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Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, Will Ferrell & Other Celebs Ask YOU To Demand A Plan To Prevent Gun Violence! WATCH HERE!

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After 26 lives were lost last week in Newtown, CT, no one can deny that our nation has a problem with violent crimes involving guns.

It's time that WE, the people of the Unites States, push to put an end to gun violence in our country.

Obviously, the goal is lofty, and arguably impossible. But if we don't at least TRY something different, if we don't come together and attempt to come up with an alternative plan, then nothing will ever change and we will become victims of our own inaction.

Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres and Conan O'Brien, among MANY other celebrities, urge YOU to get involved with Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence, an organization sponsored by Mayors Against Illegal Guns (above).

Guns are purely convenient death-causing machines. Their only purpose is to cause pain. Why not do everything possible to rid ourselves of such items? Why not do everything possible to save lives?

It is imperative for the peaceful future of our society.

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66 comments to “Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, Will Ferrell & Other Celebs Ask YOU To Demand A Plan To Prevent Gun Violence! WATCH HERE!”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    Phoney do-gooder tripe.
    Get real.
    Mental illness is at the heart of this NOT guns.
    Lets ban cars, knives, baseball bats and anything Perez says.

  2. 2

    All of these celebrities have 24/7 ARMED SECURITY DETAILS…..

  3. green says – reply to this


    americans have the right to bear arms GET OVER IT or go back to cuba mario.

  4. 4

    Timothy McVeigh didn't need a gun to kill…just saying that the mentally unstable will use whatever it takes in order to kill. None of my firearms have killed a person. They're fun to shoot, I hunt, & I feel safer knowing that if someone tries to hurt me or my family I can take a stand.

  5. Rose says – reply to this


    Starting to sound like a set up.

  6. 6

    Yes guns don't kill people, and Lanza could have just as easily used a knife if guns weren't available, but people are overlooking the fact that the same day a man attacked a school with a knife and guess what? NO FATALITIES. People kill people, but guns do it much more expediently and effectively!

  7. 7

    And Timothy McVeigh didn't need guns to kill people, you're right. He used a bomb and killed mass amount of people. And guess what? Bombs are illegal to own for that exact reason! So I'm really not sure what you're argument is…

  8. Mama says – reply to this


    Re: Moxietron1 – The argument is the states with strict gun laws have the most crime. People will kill people with or without guns!

  9. Rose says – reply to this


    They tried to launch this with James Holmes, but they didn't want people investigating too closely, because the story was fishy. Anything mainstream hollywood shoves down our throats is called programming.

  10. Illinois says – reply to this


    Sadly we are trying to solve a problem with an over simplistic non-solution, because we do not want to look at the multiple root causes of these tragic incidents. One being there are people out there who view the innocent law abiding public as prey plain and simple….why should I not be allowed to own a firearm to protect my family, are my family's lives not worthy of protecting? Has anyone asked themselves not how Lanza killed this innocent children, but why he had the mental capacity to murder several small children seemingly without a conscience? By the way the City of Chicago has a firearm ban….and has unprecedented gun violence. Don't be a sheep and get your education from celebrities….seek out credible sources read the Wall Street Journal Article titled Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown from December 17, 2012 it will put a lot of what has been going on into perspective.

  11. 11

    27 lives, 27. Regardless of what one thinks of her parenting or life choices, Nancy was a victim in the end too.

  12. 12

    Yes, again, people will kill people with or without guns, but not nearly as effectively. Lanza could have gone into the school with a knife or baseball bat, but I can guarantee the death toll would not have been nearly as high (if there even was a death toll). Had the people responsible for Columbine, Virginia Tech, Arizona, etc. gone in with knives instead of guns, there would be a lot more people here with us today…

  13. 13

    Of course knife violence isn't any better than gun violence and of course stricter gun laws do not address the underlying causes of these crimes, but it wouldn't hurt in the meantime until the underlying causes are addressed.

  14. bionicduck says – reply to this


    How many people died of AIDS? Gays should be banned too, they spread AIDS and cause death.

  15. 15

    Re: Moxietron1 – Timothy McVeigh was framed; the US government BLEW that federal building up to destroy the Waco, Texas evidence that would have PROVED David Koresh never did what they say he did…

  16. 16

    Re: bionicduck – The US government created HIV and spread it around…

  17. Brie says – reply to this


    To all the celeb's that took time to film this and it's producers, THANK YOU!!! It is ENUFF!!!

  18. mr pete says – reply to this


    Once again Obama is out there beating a drum, and the fools are falling in line, and following
    Meanwhile this country is sinking into debt, deeper, and deeper every day
    People have started to see what Obamacare will cost, the dollar is dropping in value,
    unemployment is at 9%
    And now with everything happening,
    Obama and Michelle just took off for a 4 MILLION $$$$$$ vacation

  19. Fergie_beat_Marios_Ass says – reply to this


    Re: Mama – You are right, Bombs are illegal and I will answer for the other person. Bombs being illegal didn't stop him did they. Just like making guns Illegal will have no effect other then we wont have the option to defend our selves.

  20. 20

    fuck them all

  21. Rose says – reply to this


    Here is the thing, selling guns illegally you will have to admit, is a booming business. Our own gov selling guns illegally, is in the news. The bad guys are ALWAYS going to get guns. But if we are disarmed, who prey tell will defend us in the scope of a warlike attack upon ourselves? America seems to have the idea nobody could move in and attack us, as we do to other countries.

  22. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Pray the Gay Away… – And the koresh compound bordered Crawford ranch.

  23. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: mr pete – Disenheartening to see people cheering and offering up their jugglers.

  24. 24

    Re: tempe – Cars, knives and baseball bats are items intended for other purposes.

    A firearm only has a single purpose: To damage, maim or kill whatever it hits. Cars are designed for transportation, and if you are caught using one improperly, you can lose your driving privileges.

    Both Kennedys, John Lennon, Harvey Milk, Gianni Versace, MLK JR and many many others would be here today if gun laws were as stringent as other civilized nations. Yes, mental illness is real also, but lets not make it so easy for them to get their hands on guns.

  25. Jac says – reply to this


    Re: MsBPls – thanks for pointing this out. Was my first thought too!

  26. 26

    your rights are to bear arms NOT KILL INNOCENT KIDS.. so now ur right gets rescinded u dont play the way ur meant too TOO BAD U LOSE the rights WAKE UP CALL

  27. 27

    SURE SURE worry about the diversion this is causing how many nuclear bombs are they pointing at u THAT u are paying for… wake up fools

  28. sherri says – reply to this


    This video is very powerful it speaks the truth and it makes you cry for all the victims… Honestly this is enough… Please find an end to this madness! Not sure if my opinion counts as I'm Canadian but as your neighbour we care about all of you and we need to stop this…

  29. Shanghai says – reply to this


    OK so some people feel the need to have a gun but WHY would you need an assault gun that can fire multiple times. Yes people get killed by knives etc but its not like you can kill too many people if only weilding a kitchen knife. Other countries have toughened up on gun use so America can do it too!!

  30. Madi says – reply to this


    Re: Moxietron1 – Yet people still make bombs. Dang why don't they listen?Oh that's right because they are criminals and could give a rats behind if somethings legal or not. Drugs are illegal yet people still have them. Making gun laws more strict would only punish the people who get guns legally. Timothy probably didn't get his gun legally I'm guessing and even if he did if guns were illegal he still could have found one. There are countries that give almost each each person a gun yet they don't go crazy and shot every person in sight. Assault rifles should however are another story, you really don't need 30 rounds almost automatically shot if your just trying to protect your family. If you can't ward someone off with 9 you really shouldn't own a gun.

  31. Matthijs says – reply to this


    Would be great if you would remove the commercial at the beginning of such a serious message. I do not think it is appropriate to benefit financially from these video's

  32. bbbbsoh says – reply to this


    The ignorance of people who want to "rid the world of guns" by stricter gun laws is overwhelming. Banning guns will cause illegal gin vendors to make their way into the US, resulting in an even higher crime rate. Then, when all these bad people are armed and our citizens are not, the amount of murders will skyrocket.

  33. 33

    Re: bionicduck – You deserve to go to hell.. just saying.

  34. 34

    I do need to point out the violence (gun violence mainly) in Canada is virtually unheard of compared to the US. I have to think there is a connection between our laws and yours.

  35. 35

    they are a bunch of uninformed idiots who have no idea what they are talking about. They are simply hopping on the bandwagon for their own selfish gains. These morons travel with armed security or cops PAID FOR BY OUR TAX DOLLARS.

    NY has 4.0 deaths per 100,000 people in 2011. Which isn't low, nor high. Seems to be about in the middle. My state is 5.2 which has crap tons of guns. When comparing to other armed states and there are only 1-2 higher..Then yeah, seems kinda irrelevant.

    According to the washington post 57% of Alaska citizens owns a gun, their homicide rate is 4.0 per 100,000. 59% of Wyoming has a gun with a low 3.2. Montana with 57% of of their population owning a gun has a small 2.8 per 100,000 people.

    So, two of the most armed states in the nation have a lower homicide rate than NY. While one state has the same while NY has the strictest gun laws. Chicago can also be brought up. They are the closest thing to a flat out gun ban in America, and yet their crime is through the roof. From what it looks like a gun ban wouldn't do SHIT. The proof is easily obtainable.

    I went one step further and just looked up "The Ten most armed states" I then looked at each states homicide rates per 100k. Only 2 of those heavily armed states were higher than NY. Now keep in mind, this is just homicide. Not specifically guns.

  36. 36

    Morons are also forgetting we have already had an assault rifle ban. In 1994 Clinton implemented the assault rifle ban. It ended in 2004. Columbine happened in 1999. An article released on a heavily leftist major news site said there was no proof as to whether or not the assault weapon ban had any positive or negative effect on reducing of raising gun crime. The problem is, this isn't a religion debate, where neither side can prove or disprove anything. Crime, guns,etc are all tracked and recorded fairly well. Comparing the ATF and the number of concealed carriers for various counties then looking at the BJS website to see the crime rates. You'll notice that counties that have high concealed or open carriers generally always have the lowest amount of crime. You'll notice that counties/cities that have strict gun control generally have high crime. Chicago comes to mind for this.

    It's blatantly obvious that most anti-gun people know little to nothing at all about firearms, firearm laws and firearm statistics. Instead they are uninformed and ignorant who simply parrot what other uninformed, ignorant people say.

  37. 37

    One of the Columbine shooters used 13 standard 10 round magazines, for his pistol. The VT guy also used pistols. The whole "Ban extended magazines" thing is retarded and obviously spewed by ignorant morons. Someone with three standard 10rd mags and someone with an AR with a 30rd mag is no different. You can carry multiple guns and magazines. Let's also take into account for every gun someone has they literally have a dozen mags for. Theres no way of tracking magazines. Theres already possibly BILLIONS of 30+ round magazines in the US. Stopping the sell of them WILL DO NOTHING. It also wouldn't apply to people who already have them (like the 94 assault rifle ban). So how exactly would cops be able to prove I did not purchase my 30rd magazine prior to the extended magazine ban? They wouldn't. The "plans" these morons have are terrible.

    Instead of banning everything under the sun because a minority of mentally off idiots screwed up and did something bad we need make more logical decisions. Such as ending the gun show loophole (not mentioned), implementing a mental health database much like a criminal background check instead this checks for if the person is on meds, seeing a shrink,etc. (also not mentioned). Or how about requiring all people to go through a gun safety course before buying a firearm? (also not mentioned)..All of those things are much more rational and would work better than a simple BAN that has already FAILED.

  38. Fists are better says – reply to this


    Thats was not bad Beyonce looked like she was about to burst into tears but what would have been a highlight for me was a Will and Grace reunion thing. Karen Walker and Grace Alder but avail no Will or Jack. Sad times.

  39. darrah says – reply to this


    I can't stand how you took this PSA and plaster it on your website above YOUR OWN opinions of how gun laws should change. Completely irresponsible and I'm sure these celebrities and Mayors Against Illegal Guns aren't happy about it. If you had done a shred of research before posting this you would know the Mayors Against Illegal Guns outlined a multi-point plan in a letter to President Obama detailing stricter gun control, NOT the absolute ban of firearms. Whether you like it or not, guns do serve many functions for many different people including sport shooting (an OLYMPIC sport, at that), hunting, and home defense. Do you really think CRIMINALS will obey your silly little laws if you make owning a gun illegal??

  40. 40

    I think the worst part about this PSA is that these people are living in gated communities where cops prioritize them over an average citizen WITH their armed security whining about gun violence? They should all honestly be shot at for their stupidity.

  41. Kay says – reply to this


    I can't believe that I have to watch the first 15 seconds of the add every time I watch a video on YouTube. Guns are not the problem. People are. Unless these liberal celebs can find a way to cure sin nature, we will continue to have these things happen. I mourn for the families at Sandy Hook, but more gun control is not the answer.

  42. MrsC says – reply to this


    Ok, so some people say they want a gun for protection. A simple hand gun would do for that. But why do people want to have a semi automatic military weapon that can shoot multiple rounds in their homes?!?!?! Glad I live in Canada.

  43. Lightworker says – reply to this


    Guns? Why don't you eliminate the REAL PROBLEM….Prescription Drugs and medicating CHILDREN? Violence in video games, TV, Movies is off the charts!!! As long as these things are in play you can expect more shootings. Hollywood would crumble tomorrow if they couldn't get their phsyc. Meds…..Lol

  44. 44

    The common factor in these attacks isn't that there's a gun, it's that there's unchecked mental illness at play. VT happened because the shooter was able to pass a federal background check BECAUSE THE STATE COURTS THAT FOUND HIM INELIGIBLE NEVER PASSED THE INFO ALONG. You want to stop gun violence? Stop letting people with issues slip through the cracks. Have schools ACTUALLY do something about bullying instead of just paying lip service to the newest initiative. Have people care. That will make things FAR better in the long run.

  45. 45

    Re: Moxietron1 – What you and many others fail to realize is that there have been MANY knife attacks in China on schoolchildren by several different people and there have been MANY fatalities because of it. Look it up.

  46. 46

    Um, even the experts on violence will tell you that violent video games, movies, & tv shows are more at fault than guns. It's pathetic that the real issue is being overlooked, which is mental illness. In every single instance this has happened, the person has been mentally ill. Look at how many people have come forward who have children they are scared to death of, but can get no help for. I know someone who has a child that has very violent outbursts and she can get no help what so ever for him. Something really needs to be done about this, not about guns. Guns are not the problem. My cousin was just telling me about a kid who attacked another kid with a razor he took out of a pencil sharpener, no gun was involved in that. If someone wants to harm someone else, they're going to do it. It's ignorant to think that banning guns or even stricter laws will make that stop. Most gun violence is committed with illegally obtained guns, anyway. Also, most gun violence happens in cities that have major gang problems. If you take away those two things, the gun violence rate wouldn't be very high at all. Banning things doesn't work, history has taught us that.

  47. 47

    This country has a problem with violence because liberal assholes made it impossible for parents to punish their children. You look at the little fuckers wrong and they scream about being abused, and then the state rushes in. No, guns aren't the problem. Government, lazy parents, and over-indulged bratty fucks are the problem. These useless, overpaid celebrities need to STFU and stop jumping onto trendy bandwagons to get attention and accolades. They suck, and you do too, Perez, for being such a dumb piece of shit.

  48. ty says – reply to this


    How many more murders in gun free zones?
    I think you actors should stick to what you are good at…Acting. As long as you are someone else, youre not a dipshit.

  49. 49

    If only Adam lanza could heard heard Ellen Degen before the shoot - it could have prevented the whole thing…..

    These people are all self righteous assholes making light of a terrible tragedy.


  50. Ashley says – reply to this


    As an American, we have the RIGHT to bear arms. We shouldn't be blaming gun owners, we have to deal with the pressures of society and mental illnesses that have caused these people to react this way. Maybe this economy that we are currently in is too much pressure for people.

    "All of these celebrities have 24/7 ARMED SECURITY DETAILS….." <— so funny and true!!

  51. LR says – reply to this


    Kind of annoying that most of the actors involved in "Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence" have made millions of dollars on TV and in movies… using guns.

  52. 52

    They want to take the guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, then only the bad guys will have guns, because the bad guys will always have guns. Make no mistake, Obama's minions are coming for you, like in Venezuela and Cuba. This reminds me when Rosie was berating Tom Selleck for believing in the 2nd Amendment, while her personal body guards carried guns. Limousine-liberal hypocrits, like all the Hollywood crowd.

  53. 53

    Re: Pansy Hunter – Amen, you said it so well!!

  54. 54

    HYPOCRITES. Celebrities incite plenty of violence and Hollywood can't put out violent movies fast enough. Instead of preaching to the public they need to take a good long look at the garbage they churn out 365 days of the year. So sick of their hypocracy and delusional outlook lithat just because they are overpaid line reading parrots some how what they have to say is relevant and important. Madonna being one huge hypocrite with her gun themes tour this year yet in the next breath she's all about "loving one another and world peace". She's damned lucky she was out of the country when this Sandy School went down. Would have loved to see her stumble her way through her anti-violence lecture during half time at her concert. LOL

  55. 55

    I have a great plan to prevent Gun violence and that starts with Hollywood cleaning up THEIR act and quit promoting violence as acceptable entertainment. How's THAT for starters?!

  56. 56

    Here's one more. Guns have SAVED many many lives too - but the media does not ever report those statistics…

  57. 57

    Re: raypearson – fuck you asshole

  58. 58

    Re: Muskratlove – another idiot

  59. JuOxalis says – reply to this


    Beyonce disgusting me, fakest bitch of the industry

  60. reader. says – reply to this


    For middle class people self defense is using a gun. For rich people it is body guards.

  61. reader. says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – To be fair comparing states with 1,000,000 people with states with 30 million people isn't really fair. The real comparison is between the UK before banning guns and after banning guns. Their homicide rate went up 15%.

  62. OhPlease says – reply to this


    I'll take a person who is violently mentally ill without access to guns over one who does have access any day. This is about guns and America's obsession with having them. The time has come for cooler heads to prevail. No American who is not in the military or part of the police department should have a semi automatic weapon.

  63. Rv says – reply to this


    Why was Beyonce overly dramatic in this clip? Note how everyone else was solemn and serious (except for Chris Rock, of course), but Beyonce went overboard with the crack in her voice and did I see tears in her eyes? Not the time to try to show some acting skills, this vid is about the kids and our gun problem, she's just so thirsty.

  64. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Re: Rv – I think it has to do with how being a relatively new mother is effecting her. Having your own child makes you a lot more sensitive to senseless violence against children. I know that there are things that didn't phase me before that I can not stand to watch or hear about now.

  65. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Re: Moxietron1 – How many would he have been able to kill with only a knife? There is no doubt that the fact that he was using semi automatics made this tragedy much worse than it would have been had he used a knife or even a 45.

  66. Lee says – reply to this


    I can't believe these gun crazed freaks; this is just like those Korean shopowners in Los Angeles! They shouldn't have been allowed those guns 21 years ago. How could they do such a thing as to try to defend themselves and their families against robbers, many of whom were looting and murdering using illegally obtained weapons?

    They should have waited for the military and police, just a bit more than the six days in which the national guard and LEOs waited the riots out.

    As a Korean-born, American-naturalized human being with an active sense of self preservation and rational logic, it makes me 'shameful' to associate myself with those men and women and children who did everything in their power to defend themselves by "whatever means necessary."