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John Mayer Cheating On Katy Perry By Munching On Another Woman's Cupcake Boobs?!

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John Mayer, put that wandering peen back in your pants! JEEZE!

Even though Katy Perry and Mr. Mayer have been canoodling since the summer, it seems that John has had one hand around Katy P. and the other one smoking a cigarette groping another ladies' intimate parts!!!

According to an insider, John has enjoyed a "friend with benefits" for over two years, AND they meet up on the reg for sexy-time dates!

Color us all shades of no way surprised!

The source explains:

"They meet frequently, just for sex dates, and they sext each other almost constantly. John and this woman have incredible sexual chemistry and have been seeing each other nonstop since their first encounter almost two years ago."

Ruh roh!

Hmm, could this mystery woman be the reason behind John Mayer and Taylor Swift's split?!

We're just hoping this is the rumor mill churning out a big, fat LIE. But if it IS true…

Then Katy Kat needs to get the f*ck out of that toxic relationship before she is rudely awakened once again!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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48 comments to “John Mayer Cheating On Katy Perry By Munching On Another Woman's Cupcake Boobs?!”

  1. Alex Dumpfree says – reply to this


    Latest reports suggest that John Mayer went behind Katy Perry's back with another women while in NYC. The secret woman meets frequently

  2. John says – reply to this


    Don't turn into the Hollywood bike Katy.

  3. 3

    Not suprised. What I am suprised about is that tabloids were reporting that a high profile couple would start dating/getting serious in September-ish of this year but that it would be over by the New Year. Hmmmmmmmm……What do you think peeps? I personally think that regardless of if they were with his parents or her family/friends that this was staged for publicity. They look like they were forced to be with one another. I am skeptical about the other woman as well, thought Mayer was into the other team. Who knows…he probably jumps back and forth on that fence.

  4. 4

    Re: elizabethmaria – Fuck off, thanks ever so much. Do you actually think ANYONE is as stupid as you to try this shit?

  5. 5

    Not surprise that he has another hidden chick. That douche bag pride himself on out smarting the media but he always come out looking like a dumbass douche bag. Funny the media don't give shit about fake ass John Mayor and his childish antics. Just show how desperate these ladies are to hitch their wagon to any man that stand on a stage.

  6. 6

    I've never understood the "gossip" media, how can ANY of these people be "cheating"? Except of course for kartrasian. None of the "cheaters" are married or in a long term committed relationship with the understanding of monogamy. How many of you have dated/layed more than one person. What is the big fucking deal? Seriously who gives a SHIT.

  7. KatiPati says – reply to this


    Seriously John Mayer???? Go f*** yourself. You mess with my girl Katy and you now mess with her billions and billions of fans. you're sincerely an A$$ and i hope you really get whats coming to you. Man Whore

  8. 8


    How can anyone know exactly the content of other people's text messages ?
    Look over their shoulders ?

  9. 9

    Don't doubt it. She is seriously an idiot. Why would she even chance it w him?

  10. watching the gullible says – reply to this


    Wow! You guys are easy. A "source" says any old thing and you all believe it! She doesn't even have to present a plausible story or evidence of any kind. I now totally get why you're in this gossip field, Perez. You can make millions off gullible people.

  11. ayeya says – reply to this


    jajajajajajajajajajaj! so funny when a girl thinks that she can change an idiot.

    KP is such an asshole!.

  12. Jessica84 says – reply to this


    Is it that dancer girl from NY? I heard about them getting together during summer while he was dating KP… could be her again. I'm a JM fan and this doesn't surprise me AT ALL. If KP got with him to change him and turn him into a man she wants to be with, then she is the one to blame for her heartache. If you don't like a player, don't date a player.

  13. ayeya says – reply to this


    Re: KatiPati

    Why is his fault!. He has a large history with a lot of Hollywood women. Everybody knows that.

    I think is her fault!. Because she already knew that the guy was like that. But maybe she taught that with her boobies she could change him. Hhahahahahaha yeah right!. Just like his ex Russell Brand.

    She is an asshole!

  14. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Perez, please delete elizabethhmaria, as she is a spmmer, thank you.

  15. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Perez or mods, please also delete susanlisa796, another spammer. Wish you would bring back the Flag buttons like I asked over two months ago.

  16. Mind Your Own Beeswax says – reply to this


    I'm really curious about the dancer. She has been brought up so many times on here, by, supposedly, different people.

  17. watching the gullible says – reply to this


    Re: Mind Your Own Beeswax – Methinks it's just one stalker on a mission.

  18. oh please says – reply to this


    Oh please, last week it was Katy secretly texting Russell. Next week they will be engaged, the week she will be cheating on him with Prince William (JOKING!!!) Garbage. Let them have fun. Maybe they are really in love.

  19. jani says – reply to this


    Cutting around the chase: Neither will be a hot commodity after this is over. When women touch John Mayer, and it ends, their stock and worth goes down. They're no longer desired or valued by the TOP men in Hollywood or by any good hard working successful man with values. They get the rejects. Why do women act as if John Mayer is such a God? He's the festering wart on societies a/ss. If I had a daughter in behind him, or with him, I'd disown her. In the end, good girls get the good respectable men in the society. Not men like John Mayer. He's far from a blessing and if he comes your way, consider yourself on Gods crap list because you're surely being punished! No good can come from ever being associated with or knowing him. Smart girls leave. Bad your rep.

  20. Pinky says – reply to this


    Re: watching the gullible – I've heard that Mayer loves to label women from his past slings and rolls in the hay as *stalkers when shat leaks, so that way, he can call them crazy and claim no knowledge of whatever they have on him. He does whatever he has to, to save his own and free arse. He needs to get the abbreviation *smoa, short for save my own a– on his arse. Whether this story has truth to it or not, who'd want him? Ryan Gosling is such a hottie and there are so many desirable and respectable bachelors. I don't believe that any woman would stalk Mayer unless she wants a case of the gift that keeps giving and erupting. I think the NY girl is legit. He probably hushed the dancer with a gag order or something, giving him the advantage in the media to deny it.

  21. pink beaver says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – maybe the girl should release the texts or let her phone get stolen? That would be stellar! Wondering if jm rushed to change his number and is assuring Katy that it won't happen again or never happened. Wasn't he doing his assistant Molly or Missy? there's definitely chemistry between those two. She's like his fill in sub booty. Watch out katy pati. He spends a lot of time with that one and she assists him alright.

  22. cassidy says – reply to this


    Re: pink beaver – My mouth just dropped after reading your post because that assistant does act like she is his woman at various events. They seem lowkey about it. I can definitely detect that those two are bleep buddies and that she's more than his assistant. Duh Oh!

  23. Mind Your Own Beeswax says – reply to this


    Good Lord this is getting weirder all the time. Maybe they are just close because her job is to take care of his business and I don't mean THAT business. I certainly cannot visualize him sexting her for JUST a booty call. If he was in a relationship with her, how could she possibly remain his assistant when he is now seeing Katy? That would take one heck of a strong woman.

  24. Maybe says – reply to this


    Maybe he has an assistant who dances?
    I just looked at the picture of him in the airport last weekend. She is sporting a pretty big ring on her wedding finger. I

  25. watching the gullible says – reply to this


    Re: Pinky – Oh is that what you heard? Really? By the way, where did you hear it? Evidence please. I've heard he paints his toenails green daily and he has flowers growing out of his ears. Of course it's true because I said I heard it, right? You are one very sick puppy.

  26. It's Over says – reply to this


    JM is SERIOUS about KATY. Where this will end up, who can tell, but I'm convinced he IS VERY SERIOUS ABOUT K.A.T.Y. over and above ANYONE else AND he is a good guy, no matter who he fooled around with in the past GO JOHN, GO!!!!!!!

  27. DJ says – reply to this


    It's Over, how do you know John is serious about Katy?

  28. So you say says – reply to this


    @It's Over

    Good try, you're hoping it's over, but you're not really sure of it, are you? Keep dreaming.

  29. It's Over says – reply to this


    Re: So you say – No, no. You misunderstood me. I shouldn't have called myself "It's Over". I didn't mean their relationship is over. I meant' all these people who are talking about the dancer, the jewelry designer, etc., need to get that JM has moved on. Now I don't KNOW this for sure. It just really would appear to be true, so stop harping on past loves, etc.. that's all.

  30. So you say says – reply to this


    @It's Over

    No, dear. You're misunderstanding me. You think he's so serious in this new relationship? I think you're overestimating the situation. It's not over.

  31. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: So you say – John and Katy do appear to be serious, though. Spending time with each other's families around the holidays. I don't think I've ever heard of any of his ex-celeb girlfriends meeting either of his parents and we all know Katy met his dad.

  32. friend of a friend says – reply to this


    I'm not supposed to say anything but a close friend of katys did tell me that Katy got into johns phone earlier in the evening before the rolling stones concert, got an exes phone number. She kept calling and calling it. She heard a girls voice on the voicemail and it infuriated her. Katy was very angry and intimidated about finding the girls number in johns phone after snooping and so she decided to pull the old ”your ex is calling and stalking me game” with John. Katy kept calling the girls number, hoping that the girl would call her back while she was with john but it didn't happen. She wanted to make it seem like the ex is harassing her, from what katy's friend told me. She got extremely angry when the girl wouldn't answer while she was calling the her. I think Katy really is desperate to keep John. The friend also told me that Katy has been going around attempting to slam and bash the rep of the same girl she called, to all of her Hollywood friends. She's trying her best to make the girl seem psycho. That's outrageous. I don't believe that the girl is worried about Katy at all but katy's friend tells me that Katy is too focused on bringing the girl down. Katy has many sides to her personality apparently. The things a woman will do to keep her man..

  33. w says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – The dad didn't like Katy at all. He met her but he doesn't really like her. He was disappointed with john's choice etc.

  34. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: friend of a friend – Why would Katy see a woman's name in John's phone and assume it's an ex-girlfriend? Does she know the name of his ex-non-celeb girlfriends. He probably has at least some female friends. Also, why would Katy go around trying to bash this girl's reputation with her Hollywood friends? If this is a regular girl(non-celeb), why would Katy's friends care about this woman? I know John and Katy have been spotted/photographed in Santa Barbara over the last few days, so he might be spending Christmas there with her family. They still seem pretty serious.

  35. Say Now says – reply to this


    Re: friend of a friend – I believe this because Katy is highly competitive, can't stand competition and has that *whatever it takes to get what I want personality and attitude. She's desperate and determined to keep john with her and I guess that all of her scheming, wheeling and dealing with John is working. The things women will do to keep their man.

  36. friend of a friend says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – According to Katy's friend, John discusses the girl with Katy and he didn't describe her as just being a regular friend. Yes, Katy knows her name and knows quite a bit about her from John bringing her up a lot. Katy's friend told me that she is well aware of the girl she kept calling. Katy just can't resist snooping through john's phone mostly when he's in the shower or sleep.

  37. Psychological Point says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – When it comes to John Mayer, women act crazy and insecure about another woman. It doesn't matter how famous and rich they may be, like Katy. Fame and money isn't enough to hold John Mayer. It eats at a woman when she's famous and a regular girl holds the attention of a man like John. Most celeb females tend to have somewhat of a superiority complex, making them believe or feel that they're more desirable than a non celeb female, and this is because everyone is worshiping and praising them at every angle they turn to. When they aren't the center of attention, they don't know how to cope.

  38. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: friend of a friend – So, John brings up his ex-girlfriend to Katy a lot? Why? And, this is the woman he is supposedly having "sex dates" with? I still don't understand why Katy's Hollywood friends would care about this woman. What does this woman do exactly? I mean, John and Katy helped wrap gifts at a charity and visited kids in the hospital over the weekend in Santa Barbara. That doesn't sound like the type of guy who would cheat. This all seems a little unbelievable. Is a breakup supposedly in the near future?

  39. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: w – How do you know?

  40. Say Now says – reply to this


    I'm waiting for a slew of Katy's friends to come in and say how Katy is perfect, rich, too gorgeous to be intimidated by another woman, famous, how Katy would never call another woman and how John Mayer is so serious about her like they always do. She has her own bulldogs to watch her back. I believe that Katy would act crazy to keep John Mayer. It's the oldest game. Grab pop corn.

  41. It'll be interesting says – reply to this


    Poor girl reeks of desperation. She's even got her brother in on it. I suppose it's better than being reminded of what happened to her last year. That must have been devastating.

  42. DJ says – reply to this


    I just wonder if he'll spend Christmas with her, or if he's gonna fly back home today to be with his family.

  43. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – it's about regaining an image and trying to seem wonderful and perfect. What will they do next, donate a kidney? The thing I found weird was that everyone who was at the charitable event kept tweeting ”John Mayer and Katy Perry aren't doing this for publicity,” as if they were told to say that to emphasize that they're not only caring about sick kids because it will get them a great news story and girl scout points. I noticed 5 different people tweeting those very words. Very cunning and fake.

  44. friend of a friend says – reply to this


    Re: DJ – According to Katy's friend, John told Katy about this girl months ago. I doubt she's the sex text scandal girl. According to Katy's friend, Katy pleaded with John and offered him the ” let's just hang out, nothing serious, just friends” hoping it would lead to more after sexual encounters. She thought that if she slept with him enough, things would progress but it's not working 100% like she hoped it would because John is still worried about this girl. Katy hates knowing and accepting this. Katy is shaken that John may still get back with this girl and he may. Katy had expressed to my friend how she should call the girl up and tell her to go away and how John will never go back to the girl. Although they have been around each other, Katy expressed to my friend that she feels that John may want his ex back because he acts strange sometimes and distant.

  45. wow says – reply to this


    He must have been really close with this ex. I bet she misses him too with the holidays and all. Too bad.

  46. DJ says – reply to this


    Re: friend of a friend – Why would John go through the trouble of introducing Katy to his father if he's not really into her? You don't do that if you know a person is not going to be around for awhile. Why would he make an effort to spend time with her family in Santa Barbara these last few days? And, who exactly is this mystery ex? What does she do?

  47. Nope says – reply to this


    Re: Just Saying – In my mind 'RE the one who is cunning and fake. YOU and a few others are mental and are trying to control the situation. This is sicko stuff.

  48. Nope says – reply to this


    I meant YOU'RE not 'RE, but you get my point. Cut the crap.