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Mila Kunis Is SLURRED At By Ukrainian Politician; Drama Ensues!

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mila kunis angry gif

Mila Kunis has been TARGETED by a Ukrainian politician. And it is not being smiled upon in the Jewish community.

Igor Miroshnichenko wrote a letter slurring at Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend, calling the Ukrainian born-Jew a "zhydovka."

Now, if you don't know what it means… all you need to know is this — it's been used as a slur against Jews since the Holocaust.

Yeah… tacky.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian government says it's OK since their dictionary defines the term without slur intentions. But El Lay's famous Simon Wiesenthal Center didn't like that, so they protested in a letter to the Ukraine Prime Minister, asking for condemnation of the remarks.

They insist the term is an:

"insidious slur invoked by the Nazis and their collaborators as they rounded up the Jews to murder them at Babi Yar and in the death camps."


Yeah… that is NOT cool. We don't care what the dictionary says! We all know CONNOTATIONS can take on a different meaning… and clearly that's what protestors feel with this one. C'mon now…

No word from Mila yet. Surely she's just trying to rise above it all, though.

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25 comments to “Mila Kunis Is SLURRED At By Ukrainian Politician; Drama Ensues!”

  1. 1


    židovka (n.)

    Hebrew, Israelite, Jew, Jewess

    What's wrong with that word ?

    And how can you say "We don't care what the dictionary says!"????

  2. Ya Fool says – reply to this


    She is Jewish isn't she? Everyone calls Jews or Jewesses in my country zyd or zydowka!
    Duhh get your facts straight PEREZ!!!

  3. moscom says – reply to this


    clearly none of you are jewish or speak russian/ukranian…the term zhydovka is extremely derogatory. Its the same as if you called someone a kike…so maybe YOU should get your facts straight! Also, if you call anyone zyd or zydowka or zhydovka…you are perpetuation anti-semitism..so do some research!

  4. 4

    I promise you it just means a female Jew and there is nothing offensive about it nor does it have anything to do with the Holocaust. Maybe we need to know what context it was said in?

  5. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Demi Whore put him up to it …….

  6. moscom says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch

    It is HORRIBLY offensive…I'm from Russia, trust me I know this!! Its not the same as calling someone Jew..in Russian or Ukranian female Jew is yevreyka…not zhydovka(which is a very bad thing to say!!)

  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    And that is WHY I am saying Demi Whoe put him up to it !

  8. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Can't we all just get along, and have some perogies and kubasa (sic) … ?

  9. 9

    It is extremely offensive. I speak Russian as well, "zhydovka" is the female form of zhyd, which is a very big insult to a Jewish person. I'm not surprised that people who come from the Ukraine don't think it's an insult, since the Ukraine is a very anti-Semitic place and people use it at will there. I can definitely see why Mila and her family left the Ukraine, if this kind of thing is being said even by politicians. Good for them!

  10. 10

    Why is it every time you turn around, the jews are whining about something?

  11. 11

    Re: Ya Fool – it's a horrible word!is a degrading word!if a white guy says black man "ni####er" Ukraine is anti-Semitits country

  12. leann says – reply to this


    give that mutha f*cker a good beatdown..how dare he?

  13. 13

    I've never heard of the word to be honest. But to everyone stating it's original meaning and that it's not derogatory, just remember so many of our offensive slurs are general words that have been used out of context for so long and taken on new meanings. Hey look at 'bitch' means female dog, can't remember the last time I used or heard it for that meaning though. If it offends people, then its offensive.

  14. 14

    This NOBODY has never gotten so much attention! I'll forget his name in 5 minutes, Igor….

  15. 15

    just as Adam answered I am blown away that a stay at home mom able to earn $9375 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this site

  16. 16

    Re: Be-Atch – #7 That's funny!

  17. oag-ua says – reply to this


    just put the word "Jew" in any dictionary of Polish, Ukrainian, Czech or Slovak language. In Slavic languages.
    Where did you get "dirty"?)) I am sorry that you are doing the "news" out of his ignorance.

  18. 18

    shes likely too pregnant with demi and ashtons surrogate to care

  19. rockpunk says – reply to this


    What a horrible piece of shit execuse for a human. That translates to the k word- HUGELY offensive. I speak Russian and there's another word for Jew. And she did nothing to that man. FUck that backwards country.

  20. Tellthetruth says – reply to this


    How can that be an insult? People who call themselves "Jewish" are not Jews. To be a Jew, you have to be descended from the tribe of Judah. In other words it has to be in your blood line, (like the hebrews who were sent to the Americas in the slave trade, and their descendants). Mila, and people like her are actually converts, (Ashkenazi). They are not Shemetic.

  21. James Kennedy says – reply to this


    My colleagues at TheKoalition.com made a tribute song for Mila Kunis titled "Love Mila". It is a new take on Chief Keef's popular song called "Love Sosa".

    We even made a video for it too:

    Help spread the word of our Mila Kunis tribute song.

  22. Sue says – reply to this


    Who gives a shit! Tell that bitch to get over herself.

  23. Joyce says – reply to this


    Are these people nuts?! He goes on to say she's not a real Ukrainian! It's pretty clear what he meant, can't believe anyone would defend that.

  24. Joan says – reply to this


    Re: Sue – She hasn't even put out a statement?! Why does she need to get over herself. You're a real sweetheart.

  25. 25

    Who gives a rat's ass? Let's focus on more important issues,like the Ct. families who are deeply grieving.We all need to try and find a way for no more violence.Not just physical, verbal can be just as damaging……Be Atch!!!!!! We all spew some awful things about these celebs.But it's all in fun I would hope….Be Atch!!!!! RIGHT!!! Please on
    this Xmas eve, lets just pray for peace,health & love.Be-Atch,even Demi ok? I just lost a brother to cancer last week.Altho am very sad, I so thankful for my family and their unconditional love.