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Man Wears 70 Articles Of Clothing On International Flight To Avoid Baggage Fees

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airline passenger china 70 articles clothing avoid baggage fees

There's frugal, there's cheap, and then there's wearing everything you own at once to save money!!

According to an article in China's Guangzhou Daily, a man flying from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China to Nairobi, Kenya was dismayed when ticket agents said his bags exceeded the allowed weight limit and that he'd need to fork chopstick over extra cash to check them on the plane!

Did the dude grit his teeth and pay the money?

Nope!! He unzipped his suitcases and carried his clothing with him the cheapest way he could… on his body!

According to the report, the man put on 70 additional layers of clothing! SEVENTY! Eye-witnesses say he wound up looking like a sumo wrestler!

He also stuffed all his batteries, phone chargers, and flash drives into his many, many pockets!

It's an interesting way to circumvent shelling out extra cash, but we feel terrible for anyone standing behind him at the security checkpoint, LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Man Wears 70 Articles Of Clothing On International Flight To Avoid Baggage Fees”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    Good for him. The airlines are raping people. RIDICULOUS fees. Soon the will be charging to take a piss. If people quit paying these ridiculous fees, the airlines would stop doing it. CONSUMERS ARE IDIOTS. This guy has it right.

  2. gem says – reply to this


    chopstick over? seriously? that is so not ok

  3. Kansas says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who sees the "stupid" in this story?

    Limits on weight in an airplane is for personal safety, and regulated for the plane itself, the amount of passengers who are flying, and their baggage.
    It determines the take-off & landing speed, the angle of ascent/descent, the amount of fuel used, and in general, how the plane is flown once at cruising altitude.
    If his baggage was over the "weight" limit, wearing the clothes doesn't make them "weightless."
    The plane would still be over its limit, regardless of whether they're in the damned suitcase or on his ass.
    For fuck's sake, already.

  4. Missy says – reply to this


    Re: beach – I completely agree! I flew United last week–they charge you for EVERYTHING. Checked bags. Food. Even TV! In fact, my flight was delayed 20 minutes because no one wanted to pay to check bags but there wasn't enough room in the overhead bins for everyone to have a carry-on. They ended up forcing the last boarding group to check in their bags.

  5. Kansas says – reply to this


    This guy has it "right" ?
    LOL, beach. Regardless of high fees, if everyone cheated on the weight limit in an airplane, the amount of fuel used during flights would INCREASE, (not to mention the likelihood of potential accidents and unfortunate miscalculations) and therefore, would ultimately increase overall ticket price.
    Weight limits are not just for SAFETY, they also serve to keep fares regulated, and - if you'll excuse the pun - make flights relatively "fair" for everyone.

  6. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: Missy
    Yes, Missy, like, OMG… they charge you for like, everything!
    Personal safety included!
    Good Grief!
    Before y'all start bitching about the "weight limit" fees on an airplane, use your damned heads, and attempt to sort out WHY.
    It's passengers like this moron - who attempt to "cheat" - that actually INCREASE fare price!
    Before EVERY flight, the total weight of an aircraft is very important to a pilot.
    Cheat him or her (to escape a fee) and you're messing with your own stupid life.

  7. Kansas says – reply to this


    And before you ask… YES, I am.
    Had my commercial license for 3 years now.
    Putting an airplane in the air is not just about TV, suitcases, headphones and FOOD.

  8. 8

    Wow. Very racist. 'chopstick over'?????

    do you mind if people call you a beaner?

  9. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    If anybody else had use the term "chopstick" in a story about an Asian person do you think Perez would have let that go ?
    Racist pig.

  10. hoopz123 says – reply to this


    Wow…this news is like 10 days old.

  11. 11

    lolol likely theyll change the rulles soon thats the second person i heard done that

  12. 12

    just wondering….why the photo of the Queen?

  13. 13

    So..just want to clarify. It is NOT ok to poke fun at queers, it IS ok to make racist remarks against asians. Just wanted to be sure.

  14. heather says – reply to this


    @Kansas your making no sense. If they charge you for extra baggage then they are still allowing you to take that "over weight " baggage on so if they were doing it for safety purposes then that doesn't make any sense lol. So either way him paying or not paying that extra weight was on the plane he just found a way not to pay. I get what you are trying to say but you are making absolutely no sense. Paying an extra baggage fee doesn't put your stuff on a new plane it just means you payed an extra fee.

  15. 15

    uh.. whhyy don't you have any pictures??? gosh.

  16. 16

    Got all excited thinking I'd be reading a story about my beloved Liz, and no… So why the picture of the Queen???