I agree. LeAnn doesn't even sound bad, but she does seem a bit drunk. And like you said, if this was Rihanna, Perez would be singing to a different tune.

  7. 7

    OMG! LeAnn's facial transformation into a Cockroach is almost complete; anyone got some Raid handy?

  8. 8

    LeAnn looked like she was dressed for her career's funeral….someone PLEASE close the coffin's lid…

  9. Fergie_beat_Marios_Ass says – reply to this


    She was on Leno earlier this week complaining of being sick, but naturally the BULLY leaves that little tidbit out.

  10. calin says – reply to this


    She did fine, some people can be so judgemental, it's really sad to actually!!!

  11. 11

    LeAnn doesn't sound TERRIBLE, but she sounds really bad for LeAnn. Girl used to be able to sing A LOT better than the performance she gave last night. And it seemed like she was trying to out-sing Carly the whole time instead of them complimenting each other.

  12. Sasha says – reply to this


    WOW!! I am speechless. I saw a video of her a few months back and she sounded good but this was awful. She looked totally drunk. If she wants everyone to take her seriously she needs to get her act together. I love how Carly was so over her. Hope it doesn't ruin Carly's changes because LeAnn messed it all up.

  13. Josh says – reply to this


    Leann was obviously pissed drunk. The girl needs help asap.

  14. Tori says – reply to this


    LeAnn wasn't the original singer of this song, that would be Trisha Yearwood. I love you perez, but get your facts together! I think Trisha Yearwood would have been better to sing with her.

  15. 15

    OMG! Look at LeAnn; and that's AFTER a team of professional hair, make-up, and wardrobe worked on her for hours….

  16. 16

    Re: rosebud99 – I'm not tryign to instigate a war here but it wasn't okay. It was a bad perforamance. She threw the poor little girl off the entire song and she was constantly behind the music.If she were not a professional singer then yes, it would have been an okay performance but when singing is your job, that performance could not be classified as okay. As as for a 13 year old being on the show, with a voice like that who cares what their age is? I'd have loved to be as talented as Carly Rose at 13 and being able to inspire the way she does at 13 is unbelievable. Christina Aguilera was sick and barely had a voice when she performed with Chris Mann on last season's Voice finale and she blew it out of the water it was so good. However, I believe that LeAnn was not the person that Carly should have been paired with to begin with. I'd have prefered to see her with someone like Alicia Keys or Kelly Clarkson.

  17. jam says – reply to this


    Re: Tori – ACTUALLY, trisha yearwood covered it RIGHT AFTER leann rimes did it, and was penned by dianne warren. look up your own facts before you try to make someone else look stupid, idiot.

  18. Jen says – reply to this


    This was just awkward. You could tell LeAnn was trying to prove something. If she scaled back, it probably would have sounded better. But she was trying WAY too hard and it was just bad. With all the runs she was trying she was becoming off-key AND off-tempo. And yes, she looked drunk. Carly Rose is unreal though. That girl is such a star.

  19. 19

    Re: Vanessa87 – I agree that Carly Rose is very talented. My problem with children on shows like this is that the effects of early fame on a child can lead to a mentally unhealthy adult. Not only that, but I have heard some professional voice coaches say that a young voice needs to nurtured in a proper way in able to attain maximum potential and that over singing when young can destroy the full potential. Who cares how old she is, you ask? Obviously not her parents - they are prepared to throw her to wolves like Simon all for the lure of fame and fortune. Five or ten years from now she will lament the loss of a normal childhood and her parents will wish they would have waited.

  20. Steve says – reply to this


    You're a talentless hack… shelling for a girl who clearly cannot sing on Leann's level. I have seen her perform live and she was signing DOWN to help your young contestant. Get a grip.

  21. 21

    well, it wasn't terrible, but having heard her sing this song she was very well known for many times, by comparison this is awful. i can't really sing tho so it's still way better than anything I could have done. this is just my opinion, but it felt like she was actually consciously trying to upstage the young girl with all those vocal theatrics. to be fair, it's probably been a long time since she's performed on such a large platform, but still I don't think the way she was singing was an accident, but it sure didn't work out. hopefully she sounds better next time cause we all know that at one time she was actually incredible to listen to.

  22. Nicole says – reply to this


    ok so it wasnt that bad, She has done alot better… A LOT better. I didn’t see where she was "drunk" or anything. I think Perez is just showing he doesnt like her. I agree with the comment if it was katy perry or rihanna he would be singing praises.

  23. cam says – reply to this


    I just heard Leann live and her voice was perfect. Fantastic. This is just more Leann hating nonsense. Like the story a few weeks ago that Leann gave a 'bizarre' barefoot performance, despite the fact she's been doing that for years, it's part of her usual show to get comfortable at the end of her show.

  24. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: SashaSkye – i agree, she was trying to outshine and it didnt work for her. But i didnt see what perez is saying.

  25. RocAtl says – reply to this


    "How do I live" is actually a Trisha Yearwood song…from spelling and grammar errors to the sheer snails pace of actual gossip posting your blog is starting to lag behind…

  26. uwrongbit says – reply to this


    Re: Tori

    No. You're wrong. LeAnn originally recorded it for the movie Con Air, but the producers wanted someone more mature to sing it so then it went to Trisha.

  27. 27

    It would've been so much more gracious of her to let the little girl sing.

  28. 28

    She looked stoned not drunk, high as a kite in fact. Really sad to see/hear.

  29. lisaq says – reply to this


    sounds like Leanne forgot her own lyrics

  30. Arrora says – reply to this


    Not the best performance, more than her voice, she was just looking very ruff, the ending was horrible.

  31. 31

    Re: Steve – Ahh-greed.

  32. 32

    Carly is incredibly mediocre. Leann, although a tool, is a MUCH better singer.

  33. flower2013 says – reply to this


    I could not agree with you more. When Carly started singing the song I said "OH NO! I can't believe they are doing this to her." Then LeAnn came on and I wanted to grab Carly off that stage. It was bad.

  34. 34

    That was brutal to watch! Leann was sick, but clearly, she also must have downed the whole bottle of cough meds. because she was high as fuq!

  35. Freeda Weed says – reply to this


    I have always liked Leann Rimes..but lastnight I literaly cringed..I could not believe what she was doing..She was trying to out sing that little girl..that was fucked up! It wasn't about her voice lastnight.it was about Carly..and I think she ruined that song for her..she seemed messed up to me and very selfish to try and out sing her and make it all about herself..I had to leave the room it was so uncomfortable to watch.

  36. 36

    Re: lisaq – i thought i heard her stumble too but no one else had commented on it so i thought maybe i was mistaken but it actually did happen i think.

  37. glo says – reply to this


    she looked like she was hitting the bottle off key eyes closed and wobbly what a mess

  38. Julio says – reply to this


    Leann was just reminding this up-and-comer who the real diva was. There was not 1 note out of key for Leann, she's just in her singing zone. Only singers would know to what I am referring. :)

  39. 39

    Re: Julio – Julio….I think my reply to your stupidity can best be said as: "I don't need to be a fly to know what sh!t is." That being said……LeAnn's performance was sh1t. as was her attempt to outshine a 13yo girl. b1tch, please!

  40. 40

    How was this a bad performance? I dare any of the negative people out there to sing this song. I've seen much worse that you have praised in the past.

  41. 41

    Awful performance on LeAnn's part. :-\

  42. 42

    she wouldn't harmonize with carly rose. feel sorry for her, carly deserves to win.

  43. 43

    Who chose LeAnn Rimes for this duet? How about someone current, maybe Lea Michelle, Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood? I think they would have complemented Carly Rose much better and the point it to help the contestant win, not to show off your own singing. Is it just me or did she also forget the words?

  44. Jason says – reply to this

  45. David in Toronto says – reply to this


    Trisha Yearwood originated this song and sang it like a woman … not a girl.

  46. 46

    damn that was bad lol

  47. hdk says – reply to this


    ok I just listened to the beginning of this vid where the chirpy girl sings how do i live.. what a piece of crap. my ears are bleeding. she is young but do give us a warning. what a crapfest!

  48. 48

    oh my god. i could only watch leann for 10 seconds. so bad.

  49. ziggy says – reply to this


    Re: Steve

    exactly! Can you say LeAnn Rimes…Star Search at 8 …looking like a meth head at 30…voice shot to hell.

  50. My Thoughs says – reply to this


    LeAnn Rime is completely fxxk up, she must have guilt in her, she said it during the E News interview! Get the grip of yourself woman! If you can't sing then don't embarrassed yourself and make your own song sounded so messy. Carly has a good voice I am sure without LeAnn Rime coming to help her sings Carly can do a much better job singing duet with her. What a total MESS!!!

  51. moomoo says – reply to this


    Re: Steve – LeAnn! You mad? You were shit. And you need help.

  52. Ed says – reply to this


    Re: Jen – The song was originally penned for the movie Con-Air, LeAnn's version was turned down and denied for the movie. So it was given to a stronger, more mature vocalist-Trisha Yearwood. LeAnn recorded it first, but should of never released it, and immediately released it once her label found out Trisha was releasing hers.
    Regardless, it's very clear now that it's truely Trisha's song after LeAnn destroyed it here

  53. Babydoll says – reply to this


    Ooooooh they probably should have picked Trisha Yearwood for the duet LOL

  54. 54

    It looked like she was trying to outsing a 13 year old.. and failed.

  55. Charlie says – reply to this


    Rimes performance on the X Factor the other night cost the 13 year old Carly Rose Sonenclar the contest. Up to that point she was great! Her part of the song was great too.
    The problem was that she was performing with an intoxicated individual! Watch the playback you can see Carly knew something was up Rimes was bad almost hiccuping on stage! If she performed this way on the X Factor auditions Simon would have said you can't sing, you can't even walk! Your bloody drunk! Security remove this drunken #%€@$!

  56. 56

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  58. sydawg says – reply to this


    I detest this song!!! I did feel bad for Carly though, brilliant performance of what is a terrible song. I don't know why, I cant stand this song and everyone seems to love it…

  59. SuzyQ says – reply to this


    Perez, love your work! Wondered why you credited LeAnn as the original crooner, don't forget that Trisha Yearwood, the true talent, is credited with that honor.

  60. Jessica says – reply to this


    I don't agree. I thought Carly's voice was a little weak for the song (though she's still very talented) and that when Leann came out she had a much stronger presence, you could tell that she was the professional singer. I don't really get drunk from her performance either. My only criticism would be that the two weren't very good at harmonizing together. I think it's really mean how everyone is ganging up on Leann about this performance. I don't really see how it's merited. It's sad to see someone attacked like this.

  61. Manny ray says – reply to this


    You are a Bully , you won't ever change …Leann would have been amazing 2 u had she come out in a meat dress….you are still a resentful fat girl

  62. 62

    umm…what was the big deal? It wasn't terrible…and it wans't amazing either. It was a mediocre duet. Period.

  63. Midori says – reply to this


    They are both so so so terrible. That little girl sounds like she's dying, is that why she got so far?

  64. Judith Rodriquez-Nunez says – reply to this


    I'm sure lLeAnn removed the mike from Carly Rose on that last note. She might as well should have covered her mouth, like don't outshine me *itch lol

  65. Isaac says – reply to this


    I think is the other way around. To me, Carly has one of the most unique voice right now out there, including every professional singer.