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One Direction Wants You To Star In Their 3D Movie!

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Directioners, listen up!

We already know that on August 30th, 2013, the boys of One Direction will be gracing us with their very own 3D movie!

As if that wasn't enough to stay Up All Night about, they now want YOU to be featured in the film!!!

Check out the video from the boys (above) to hear the rundown!

How exciting! Talk about some international exposure, ha!!

Interested in some screen time??? Take a look at the official contest instructions… AFTER THE JUMP!!!

How to submit your video:

LOG IN to your YouTube Account
RECORD a :60 video telling us your "Unique 1D Story," and upload it to your account
CHANGE your privacy settings from "public" to "unlisted" on the video
TITLE your video "1D3D Movie - (city of the concert you're attending)" - For example: 1D3D Movie — London (If you are seeing the band in more than one venue or country, please them in the video description)
WRITE your first name and your personal Twitter handle in the video description
E-MAIL the YouTube link to:1D3Dfans@gmail.com

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46 comments to “One Direction Wants You To Star In Their 3D Movie!”

  1. You Suck says – reply to this


    Perez……I am from Amsterdam. You are a Flikker.
    Who are these people? We like Adam Curry.

  2. Quincy Evans says – reply to this


    At first i thought one direction would be another justin bieber, you know girls screaming saying im a beliber. but i fell in love with the first one direction songs i heard, one thing, what makes you beautiful. i then started watching thier video diaries on youtube then some one direction funny moments, im now extremly obsessed with them and watch youtube videos of them all the time, my sister ariana loves them too but im a little more obsessed. i have three posters, two newspaper pictures, and on small poster from a magazine of louis hanging on the celing over my head on the top bunk of my bunk bed. my favorite in the band is louis because i think hes realy cute and halarious. I realy want to go to a concert but neither me or my parents have enough money (were quite poor, but not like on the street poor). i think its wied that i giggle uncontrolibly when i look at my posters.

  3. ashley says – reply to this


    whats this video called?

  4. 4

    Re: Quincy Evans – get a job

    so they cant enter unless they attend a concert or several ahhhhhhh genius simon

  5. Elyn Kramer says – reply to this


    when i first heard of one direction i was insanely in love with Harry styles! i first heard about them from my friend Kristin who is crazy about the boys. She played me every song they had and i started to like Zayn Malik the best (still do <3) and i bought all their songs and just kept thinking that they were going to be just another famous boy band! but then i started to get depression from my parents splittin and after a year and a half i moved in to my dads house… just recently actually and its been hard… girls and boys at my school make fun of me and i started to cut. i told my best friend in the world and she showed my one directions song Little Things, that song helped me to stop and i do not do it anymore! i just wanted to say thank you so much to one direction!!

  6. Anna Jones says – reply to this


    I would love the chance to meet one direction, but the truth is (which i won't hide) is that i couldn't afford a ticket….. I think lots of fans have this difficulty but yeahh if one direction see this then I just want to say that I love you the same amount and wish you well! Have a lovely christmas and new year! Love to you all xx Anna x

  7. 1Dloverrrrr says – reply to this


    i am soooo entering this!! i have tickets to their concert in australia!! yeeahhhhh buddy!

  8. amber reis says – reply to this


    well one day i was on my phone (i phone 5)hearing the raido (fun107) and comes on a one direction song (what makes you beautiful)and then i went on youtube and then i herd all ok their songs and then i got in love with their songs and i ask my mom and dad if they can get me tickets for my birthday then i was opening my presents and then their was one left it was a card and i see it was from my brothers and my mom and dad and then i opened it their it was two tickets to go see one direction i was so shocked that i got that i never thought i was going to get that i guess i did get it and then i went to their concert it was awsome and then i all ways loved then sence so yeah BTW my favorite are (naill so so cute) (louis really funny LOL(harry cute)

  9. Emily Timmins says – reply to this


    Well I am so in love with Zayn (One Direction to) It all started when I was in my friends house with my mum and her mum. I typed in One Direction on the internet and began to say Zayn was my favourite. Then I began to listen to there songs and videos, I wanted tickets for Christmas but was told there was no way. I asked for basiclly everything of 1D for Xmas. So when I woke up after opening all my presents I had many One Direction stuff on top of all the other stuff, all together I have: 3 posters of Zayn, the 2 anuals, 2 cups, the calender, big massive picture, braclets, bed set, special pillow, 2 sets of pyjamas and 3 hoodies, I have lot of pictures and I have sent 2 fan mail letter, I also think I have other stuff off them but can't think. So then after opening all my great presents I thought there was no chance but after about 3mins my mum goes 'You left something' And I pick up an envelope and inside is 2 One Direction tickets! I am getting to go March the 17th 2013 and I am so excited. I hope your family get some more money and you get to go to, good luck and Happy New Year!!

  10. Livvi says – reply to this


    When does the competition end???

  11. preez posse number 777 says – reply to this


    5when i first heard of one direction i was insanely in love with Harry styles! i first heard about them from my friend Kristin who is crazy about the boys. She played me every song they had and i started to like Zayn Malik the best (still do <3) and i bought all their songs and just kept thinking that they were going to be just another famous boy band! but then i started to get depression from my parents splittin and after a year and a half i moved in to my dads house… just recently actually and its been hard… girls and boys at my school make fun of me and i started to cut. i told my best friend in the world and she showed my one directions song Little Things, that song helped me to stop and i do not do it anymore! i just wanted to say thank you so much to one direction!!

  12. 12

    OMG this is so cool i would love to be in this move so i could tell all my friends I TOLD YOU SO!!!! they didnt belive i could ever get in this movie

  13. chloe richardson says – reply to this


    last year my uncle managed to get both me and my cousin one direction tickets for Christmas but was kept as a supprise until the day… I got in from school and drove straight to Bristol to meet my uncle (3 hour drive) as soon as we arrived there I was told we was driving to wales to see one direction I have never been so happy, the whole way to wales me and my cousin were screaming and dancing to one direction in the car! Both me and her are majorly obsessed with one d so much that there is no wall showing in either of our bedrooms as they are covered in one direction. Posters! I have experienced a lot in my life that a lot of people my age would dream about doing, swam with dolphins,sharks, sting rays, Disney world America twice and Disney land Paris plus more but none of that gives me the excitement as much as meeting my favorite boy band.

  14. 14


  15. Veronica Brown says – reply to this


    That is so cool!! I have not been on a 3D movie before it will be my first time and I am from Guildford Surrey, England and I am also English because I was born in England!!!!!!

  16. Nevaya Warfel says – reply to this



  17. Nevaya Warfel says – reply to this


    Hi my name is Nevaya and I live in Lancaster PA and at first when I heard of one direction I thought it was just a band but when listened to there music I could not breath. I was in love soon as I calmed down I bought posters of them and CDs and lots of other stuff.My favorite is Louis Tomlinson when I laid eyes on him I was instantly in love.One direction is my life and i would be so so so so 100X more so's happy to win but any person is good to win because one direction is amazing.Tx

  18. Kaylan Walker says – reply to this


    I really wish that 1D would come to idaho no body good comes to Idaho the could preform in the arena in Boise my family cant afford to go some where else for there concerts.

  19. Amelia says – reply to this


    I am the biggest fan of one direction. a wall in my room is FULL of 1D posters and i have made a promise to not hang out with people being disrespectful of one direction!

  20. Juana says – reply to this


    Perez do you know when the video contest is over?!

  21. simone says – reply to this


    hi i am from edmonton alberta and i live on the east side near st.bernadette school i am 16 and truly your biggest fan i know everything about you off by heart and i have life size cut outs of you guys in my room. creepy or not i love you guys

  22. Millie says – reply to this


    When I first found out about one direction I fell in love with the songs looks and personalitys they are really funny in my primary school I didn't find anyone who liked one direction but when I moved up to high school I met a girl called Courtney gallin and we talked and we really didn't find much in common but whereas we both were really big fans of one direction everyday we go to school we talk about their songs and concerts I have 9 posters 19 newspaper clippings 2 calendars books pen and pencils bracletts clothes bed cover headphone and much more xxxxxxx

  23. Seren says – reply to this


    I'm entering for my best friend, Jazmine. She honestly is the biggest 1D fan I've seen in my life.

  24. onedirectionlover says – reply to this


    One Direction is the best band in the whole wide world!! My name is One Direction lover and my fav. member of 1D is…how can you decide they are so freakin' hot and I as a directioner(not to brag or anything) I have the Dare to Dream book the movie Up all Night, also Ihave original copy of the albums Up all Night and Take me Home I also have a Harry Styles doll and my room is covered in One Direction posters I have a What Makes You Beautiful which is 100% unofficial but which is quite delightful to read.Also i have a One Direction blanket which is very tosty also I have 2 pairs of 1D pajamas and thanks for reading my comment guys I love you guys DIRECTIONER FOR LIFE!!

  25. Karina says – reply to this


    My one direction story is when my friends told me that there was a new boy band called one direction I went to my house after school and look it up in youtube and the moment Liam started to sing your insecure I fell in love with one direction . Then when my friends say go this direction I start telling them facts about one direction . In lunch I tell them also they tell me stop we want to talk about boys I'm like we are it's just about one direction. I really hope I be in one direction movie in dallas

  26. Dawn says – reply to this


    I LOVE 1D THEY ARE AMAZAYNING. I have posters, magasizes, books, a calender, a cup, shirts, fake nails I'M THE ONLY ONE IN MY CLASS THAT LIKES WAIT LOVES 1D. I love One Direction more than any buddy else

  27. Claudia says – reply to this


    When is the closing date to apply ?

  28. onedirectionlover says – reply to this


    Hey guys its OnedirectionLover again and right now im going to tell you more about
    my One Direction stuff(again dont mean to brag)im gonna start with my one direction purse i got it for Christmas then i have a one direction cup and an i<3 1D jersey and some one direction booty shorts and they are very pretty and also i have a 100%unofficial i <3 one direction book.Also i have a one direction pack of tattoos and stickers i got my stickers at claires and also my one direction my book at claires and folders of one direction that i got at Walgreens which were very pretty and i use one to school by the way, i wanted to ask you guys are you true directioners? If you are you would cry if you hear a one direction song, right? i know i do i am a true directioner im gonna go see the 1D 3D movie i already have tickets and me and my bff ane gonna make a banner so we could take it to the movies with us so please thats all for today comment rate subscribe and bye guys DIRECTIONER FOR LIFE!!

  29. India Rose Brown says – reply to this


    Hi Harry, Louis, Niall, Zane and Liam
    I'm India but most people call me Indie i LOVE you guys
    i am 11 years old i live at 13 AZALEA st Redland Bay QLD Australia
    I have loved you guys since you first came out
    I am going to your concert in Brisbane Australia 2013 on Saturday the 19th i would love to meet you and get some autographs from you for my friends and MYSELF!!!
    I have bought tickets to the showplus experience
    My older sister Lauren is taking me shes 22 and she is absolutely in love with you
    Especially Zane but soz shes married just a couple of months late!!!
    I love going in the front of the camera so do my bestie's Kathleen, Courtney and Sarah
    I REALLY hope i can see you guys have a good one!!!
    YOU GUYS ARE AMAZZZZZZZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEE YA SOON xoxo :] :] :] :] :]
    PS: you guys are the sweetest and most polite peeps i have ever met

  30. Kara says – reply to this


    It's for 60 seconds right? ( sorry had to ask) And is it still going on?

  31. Melissa says – reply to this


    Ugh, I wish they would give the directioners like me that can't afford tickets a chance.

  32. britney styles says – reply to this


    is it worldwilde ? am from malta

  33. Stephanie Rybczynski says – reply to this


    One direction are my idol there my little things there my bet friends that I've never met I would love to see them in real life it's like a dream just being there fans I see them all the time in my room on my walls I love them and would love to see them Ingres crossed

  34. One direction says – reply to this


    I hope you all do well in this competition and we have seen some good ones so make sure to make your video unbelievable. Hope to see you in our movie. Love from Niall, Zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam. XOXO

  35. 35

    I REALLY want to star in there movie! I mean really bad!

  36. Ana says – reply to this


    I really love and I mean love one direction but I can't star on there movie because I don't have a YouTube account and a titter one i wish I did not need these things but I'm the bigest one direction fan my room like everything of one direction there is not even a inch of space that is not one direction we'll of corse me but I try to add a one direction look

  37. elisha says – reply to this


    one direction are the most popular band in the world probably . Right about when i heard of one direction i started to like Niall and harry and Lewis sorry zayn and Liam it is just my feelings .If i was on your show it would make my days happier . I also saw you at the light structure in south Kirby.And by the way happy got lapped danced by some randam girl on his 19th birthday

  38. elisha says – reply to this


    i love 1D you are just mu fave band in the world just please i would love to be on you 3d show case

  39. Rhianna Graves says – reply to this


    hi i am rhianna , i loved one direction as a group and individuals from xfactor i was with u all the way i have watched everyvideo diary over and over again. and know of by heart who has the phone and where in each find the phone. me and my friend argue over who the biggest 1d fan she apparently won. ( but i still love u all more i have abitu 60 odd posters of u and most pics on my ipod are of u xx i have all ur songs and i am coming to see u on the 13 april every where i go i point out 1d look a liked to ahahah xx i would luv to meet u guys

  40. Elisha thompson says – reply to this


    I love all of one direction you are my faverate band in the world i go to Northfield primary school and it is amazing i have been there for 3 years so far i am leaving in year 6 i am a year 4 now though. I am doing a gig called Northfield's got talent and i am in it how amazing is that it is just like Britain,s got talent . I am doing a Chinese dance ooh happy days with my class and i am doing a dance to thrift shop.To end this i would like to say i watched your clips about donating money to Africa and i think you are right most people should stop and think about the people in Africa a bit more and donate just 5 pounds just that much would make a big difference and i got a certificate for writing a fabulous piece of persuasive writing on red nose day to persuade people to donate just 5 or 10 pounds a year or so the Africans can get the education they need at this time

  41. Elisha thompson says – reply to this


    thank you for lisaning to me

  42. nialls wife says – reply to this


    one direction is my life my favorite is niall he is so adorable and irish just like me im in love with all of them and nevr will stop being in love with them and niall may not know it but were married

  43. Emilija says – reply to this


    My friend she said 'oh i love one direction so much ' and i didnt know who they were cs i dont watch the xfactor , so she told me who they were and i just seriously fell in love with them , so we bought 3 tickets for my mom , her and me , and we went to see them a few days ago and i love them even more now and they took over my life now . i love them all and simply can't choose whose my favourite !

  44. ivette says – reply to this


    I LOVE one direction i want to be in this movie

  45. laurtynjlgklllll says – reply to this


    i love you

  46. Cassie says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa – i know right? i just want to get to enter a 1D contest without having to be at a concert -.-