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Kody Brown Thinks His Sister Wives Should OBEY His Every Order!

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Even though Robyn Brown, the latest of the Sister Wives, claimed that her polygamist lifestyle works because it gives "choices not take them away," it seems that husband Kody Brown has an ENTIRELY different take on what is expected in plural marriage!

In fact, on last night's episode of the TLC reality series, the reality star essentially demanded that Robyn, Meri, Christine, and Janelle OBEY all of his orders!

Thankfully, however, his multiple lady-loves did NOT approve of that his ridiculous attempt at power assertion, and called him right out on that kind of despicable behavior!

Check out the clip (above) which depicts the family patriarch exhausted during a RV trip to Illinois and pulling a temper tantrum because his wives dare question his judgment regarding who should be handling the crux of driving responsibilities!

As he explains:

"You know, I've had two nights in a row where I've been driving all day. Today, we've been fighting the wind all day, and I've had four hours of sleep … and I was just done. I was just ready to melt down because I was too exhausted to sit there and try to delegate — I wanted to bark orders and have them obeyed."

But KUDOS are certainly in order for Christine, who immediately countered:

"I think that word, ‘Obey,’ is in fact a four-letter word. Kody, I think that we do our best. We understand that you get tired. We understand that you get stressed out. You can't just throw out, 'I think you should obey me!' It's kind of like … well, that's offensive."

Well said!

In fact, we're a little bewildered as to why Kody would choose to engage in a lifestyle that basically put him at odds with multiple women, all of whom capable of teaming up on and contesting his demands, if all he wants is to be in control!

Just saying! LOLz!

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18 comments to “Kody Brown Thinks His Sister Wives Should OBEY His Every Order!”

  1. Marcella says – reply to this



  2. 2

    Can't watch a show that has women with negative self-esteem. Their life is repulsive!

  3. Kat says – reply to this


    Now, that's not really fair. I watched the episode and where he came from was not the way you'd think. Sometimes when you're exhausted and frustrated, you just want your partner to trust your judgement and just do what you've asked and ask questions later. He has this times 4.

    The women do not have negative self esteem, they are all quite smart and well spoken, work and take care of children. I'm by no means traditional but I find them to be down to earth, normal and while I don't agree with every one of their beliefs, the idea that just because they are okay with their husband with someone else that they have no or poor self esteem.

    Don't pass judgement on something you have no real information on.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Re: Kat – Please keep in mind that in a reality show, they only show you what they want to show you. This is a show to promote the polygamist lifestyle, this group is in no way representative of the 'normal' polygamist. They want you to think that polygamy is a choice for consenting adults, as opposed to what it really is - coercion of girls to serve older men.

  6. 6

    Re: rosebud99 – Agree!

  7. Nala says – reply to this


    I am NOT for this lifestyle for myself at all, however let me say, you TOTALLY took this out of context and you would be TOTALLy offended if someone did that to you with a major statement you made about being GAY…. you owe them a TOTAL apology!!!!!!! I am so disappointed in your site for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. TheOZ says – reply to this


    I wonder if he even washes his dick, before he puts it into another one of his pigs.

  9. DixonDolly says – reply to this


    Will someone please, please call sister wife Meri Brown out. She is one of the phoniest, manipulating whiners I have had the misfortune to listen to. She cries when she wants to change the subject, for example: Its obvious she doesn't want to have another baby, but rather than stand up for herself and say so, she waffles back and forth, and when pressed she cries and says she doesn't know, but whenever she wants to justify her greed she brings up the subject that she hasn't been able to have more children, but should be able to hoard from the women that have six kids. This woman drives me nuts, she constantly contradicts herself, tries to make out the other wives as being mean to her, and never ever stands up to her husband who really should get a swift kick in the pants. Ahhh….I could go on too long.

  10. 10

    I've met him. He is actually a really nice down to earth man. They live down the street from my parents in Vegas. Unless they moved again lol. I havent watched the show, but I did meet him, and my cousins have met the wives in line at walmart of all places lol. they really are nice down to earth people who have not let the fame get to them.

  11. 11

    I've watched many episodes of SW and more and more I think Cody Brown is an egotistical jerk. He sometimes appears aware of his wives' concerns but mostly seems concerned with his own. One thing though, when you sign up for the polyg lifestyle, you better expect major drama. The 4 wives and their litter of children help feed his ego. He does seem dedicated to raising good kids and instilling morales and values, but tends to treat his women like they are not quite as smart and important as he is. Three of the four wives and several of the girls need to have healthier eating habits and get some exercise. For health reasons, not to be skinny or to weigh a certain amount because they are on TV.

  12. ChasingOldTrees says – reply to this


    This is what happens when you deviate from the norm.
    1 Man + 1 Woman = 1 Marriage

  13. Gee says – reply to this


    What's odd to me is he was not raised in this life style but seems to have adopted into it in order to support his need to hoard wives. And Meri does Not need a huge house for just her and one teenage aged child when all the other women have to live all cramped up. She definitely have a superiority complex and is immature and manipulative and carries on because she can't have more kids, between all of them they have plenty. The last wife is insane for joining them.

  14. 14

    Re: TheOZ – Lol.

  15. 15

    I am not a religious show watcher lol but I watched one show where the wives wished (ALOT) kody was like this other poligamy guy running his wives and kids like an army. They kept fawning over their organized lifestyle and wished Kody took charge more…..he was trying it out?

  16. mike says – reply to this


    Who writes this stuff? Clueless idiots? The entire concept of multiple wives is that they SHOULD worship, obey and serve his every whim! That is what they signed up for! What do these stupid bitches expect to happen? This guy is an idiot and has no clue what he's gotten himself into!

  17. angelface says – reply to this


    Meri is Kody's favorite for sure…I would like to know what is Kody's occupation? Does he contribute any money to these sisterwives? He was not even mentioned on the purchase of the homes, the wives had to come up with the money and credentials…Kody is a con artist, living a high life style with the women supporting him, only thing he contributes is sperm…He'll be looking for a fifth wife soon, because his 4 sister wives look and are over the hill….poor Robin, she is at the bottom of the list at this time only good for giving him another baby…..Do they receive any support from the Medicaid system?? I do watch the show, but the women better wake up soon, because he's looking for # 5, Do you think he's having extramarital affairs???
    Anyway, ladies, better start looking out for yourselves….good luck…because he's going to disappoint you terribly…..Christine seems to be the only one with a feel for the up coming doom…

  18. rocket says – reply to this


    Kody thinks he will be GOD of his own universe some day and will be able to let his wives into their own personal heaven at his determination. What an ego maniac!