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Four Dead, Three Wounded After Pennsylvania Shooting!

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pennsylvania shooting


The NRA just held a press conference in an attempt to push the darkness away from guns themselves, but another gunman has claimed lives with the weapon just one week after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The incident occurred in Frankstown Township, Pennsylvania Friday morning with one gunman killing three people before fleeing the scene.

The unnamed suspect then found himself in a police shoot-out and, after shooting at state troopers, fell to his own death at the bullet of a cop's gun.

Those killed by the gunman include two men and one woman, though names have yet to be released. Three cops were also injured in the shoot-out, but fortunately they're expected to fully recover.

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We need action. And we need it now. Whether it be in the form of gun control or better care of the mental well-beings of those in need, we need to do SOMETHING to prevent this madness from running even more rampant than it already is.

[Image via AP Images.]

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23 comments to “Four Dead, Three Wounded After Pennsylvania Shooting!”

  1. J says – reply to this


    I live right by altoona and things have been nuts today. So many schools were on lockdown from this incident. There were also many threats against various schools in the area as well leading to activities and school itself being canceled. Things are just wacky.

  2. Devi says – reply to this


    Inspire your readers in the US to sign this petition: It just freaks everyone out to read about these things without having some way that they can channel their energy to create good/change.

  3. Fergie_beat_Marios_Ass says – reply to this


    There are roughly 50 murders a day in the U.S. Funny Mario and the media only mention this one because they can scream about guns.

  4. suzy says – reply to this


    Gun control won't help because the people who follow the law aren't typically the ones who will go around shooting innocent people. More mental help needs to be available, though predicting who will be violent is also a challenge.

  5. laz says – reply to this


    Stop reporting these crimes!

  6. jack says – reply to this


    how about american parents stop being so shitty?! blaming guns is like blaming candy for your kid being fat…

  7. jw says – reply to this


    If you are really worried about gun please start covering the multitudes of people who die in Chicago everyday. Chicago's gun control is exceedingly tight, and yet these shootings are done with illegally obtained weapons by gang members. no amount of gun control legislation will stop this. But the media refuses to admit this and continues to sensationalize events for their own purposes

  8. 8

    Something fishy is going on here… -.-

  9. 9

    Re: laz – Yes, because ignoring them has done SO MUCH.

  10. 10

    I think on Nightline last night they said Philadelphia had 3,000?? shootings in a year. Now, make guns illegal in Philadelphia! Make them illegal. Lawabiding citizens will turn in their guns. And so will criminals …. lol. So who will be left with guns in Phila?? Cops and ………… criminals.

  11. 11

    This is rediculous. you can't tie every shooting, that happens from now on, to the newtown shooting. like jw said, why are you not reporting aon the numerous shooting in chicago and all around the country. you can't only report the news that backs up your beliefs!

  12. 12

    GET used to living like this if u want all ur guns …

  13. bitchsquad says – reply to this


    okay so, cars kill almost as many people a year as guns do. we see cars everyday, people are okay with people driving cars even if they suck at it. but ya know no one every went after the dealerships or makers of the vehicles involved in the accidents that kill people, or after the accidents that involve drunk drivers, they just go after the person driving. so why on EARTH would people who sell guns and have associations for guns be to blame for ANY OF THIS. the NRA is on your side people… don't take guns away from people who legally get them, because either way the people who ILLEGALLY GET THEM will still always get them. use your brains folks.

  14. RightWoman says – reply to this


    50 people die in car accidents every day in america - should we ban cars too? over 900 people died in traffic related accidents in Illinois this year - and our governer just passed a law that will give 25K illegals the right to get a drivers license b/c that will make our roads safer! the US is going to KAKA b.c people aren't accountable for their own actions.

  15. 15

    fuck you PERVez, how bout you control a gun by shoving it up your ass, pulling the trigger immediately after would be good for mankind.

  16. 16

    When I read this shit it makes me even more proud to not be from America. When the constitution was signed the strongest gun whas what? A musket?? Lol and now you think you need high power assault weapons? We watch the same movies and tv shows. We play the same video games. We have the same issues with mental health, yet where I live, our murder rate this year is like 30 people, all tied to organized crime. I guess Americans don't mind having their innocent people shot up for no reason. How sad.

  17. duh says – reply to this


    [people kill people not guns. when was the last time you saw gun walk up to a person and kill them? next they'll say that we as people are weapons and cant do anything or go anywhere!

  18. caravaggio_revolution! says – reply to this


    HOW CONVENIENT… that this shooting happens before Obama was going to launch his supposed removal of all weapons in the United States? You know it's funny how they go after conservatives, republicans, NRA, etc,.. as the scapegoat works perfectly. TOO perfectly. The reason Americans bear arms goes back to 1775, when King George tried to take Americans right to bear arms and defend themselves, in an attempt to take over the Colonies and the United States. It happening again, and the European Royals are behind all of it, which includes Obama. The banks in the United States (New York) are all owned and controlled privately by European Banking Families and Royal houses of Europe, with the exception of Citibank owned by the Rockefeller family. Destroying our currency through derivatives trading going back to the late 1990s which still continues to this day, and then endless money printing destined to kill off the dollar and remove our wealth and savings. You people are FOOLS if you think there is a way out of $1.5 quadrillion in derivatives debt. Readying my AR-15's for the revolution in this country. The British are coming (monetarily)… and no one is paying attention.

  19. caravaggio_revolution! says – reply to this


    Re: jw – Chicago is completely covered up by Obama Administration Exit Champion, Rahm Emanuel. After exiting Obama's admin, like more than half of the other appointees in the first term, Rahm Emanuel is the Chicago Mayor of High Crime cover ups and denials about not just the economy, but the death toll in gun violence amongst gangs. Any black crime it seems all of a sudden is OFF LIMITS to the wholly and privately owned media, because a sort-of-black-man is the President. Fucking laughable. What is Obama going to tell America as we print more money and things get worse? He certainly doesn't have the balls or the guts to BYPASS his masters and tell the TRUTH to America and the Western world about a phony debt that cannot be paid back. Obama is maybe the biggest tool America has seen only to be outdone by Bush 43. BUY GUNS NOW.

  20. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Wow, this is a really sad story, condolences to the victims and their friends and family, and prayers for the wounded.
    That being said, I am not giving up my Browning 9mm, I live alone, as a solo female in a working class town, and even though I pay extra to live in a security building, a few people have gotten in from time to time. All I can advise is, if you have a gun for protection, shoot to kill, otherwise you will get sued six ways from Sunday.

  21. Voivode says – reply to this


    I would say the fundamental difference between a car and a gun is that when people die in car crashes, they are accidents. When someone picks up a gun and shoots down 26 children that is not an accident. Cars are also fundamental to the functioning of everyday life. Guns are not. My opinion.

  22. katie says – reply to this


    if only the crazies or criminals get guns, what happens to us? WE have the right to bear arms in this country…period!
    The moment we lose that right, we lose ourselves. get off your soapbox Perez, and get real!

  23. Tony says – reply to this


    How about we talk about the nearly 20,000 lives that are lost in car accidents at the hands of drunk drivers each year! That's not as exciting or politically charged to talk about. The media chooses very carefully what message it would like to drive home. Guns are an easy "target". I beleive that loop holes in the system should be closed, but going after law abiding gun owning citizens is absurd!