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Wheel of Fortune Contestant Penalized For Her Accent?! WATCH HERE!

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Really, Pat… REALLY?!

A savvy contestant on Wednesday's episode of much beloved game show Wheel of Fortune was on a roll when guessing the letters to a puzzle under the category of "Living Things"…

And when solving the puzzle, the contestant in question — Renee — guessed correctly, however because of her pronunciation, Pat Sajak deemed her answer incorrect, leaving the clue to be easily solved by the next spinner!

Watch the whole ridiculous, situation go down (above)!

Renee obviously knew the right answer, and we simply don't understand why Pat is being such a Christmas Grinch just because she didn't enunciate one letter!

What do U think, lovely readers? Was Pat being unfair, or simply going by the rules of the game?!

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43 comments to “Wheel of Fortune Contestant Penalized For Her Accent?! WATCH HERE!”

  1. Elisabeth says – reply to this


    Pat Sajak used to be the weatherman at WSMV in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE!! That is so uncool!!!

  2. j says – reply to this


    what an a-hole!!

  3. Liz says – reply to this


    Since the G was already visible , I think she was robbed.

  4. cc says – reply to this


    you pronounce it as you see it, its the same for jeopardy. its the rules ppl

  5. Julie says – reply to this


    I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune in 2005. They tell you when you are there to make sure you enunciate very clearly when solving the puzzles. I'm sure she was told the same thing. It's nit picky, but it is the rule.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    That is shitty but really learn to pronouce things correctly. I'm sure it's part of the rules. I don't think that was her accent she just like many people shorten words like "swimmin" and "shoppin".. if theres a 'g' at the end of a word use it correctly. you can still say swimming in a accent. Poor education probably. Like when you watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo their english is horrid.

  8. samdavid says – reply to this


    she was saying it incorrectly plain and simple. it wasn't an accent issue, it was an issue of her not following the rules and reading what was in front of her correctly. watch the show, you will see, people read the words out very very carefully, they do so for this reason. she got screwed, but she did it to herself.

  9. vavavoom says – reply to this


    lmao lame

    check out my website :)

  10. goldfrappfan says – reply to this


    can u say early retirement?

  11. 11

    sounds like someone needs to retire

  12. kandycane says – reply to this


    That's low down.

  13. Jamie says – reply to this


    BULLSHIT! Ever hear anyone from the South say, "Importance?" She was robbed!!!!

  14. Granjan says – reply to this


    Pat is not to blame. It's the judges.

  15. jack says – reply to this


    Oh no, that is so crazy. Pat and/or the judges must not get out much. That's how they speak. The station need to make that right with her.

  16. 16

    Don't speak like an uneducated hick. Then you'll get the money!

  17. 17

    If it was seven swans a swimmin, then that would be up there.

  18. 18

    wow…. that sucks and I hope the show makes this right.. SHE GOT IT RIGHT PAT!

  19. 19

    AW That sucked. But with a game like that, I'm not surprised.

  20. 20

    Re: Granjan – That's right. Pat was giving it to her and probably would have until the buzzer sounded after he said "that's right", then he had to recover. You could tell he was uncomfortable with it.

  21. 21

    Americans should stop being so proud of their personalities, and start working on being proud of their brains, like the rest of the world.

  22. Jj says – reply to this


    that's not an accent issue, that's a her being too lazy to pronounce an extra letter issue.

  23. 23

    Re: Nikkicat85: WOW! You are makin fun of Honey Boo Boo…and people pronouncing words correctly?!? I could barely read your comment because of your run on sentences. Therefore, the "lack of education" as you stated, is definitely up for debate.

  24. bonjour says – reply to this


    Ok, all of you people who are calling Pat a jerk don't understand the rules of the game. EVEN THEN IT WASN"T PAT'S CALL. There is a panel of judges that determine whether the phrase is said correctly. It is ridiculous to even say she was robbed, and if she was, she robbed her self by not reading the word correctly.

  25. erin says – reply to this


    what an a**hole!!! i heard what she said perfectly. she should have gotten that. i would have been so pissed.

  26. Arrora says – reply to this


    Pat Sajak was absolutely correct, she didnt have an accent at all, she just failed to pronouce the word correctly. Since when it talking in slang considered an accent. The word isn't swimmin, its swimming. Its Wheel of Fortune, you have to say the word correctly. This is why you should teach children proper english, grammar, and spelling and not let them talk and type in so much slang. Its not I'm commin, its I'm comming!!

  27. Thebutchdiva says – reply to this


    Being from the Greatest part of our Nation…The South, those damn swans be a swimmin'! Southern "talk" isn't poor manners or etiquette, we are simply, as Lady GaGa say's, "BORN THIS WAY"!! Ya darn skippy that there Pat is being discriminatory! See, we edumacated to! Folks gunna say what they wanna, but that there Gal shudda won that round!! Shame on you Pat…ya durty rottin' scronge!!

  28. Thebutchdiva says – reply to this


    I guess it would be ok if she spoke, let's say…"Ebonics"!! On that note, I see a fresh can of worms about to be opened and smell a lawsuit in the air…and hell yea, I want in on it!! Git er' dun!!!!

  29. Thebutchdiva says – reply to this


    Re: Arrora – "Ebonics" is acceptable tho. No one makes an issue nor correction when that's spoken! Now that's poor teaching, lack of education and damn too plain lazy to finish forming a word!!

  30. Re says – reply to this


    Re: Liz

  31. Marie says – reply to this


    Renee definitely was robbed!!! Not fair at all Pat!

  32. Pamela says – reply to this


    It had nothing to do with accent, rather, it had everything to do with speaking proper English. The letter "g" is not silent, it is spoken. And the rules are very clear, pronounce each pronounceable letter correctly.

  33. 33

    Re: southernsun83 – I never claimed my sentence structure was perfect. It's more about how people pronounce things. Watching Honey Boo is hilarious. They need subtitiles for half the things they say. Thanks though :)

  34. 34

    Rules are rules and it's the ENGLISH language. Get it right or give it up.

  35. 35

    Sorry Perez……….she pronounced it wrong! She said swimmin……………she was wrong….yes she knew the answer, but she also could have said swimming! Pat was right!

  36. cathy says – reply to this


    thats dumb, never watching that show again! the G was already on there so for everyone saying it was fair it wasnt ! she was just trying to be cute with it! That dim wit didn't even know the word

  37. Jill says – reply to this


    Its not pats fault, he goes by what the producers say.

  38. Jefferson steelflex says – reply to this


    Re: Arrora – Actually it's i'm coMing lol

  39. Steph says – reply to this


    Of course she should of lost. She didn't say the correct thing.
    Swimmin and Swimming are completely different. Perhaps if she said the correct word, she would of won.

  40. Steph says – reply to this


    Of course she should of lost. She didn't say the correct thing.
    Swimmin and Swimming are completely different. If she said the correct word, she would of won.

  41. David says – reply to this


    First of all, Pat told her that she was right, THEN the buzzer sounded. Obviously, the judges ruled against the way that she said the word "swimming" at the end of the puzzle. It's also clear from Pat's voice that HE didn't like that ruling, EITHER.

  42. David says – reply to this


    Not only was Pat Sajak the weatherman at WSMV-TV in Nashville, Tennessee, but he was also an MOR (Middle of the Road)–and, later, soft rock–deejay on WSMV's sister station WSM-AM (back when it was country only at night [the Grand Ole Opry included] and pop during the day).

  43. David says – reply to this


    I CAN understand, though, the stink that was being raised at the time this article went up over this controversy. I can understand why people would up and say that the show "discriminates against Southerners," that lady being a Floridian and all. (I assume that people in her part of Florida still talk with a Southern accent.) A quarter-century ago, more or less, a contestant from Brooklyn correctly solved the puzzle "You could have knocked me over with a feather" in a New York City accent, and not only did she win that round, but no controversy ensued whatsoever. As they say, go figure.