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LeAnn Rimes Open Up On Hubby Eddie Cibrian; Listen To The Song About The Affair HERE!

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She's got a lot of X Factor drama right now…

But she's also got a new single!

Borrowed tells the tale of LeAnn Rimes' heart throughout the affair with Eddie Cibrian. Now married to the man, she and Eddie slept with each other behind the back of his then-wife — Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville.

Singing "I hold on even though I know it's wrong, cause I don't wanna give you back, you're the best I ever had, but you're borrowed," LeAnn opens a side of herself that she struggled with for A WHILE!

In fact, she even says she was terrified of releasing it because:

"I carried that song and that title around with me for about eight months. I was afraid to write it because I knew I had to be incredibly personal. When I did, it was through a lot of tears. I actually was scared to put him in the song, because it does talk about how we both hurt each other. There was a moment where we did have some hurt between the two of us that we had to accept and get over and move forward."

Well… there wasn't just hurt between you two! LOL!

PRESS PLAY to watch an emotional LeAnn perform the song for a fresh audience above! It's really somethin' else!

And as much as we can't stand cheating, it is what it is.

Sometimes it even leads to the greater good. For example, let's just say (hypothetically) that a certain A-LIST actor and a certain A-LIST actress WERE IN FACT fooling around before he separated from a certain rom-com QUEEN. Without that kind of catalyst to break up, she may have never wound up with a certain intellectual writer/actor — a man who's clearly perfect for her!

Look. We're NOT saying it's right or condoning it by any means. People can definitely RESPECT the other person and WAIT to explore new territory AFTER breaking up first. BUT… what can any of us do about the past other than learn from it and hope like hell it turns into a better outcome for everyone!

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155 comments to “LeAnn Rimes Open Up On Hubby Eddie Cibrian; Listen To The Song About The Affair HERE!”

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  1. leigh says – reply to this


    What a whore.

  2. kay says – reply to this


    Beyond tasteless, your embarrassed by the situation yet, your glorifying the affair as though you're proud to be a home wrecker,..nice!

  3. Cannon says – reply to this


    Homewrecking tramp. Eddie needs to just cheat on her already so that this whole thing can be over with.

  4. jonno says – reply to this


    Not only does she get to keep another woman's husband, but she gets to make $$$ while annoying the hell out of his ex wife and brag about it on the radio. Cash In!!!

  5. 5

    She's a mess. And won't stop capitalizing on the thing she's most ashamed of! She has no feelings of shame or guilt, because if she had, she'd lay off Brandi and Brandi's children. LeAnn is your typical child star, she does what makes HER feel good at the moment.

  6. Lisa says – reply to this


    She is a hot mess. That performance on the X Factor was a disgrace. She seriously needs to sit down and shut up.

  7. 7

    I am always amazed at the level of hatred towards her. Well, she is in good company - Ingrid Bergman, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, Tori Spelling, Natalie Portman, Ginnifer Godwin, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Alicia Keys, etc. etc. Nice song. She has an amazing voice. And no, I don't condone adultery, but it happens - a lot - get over it already.

  8. Juancito88 says – reply to this


    Smh people hate her because she took that other women husband but I don't see anything on ya hate Angelina Jolie she did the same thing to Jennifer. This site loves Angelina but any other women who cheats they tear them a new asshole like k-Stewart

  9. Brandym76 says – reply to this


    terrible person, and terrible role model for her step children

  10. 10

    Nobody cares what you think, homo. You're so ugly and so stupid that nobody wants to be around you, let alone marry you. There's a reason you have to hang around with your mommy. So what you do or don't condone is something of zero interest.
    Re: rosebud99 – For once I agree with you. Why does everyone overlook the fact that at least 50% of the "blame" lies with the MAN? Why does one get a free pass if one has a cock? No … you people blaming her are fucked up losers. It takes two to wreck a marriage; when one or the other strays, the marriage has been all but over anyhow. And I'm sure all of you assholes calling Rimes names are absolutely perfect people. Not.

  11. conurezrule says – reply to this


    Re: Brandym76 – Eddie was cheating on his wife before Leeann….he gets equal share of douche award

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    She needs to just STFU about it. She continues to resurrect it all after everyone had moved on from it. What is up with that? She and her P.R. team need to have a chat.

  13. sven erlandson says – reply to this


    Women are cheating all over the place, nowadays!! (Leann Rimes, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Kristen Stewart, Petraeus scandal women, Rita Ora/Kardashian, Coco/IceT, etc). AND, research indicates that female infidelity now rivals, or EXCEEDS, that of men!!

    My latest book, "I Steal Wives: A serial adulterer reveals the REAL reasons more and more 'happily married' women are cheating," is a salacious, self-deprecating, at times funny, yet penetratingly insightful look at this EXPLOSIVE topic, which shatters the previous "Men are cheating pigs and women are innocent" Myth! And the REAL reasons aren't the typical blather you hear on talk-TV or read in the 'second hand' accounts in some psychologist's self-help book. The raw insights of this book will startle women and shock men!

    This book is the FIRST BOOK EVER WRITTEN on female infidelity from the FIRST-HAND, insider experience of a serial adulterer, who had affairs with the wives of 25+ men (and a few women) and who has a sharp eye for patterns (of behavior); most importantly the core beliefs that drive behavior. Thus, it is the relationship version of "How to Secure Your House, as Told by a Professional Burglar!" It will forever change how you do relationships and understand women!

    Check it out now at Amazon! It's selling FAST, now trending in the top 1% of books at Amazon!

  14. tanjan says – reply to this


    Your 15 minutes of poor me is up. No one cares to hear you sing or whine about this relationship. On Team Brandi all the way. This is what KARMA feels like.

  15. 15

    LeAnn "So what if I'm a Home-Wrecking Adulterous Tramp & Whore, I like spreading my leg and letting married men with kids PUMP SPERM in my twat".

  16. 16

    LeAnn "I'm gonna buy a one-way ticket on a west bound train
    Gonna have my breakfast with some pink champagne
    I'm gonna sail the ocean, I'm gonna spread my wings
    I'm gonna climb that mountain, gonna do everything. "

    She didn't mention anywhere in that song about stealing a married father once she gets to the west coast…

  17. 17

    OMG! What's wrong with her face?

  18. excuses says – reply to this


    This isn't NEW news. Last week didn't this site write 3 articles about how she had released this single? So why are certain media outlets acting like this is new news? So Leann thinks she can drown out the backlash from what she did to Carly by rehashing the song about her affair with Eddie, which isn't doing well on the charts because of her bad behavior? Eddie doesn't love Leann. Didn't you post about how Leann is morphing into Brandi? You do know that Leann is only rehashing this because Eddie's ex-mistress is going to be on the RHOBH on Monday? Why is the media always protecting Leann when it's obvious she is so wrong? She wants people to stop calling her a cheater and forget about her affair, and then she does this?

  19. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – I didn't make comment number 18. It's AMEJEAN who hijacks people's names and mimics their writing style, just trying to muddy the waters.
    Hi AMEJEAN, we all know it's you, AMEJEAN!

  20. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – @19(aka PEREZ HATER/AMEJEAN) So you are back to making comments in my name again! It's funny how the comments in my name stopped after Leann was getting slammed for what she did to Carly! But then again you were too busy writing posts hating on Carly, so I can see why you had to take a break from stealing names. If you don't like being called out for using other people's names, then stop doing it. Thanks again for proving my point!

  21. excuses says – reply to this


    I didn't make post 19. It was made by AMEJEAN/PEREZ HATER, since he is done making the hate posts about Carly, now he can go back to stealing my name to make posts. The media is being scammed by Leann. She hijacked "Borrowed" from Etta Jame's 1980 album, The Seven Year Itch. This site sould really check out that album, on that album is a song called "I Feel Like Breaking Up Someone Else's Home". Leann didn't write "Borrowed", she just renamed it and added in some 3 or 4 new lines!

  22. 22

    Re: rosebud99 – But why is she a target, along with Angelina Jolie? Because they publicly taunt the former wife, and that's what the public is reacting to.

  23. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I haven't seen such a campaign against a celeb since the 'hate on' Tom cruise. It's hard to ascertain 'why' to want to 'destroy' someone as badly as people want to destroy her. It's not like we don't all know somebody who hasn't done it (cheat) and probably a good percentage of the condemning her. The old Shakespearean, 'methinks thou doth protest too much.

    I think an extenuating circumstance is she and Eddie fell in love.

    I never paid attention to her until she started getting attacked so much. She's a very good singer, talented.

  24. Jane says – reply to this


    Re: Snow Glow – exactly!

  25. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Pray the Gay Away…
    Re: Pray the Gay Away…

    Ah, after all these years now I know 'who' has been writing on the bathroom walls.

  26. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Leann and Eddie didn't fall in love, it's why Eddie called Leann a speedbump and Leann had to expose the affair by contacting a certain media outlet. People are not attacking or picking on Leann. She says she is offended because people call her a homewrecker and then she sings a song about sleeping with a married man. She says she wants people to move and stop talking about her affair and then she releases yet another interview about her affair. She says that it's Brandi who can't keep quiet, and yet we have yet another interview which was done just this week. Leann gets slammed because her behavior is bad. If her husband loved her like she and her fans wanted everyone to believe, then she wouldn't be stalking and harassing Brandi and she wouldn't send her friend AMEJEAN to these sites to make hates posts about Brandi using other people's names.

  27. 27

    Re: Snow Glow – I agree. Some of these women ASK for the negative attention by continuing to keep the topic alive.

  28. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Snow Glow – I'd say tit for tat. She called her steps sons and husband, 'her boys.'. I am divorced. I have told my children I will not be upset to be bonded to their step mother. I am 'glad' to have my children loved and accepted. Frankly if I had been advising leeanne I'd of said 'speak up' sooner. Just because one of us makes a mistake is no reason to not to move forward from it. There is more than one side to every story.

  29. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – Are you good friends with all those involved?

  30. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – No. You are defending Leann and her bad actions, so then by your logic does that mean you are a personal friends of Leann's? How is Leann loving and accepting the kids when she encourages her fans and friends to attack the children's mother? If Leann doesn't like the fact that people are commenting on her personal life then she needs to shut up. Why would she give yet another interview after she whined and whined about how people are juding her?

  31. vavavoom says – reply to this


    i guess this whole scandal brought her "career" back

    take a look at my site :)

  32. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – I have no horse in this race. I do not know if brandi is a wronged women or a manipulative monster. I refrain from judging her or leeanne. I am not psychic and I do know some people truly deserve to be cheated on, just as some murders are justifiable homicide. I do however think that leeanne is allowed to go on 'living' and writing songs about it or whatever else she does and that she (in my opinion) has a nice voice. Who voted you the person in charges of their relationship and leeanne's right to speak? I am indeed curious. You read 'whine' and I read 'explained.'. The cracks about laxatives and accusations from Brandi 'are certainly more volatile than responding, 'I messed up, but I fell in love. ' Are you a supercharged Brandi fan or something?

  33. jesse says – reply to this


    i'm done with women with no class - if your a cheater you always will be - enough

  34. 34

    Re: Rose – Regarding item #32. You make a lot of sense. What we see in the media is so skewed. It is certainly not enough information to judge her - or as some people here do - condemn her for life! I don't know any of the people involved, but I like LeAnn's voice - I always have. I have made mistakes in my life, so I won't judge her.

  35. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Hi AMEJEAN! I can tell by your writing style that you are really AMEJEAN. Several people told me that you posted the same comments on another website, AMEJEAN!

  36. 36

    Re: rosebud99 – You are agreeing with a poster (rose) who says that "some people truly deserve to be cheated on". Really, get some therapy, if you've been cheated on and think you deserved it!

  37. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99
    Exactly so. I used to beat myself up over past mistakes I have made. But cripes sakes, this is like Hester prynne and the scarlet letter. I may buy some of her music, just because.

  38. 38

    I get it. You hate her. She may be a hot mess and always have to worry about her husband or whatever, but she has the voice of an angel. Listen to "Borrowed", "Nothing Better to Do" or "This Love".
    Judge her as harshly as you want, the heart wants what the heart wants. With all that money, the children will be well taken care of. In the end, that's all that matters.
    BTW. Isn't his ex no talent wife trying to make money on one of those Bravo or TLC shows?

  39. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – Do you think everybody is this amejean? I noticed you accusing other people of being you and amejean, earlier. I am only me, Rose. And anywhere 'else' I may post, I am only I, Rose. Being 'myself' is enough of a job. I don't do aliases OR pen names.

  40. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – @35(aka PEREZ HATER/AMEJEAN) Wow, another post in my name? Who didn't see that one coming? How many does that make now? 20! That's certainly mild compared to all the posts you made in Brandi's name. When all else fails and you still can't come up with anything to defend Leann, just steal other's names! I take it you are still upset because I was right about Leann posting as TAMMY and SHEILA! Poor AMEJEAN, throwing a tantrum because he gets called out for stealing people's names! But then again he gets away with this type of behavior on the site where Leann was posting as Tammy, so can anyone blame him for trying that here and on other sites?

  41. 41

    Also try "I Fall to Pieces"

  42. excuses says – reply to this


    Rose might be "Tammy"/"sheila"(aka Leann). This could also be the reason AMEJEAN made post 19 and 35 in my name!

  43. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: JeffreyR.Peter SnoodleNoodle – There are plenty of women out there that marry for money. Being a wife or a husband doesn't mean you are the good guy. Life isn't that black and white and the hatred dispensed towards leeanne is out of ratio hood of others who have done exactly the same, as has been cited here by others.

  44. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – uh, you are a trifle paranoid.

  45. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: thelmalouise – Heart? No it wasn't the HEART, it was LUST. Eddie LUSTED after Leann's money and Leann, with the way she sends her fans to these sites to stalk and harass Brandi, you have to wonder if Leann is lusting after Brandi.

  46. 46

    Or a pitch perfect rendition of "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"

  47. 47

    I heard her performing this somewhere. it was utterly embarrassing

  48. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – I didn't write the post(post 35) accusing you of AMEJEAN. AMEJEAN did. He likes to steal my name and use it to attack other posters or make hate posts about Brandi because Leann's blog owner friend allows him to do that on his site. The last time AMEJEAN stole my name, it was because I said that Leann was making posts on another site using the name "Tammy". I don't think that you are AMEJEAN, but I do think that your posts sound a lot like Tammy and Sheila!

  49. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Yep. This is the same victim post that you made as Sheila and Tammy!

  50. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: thelmalouise – Oh wow, just listened to I fall to pieces. Quite beautiful. I loved her voice doing this. I suppose I should thank the people hating on her who made me listen.

  51. 51

    Re: thelmalouise – Or the most beautiful version of Amazing Grace I have ever heard - sung a cappella when she was only 14.

  52. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Your buddy(aka AMEJEAN/PEREZ HATER) is making posts in my name and has been doing this for how many months now, so you can't claim that I am the one being paranoid. The posts started back up in my name today, so there is obvious something going on. The last time your buddy started up the posts in my name it was because I said that Leann was on another site posting as Tammy, but before that it was because I said that Leann was posting as Sheila. Funny how when a "rose" shows up, before I could even say Rose=Leann, the posts in my name start back up. So far there are two, but I know that there will be more the more and more you post.

  53. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: thelmalouise – I just listened to it…very pretty, didn't like it as well, as Patsy's but I note she was only 15 when she recorded it.

  54. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – or
    Amazing grace was amazing. What a melodic quality.

  55. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – The people hating on you made you listen to Leann? That's odd because based on where her song is ranked on the charts, it's Leann's bad behavior that is making people NOT listen to her. With AMEJEAN making posts 19 and 35 in my name, it's obvious that something is going on here!

  56. Rose says – reply to this


    HRe: excuses – Lol, I'm a regular Sally field, aren't I?

    I suppose you could be Brandi and I could be Leeann but seriously don't you think that both of them have better things to do then hang out on a Perez Hilton web page?

  57. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – Noooo nobody is hating on me, they are hating on leeanne…o wait a minute you think I am leeanne. I have to type quietly, my boys are sleeping. Marf.

  58. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – That's the same thing you said when you posted as TAMMY too, that Leann couldn't possibly be on these sites posting because she has better things to do. Leann has time to tweet and blog about another woman's kids 24/7, so why wouldn't she be on these sites posting? Leann tweets to a certain blog and minutes after tweeting to her fans those same fans will be on that blog posting in defense of Leann. Leann's friend Darrell Brown has even went after several blog owners, now why would he do that if Leann isn't there posting and reading? Someone even said that while they were on vacation, Leann bragged to them that she posts on a particular site. When the posts start in my name, I know that something is up. When this site posted the article about Sandy it was said that Leann's fan made plans on her fan website to come here to defend Leann.

  59. 59

    Is that booze in her cup?

  60. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – @57(AMEJEAN/PEREZ HATER) Wow, another post in my name! Who didn't see that one coming? So I am right, Rose is LEANN! Look at how poster 57 spells Leann and how Rose spells Leann! Why does Rose and the poster who is making posts in my name spell Leann the very same way! Why does ROSE and the poster who hijacked my name spell Leann, LEEANNE! Strange right?

  61. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – You say that you think leann would happenchance upon then, I would be glad to have taken some time to not have been cruel and name calling to her. I can see where it would beat on a body's nerves to know people are making your life some kind of cannibalistic behavior designed to rend you apart, that any move you make, gets twisted.

    Seriously excuses, how can you be the judge and jury of the inquisition of Leeann rimes? So much that you despise upon her that you'd poison the lake hoping she'll swim in it. Of nothing about this life I know but that I don't know anything 100 percent, because I allow a margin of error. What makes you feel like Nero. Allowing for no margin of error?

  62. Rose says – reply to this


    Seriously, I'm complimented.

  63. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – I didn't make comment 60 about comment 57, which was made by Rose who is Leann. Comment 60 was made by AMEJEAN who has gone berserk stealing my name!

  64. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – And yet Leann didn't have that same compassion for Carly where she blamed the child for her bad performance. Leann is not the victim. She gets criticized because she keeps doing cruel and mean things. Why would she even give another interview about her affair with Eddie when the previous day she slammed Brandi for talking about her? How exactly are people twisting Leann's moves? Stop blaming people because Leann keeps making poor choices. Leann was the judge and jury on Carly Rose, so what is your point? Leann was the judge and jury when she gave this interview on Wednesday, so what is your point? So tell us what made Leann feel like Nero, allowing for no margin of error? I was right, ROSE is SHEILA/TAMMY! It's the same posts, just a different name!

  65. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – Uh, there is no one here but you and I so who do you think you are talking to?

  66. Rose says – reply to this


    Is Katie Holmes here too? I've been wanting to talk to her.

  67. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – So if it's just me and you posting,? I didn't make posts 19, 35, or 63, so if it's you and me posting, then that means that YOU are making the posts in my name. Is that what you are saying? Does Katie Holmes tweet to blog owners and then send her fans to that site to make comments on her behalf? Does Katie Holmes's fans make plans on her website to go to a certain site when that site doesn't post a favorable article about her? Seriously I must be onto something because your BFF made another post in my name! It's the very same thing that happened a week ago with "TAMMY"! The only complicated thing about you is that you can't come up with a better tactic to compensate for your low fanbase! Why do your comments sound like the same ones that "TAMMY" made?

  68. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Rose is Tammy/Sheila!

  69. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – Why is it you make no sense at all? I am only I. And I can't say it hasn't been amusing because it has. You've got me. I'm Leeann and Katie Holmes and you and anybody else you think I am. But now I've got to go. Eddie's waiting for me and will.i.am is waiting for me to lay some tracks. (it's Britney Bitch). Hehe. Been fun.

  70. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – I don't even seeeeee a Tammy posting here. Truly, I've got to go.

  71. excuses says – reply to this


    Once again, someone(this time her name is "ROSE) thinks that she won't get caught posting on these sites because she is using a PROXY!

  72. Jboogie says – reply to this


    she is annoying, has no conscience, and has a butterface. The only thing she has going for her is money and a failing singing career. Of course she's insecure. She better handcuff Eddie cibrian to her if she doesn't want him to stray. I bet when he's having sex with her, he thinks of his ex. Sorry Leann, youre just an ugly ATM machine.

  73. sandy says – reply to this


    Oh People, let's get real. Never has there been so many cheating SPOUSES as the last few years. Not just women but also men.
    Why should LeeAnn get all the blame? Did she hold a gun against his head. People's morals and principles aren't there anymore. Many don't care about a family nucleus…..what's the big issue. If she wasn't a celebrity, as there are thousands of others cheating, nothing would be said.
    Let's go back to the drawing board and get some self-respect and self-pride….this society is all screwed up!!!!!

  74. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Of course you don't see a "TAMMY" posting here in this thread, your name is "ROSE" now. You seem to think that the PROXY you are using protects you! "TAMMY" popped up one day out of the blue in this thread: "LeAnn Rimes' Totally Exposed Tittay Wishes Us A 'Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas" after I mentioned that "Leann" is posting on a particular site(the same where her fan used my name to stalk and harass a poster from another site). When I started pointing out the holes in "TAMMY's" story, she too disappeared! You have to go? Which is the very same thing TAMMY did when she was being exposed for her lies.

  75. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – So now you don't understand? But you had no problems understanding when you said that it was just you and me posting here. But when I point out that posts are appearing in my name that I didn't make and that since by your own admission you declared that it's just you and me posting, that means it's you making those posts in my name, all of a sudden you don't understand? Who said that you were Katie or Will I am? Stop playing the victim and blaming people because once again you made the wrong choice. No, Eddie isn't waiting for you, it's why you are here making posts in your defense and thinking that no one will know the difference because you have a proxy. Why would you come here posting as "Rose" when what happened when you posted as "TAMMY" was still fresh in people's minds? Why allow your fan to make posts in my name knowing that it was going to go back to what happened when I said that Leann was Sheila and Tammy?

  76. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: sandy – Why does "SANDY" spell LEEANN the very same way that "ROSE" did? LEEANN gets all the blame because she just won't shut up; afterall, isn't tihs article about the song that Leann "wrote" about her affair with Eddie?

  77. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – do you really think anybody wants to make a career out of talking to you? Sandy is right, give it a rest. I stay I'm damned, I go I'm damned, according to you. I am only rose. You are delusional. You are also wrong.

  78. Rose says – reply to this


    excuses says – reply to this

    Re: Rose – So now you don't understand? But you had no problems understanding when you said that it was just you and me posting here. But when I point out that posts are appearing in my name that I didn't make and that since by your own admission you declared that it's just you and me posting, that means it's you making those posts in my name, all of a sudden you don't understand? Who said that you were Katie or Will I am? Stop playing the victim and blaming people because once again you made the wrong choice. No, Eddie isn't waiting for you, it's why you are here making posts in your defense and thinking that no one will know the difference because you have a proxy. Why would you come here posting as "Rose" when what happened when you posted as "TAMMY" was still fresh in people's minds? Why allow your fan to make posts in my name knowing that it was going to go back to what happened when I said that Leann was Sheila and Tammy?

    O man, do you listen to yourself? I was joshing you. I have,n ever posted anything here or anywhere you have been that I haven't been rose. You are making stuff up in your head. I have no idea whooooooo Tammy is but I ain't her. I don't know your problem, but if you want a free psychic reading let me know.

  79. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – And yet here you are. Talking to me and having your BFF using my name to make posts! I thought you said that you were going? Sandy? Sandy spelled LEEANN the very same way you did in one of your posts, so it wasn't "SANDY", it was you. The only delusional one is YOU. Why would you come back doing the very same thing you did a week ago? I am wrong? Let me guess, did you send this site your email address and contact info? So now your are playing the victim because you get called out on how you run away when you get caught in your lies? Or in this case, a "different" person shows up spelling LEEANN the very same way you did in one of your posts? Seriously, you had to have known that someone was going to look at your post and recognize that it's the same thing you said as Sheila and Tammy. Don't blame me because you keep making the same mistakes over and over. Just because you are using a proxy, it doesn't mean that people are not going to recognize your posts. And it doesn't help that your BFF resumed making posts in my name either. That right there made it obvious that something was going on!

  80. 80

    Always all the hate toward the female ………

  81. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Perhaps that's your problem. You don't listen or read what you post. In joshing me, you implicated yourself as the person who was stealing my name. Which could have been avoided had you just taken the time to think through your logic. I know you are reading my posts. I wrote that I didn't make posts 19, 35, and 63. So for you to show up and then say that it's just you and me, well you should have known where that was going. If I was making stuff up in my head, you wouldn't be here making the very same posts you made a week ago when your name was "TAMMY". Of course you don't know "TAMMY". So how long have you been posting and reading the Leann threads here? It's amazing how you think that no one will ever know the difference because you are using a proxy.

  82. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – None of this being true, you cannot help but say my word I am not who you 'think' that you 'think' I am or any body but myself, rose, for why would I lie that I was other. Truly, you sound to me as mad as a hatter. I cannot answer your questions because I have no prior recollection to the conversations you accuse me of. I suspect your mind is somehow 'made up' but you are imagining transgressions that don't exist. My word means something 'to me' I do not say a thing so unless it be so. I suppose this is an antiquated belief, but then there you go. I am Rose. I will own every word I utter but will not agree to lie, and say it is anything else. You are wrong.

  83. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Leann also said that she didn't give the press a quote about Carly!

  84. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Rose
    And if you could be so wronnnnnnng about me and I know I am rose and only rose as I know my nose if on my face, that you are wrong, for I know myself to be honest, therefore we can ascertain that you are 'not always right.'

  85. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: excuses – Whooo.."the press never lies '. Need I not remind you that we are on Perez who frequently lies?

  86. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Why would you lie? Because you don't want anyone to know that you are on these sites posting on your own behalf. It's you who sounds mad as a hatter, pulling the very same posts that you pulled when your name was "TAMMY"! Of course you don't have a recollection of what you posted as "TAMMY", you also didn't have a recollection when you tweeted that you didn't give the press a quote about Carly too. Obviously your word doesn't mean a thing to you because if it did you wouldn't still be here posting! Stop playing the victim. No one is asking you to lie. You did the same thing when your name was "TAMMY". Spin it anyway you like, those posts are still in that thread for all to see. The more you post the worst it looks for you!

  87. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – You can keep insisiting that I am wrong all you want, it still isn't going to change the fact that you made the very same posts in this thread as "TAMMY":"LeAnn Rimes' Totally Exposed Tittay Wishes Us A 'Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas". Once again you are confident you won't get caught because you are using a PROXY! Like I said, when your BFF made the posts in my name, you made it very clear what was going on because the very same thing happened a week ago too.

  88. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – So now you are throwing this site under the bus because you got caught in yet another lie?

  89. Rose says – reply to this


    Ohhhhhh I get it. You make excuses. It's a routine to you. Good night 'excuses' enjoy your tiny little excuses world. Tear the wings off flies, convince yourself that people are proxies and they are'all out to get you.'.

  90. Rose says – reply to this


    Oh, I almost forgot, protect the world from Leeann rimes and crimes sake, lay off the hooch.

  91. excuses says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – So that is why you can't remember or have no recollection of "TAMMY", you were on the hooch when you made those posts! Considering that Leann showed up drunk Wednesday, it's Brandi's kids and Carly Rose who should have been protected! There you go playing the victim again. You came here doing the very same thing you did a week ago, how did you think that no one was going to notice? Once again, go back to posts 19, 35, and 63. I didn't make those posts. So those posts prove that I am valid in what I am saying. Like I told you when you made this very same post as "TAMMY", don't have your BFF make posts in my name if you don't want me to call you and him on it. You were the one making posts about how people are picking on Leann for no reason at all, so where do you get off claiming that making excuses is routine for me? The only reason you came back as "ROSE" is because you are using a PROXY. It's not an excuse, especially when the posts in this thread are the same thing you said several times before! Next time skip making posts in my name so it isn't so obvious that something is going on.

  92. Cannon says – reply to this


    Finally the video was viewable. I have to say I was saddened listening to her song. She has immense talent and it is so sad that she made such poor choices which have now led to the end of her career. Leanne has raw talent, the kind that Faith hill, Shania Twain, etc. have. If she had kept her behavior in check and had morals, then she would have a raging career right now, she threw it all away for Eddie, what a shame. We only get one life and she had opportunity in front of her, that people dream off…a singing career with major stardom….now its over. And to the pele bringing up Angelina, Kristen S, etc….no, the puckic doesnt like them, the studios just keep putting them in every movie and there arent alot of movies to see. Verses music, there are alot of choices.

  93. Cannon says – reply to this


    Just got done reading through all of these posts by Rose, or tammy, or who It appears to be…Leanne Rimes herself. It doesnt supri me, because she is known for getting into online spats with haters. Why isnt perez writing an article on this and bringing to light the fact that Leanne is posting in his comments section under different aliases? He can look up her ip address and find out where she is located. Why not verify it and post about it Perez?

  94. 94

    We need a Thorazine drip in aisle five, please. Thorazine aisle five!! =p

  95. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Cannon – Now you think Perez is reading this? Ah the delusuoional excuse thinks i an tammy and sheila and Leeann and she is being two people herself. You need to seek help. I'd welcome Perez okay ing my ip. I know who I am with nothing to fear. And I'm not intimidated by the truth.

    And as far as Perez…do you mean to say you love who he loves and hate who he tells you to hate?

  96. 96

    shes so sick she beleives there is a excuse for her revolting behaviour at least have the humility to be ashamed of ur actions this is WHY UR SOOOOO HATED!!!

  97. 97

    THE PROBLEM is that love does not conquer all love is hard staying in a marriage of any kind takes work and some slut comes along things she got hurt in the process of stealing a husband and father away and writes a slutty song about it… no better than delta badrem …stop playing the saint u did a hoary thing face up to it noone cares if u got hurt u deserve pain more emotional pain will follow u for what u done to the mother of this mans children… when u open ur twat

  98. 98

    leeanne tammy whoever

    face up to it ur so called perfect love is based on someone elses hate and pain which means it cant and wont ever be pure it wont work and itll end the way it began with pain and cheating next time ON YOU… THEN WELL HEAR UR PAIN HOW U GOT HURT but u didnt give a shit who u hurt just go on about ur own pain of not getting enough cum in ur twat from the married man … go to hell

  99. 99

    Did any one think about the fact that Eddie was just tired of the way his ex-wife was and wanted some one who had alot more class ? All anyone needs to do is watch RHOBH to see that Brandi is a the real whore. Eddie was right for getting rid of Brandi. LeAnn has more class in her little finger then Brandi wiil ever wish to have. Let up on LeAnn she is not the bad guy, Brandi is.Now Brandi just needs to go away and hide under a rock.

  100. 100

    I honestly don't hate her because she cheated…its horrible but it happens and you can't hold it against someone without knowing all the information. But…does she have to keep talking about it? I mean that seems to be her main talking point. And then release a song about it? Could she not just shut up, get on with living her life and wait till the media dies down about this all? That would seem like a better choice to me. Its also why she gets so much hate compared to others…they shut up and get on with it.

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