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FIRED! Woman Loses Job Over Boss Who Wants In Her Pants! Calls Her “Irresistible”

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Melissa Nelson Dental Assistant Fired

When we saw Charlie Sheen lose his Two and a Half Men job, we thought we had seen the most dramatic firing ever.

Guess again!

Melissa Nelson worked as a dental assistant in Iowa for ten years until she was fired by her boss who found her too “irresistible” and considered that a threat to his marriage.

Say whaaat?!

And beyond that, the Iowa Supreme Court has agreed with him and allowed the firing.

Really Iowa? We were just starting to love you.

As one would imagine, Melissa is feeling more than a little upset with the shocking revelation, as she shared following the ruling:

“I think it is completely wrong. I think it is sending a message that men can do whatever they want in the work force.”

A-GREED! We can't believe the courts supported him!!! For shame!

Although the two never cheated together, it seems the dentist, James Knight, started texting her while she was still employed and took it too far at one point.

James asked “how often she experienced an orgasm” over text.

Uh…and she’s the one who lost her job?

But things didn’t get carried away there because Melissa cut him off, but his wife, who also worked with them, found out about the texts.

And somehow he's still alive!

Jeanne Nelson wanted Melissa fired and, after consulting their pastor, it was decided she would be fired.

Just a little advice to the wife: this is about your husband, not Melissa.

Even though it was determined that Melissa was fully capable of her job, the fact that James wants to get with her is enough for her to lose her job.

We have to admit we’re pretty shocked with this outcome.

Too hot to work? Most of Hollywood would be unemployed with that standard.

Best of luck to Melissa, and be happy you no longer have a boss who is secretly after you! Hopefully, your next boss will just look at you and see talent and outstanding ethics.

[Image via CNN.]

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14 comments to “FIRED! Woman Loses Job Over Boss Who Wants In Her Pants! Calls Her “Irresistible””

  1. DrBroadway says – reply to this


    She's about as "irresistible" as Perez! LOL! Bleccccchhhh!

  2. ericmtl says – reply to this


    If she looked like you Mario she'd still have a job.

  3. 3

    If she worked there for 10 years and was never fired, until now, something tells me it wasn't the guy finding her "irresistible". Probably fired for something else, but decided to use stuff he said years prior to win a lawsuit.

  4. 4

    Wow. Glad I don't live in Iowa. They still seem to be pretty backwards.

  5. Kat says – reply to this


    You left out the part where her boss told her for at least a year to wear less revealing clothes. I would have fired her the first time she showed up after that warning for insubordination. Plus, Iowa is an at-will employment state, so he could have fired her at any time, for any reason, and as a working adult she should be well aware of that.

  6. 6

    People here finding good «reasons» for the guy firing her are morons. People accepting that she was fired for anything else but the way she worked - even is she did wear revealing clothes - are complete morons. No wonder the USA are such a disaster area.

  7. 7

    I am so sick and tired of sluts who go into work like it's a fucking nightclub with their cleave all out and shit, not respecting the fact that they are in a professional work environment. Fuck her for being a slut. Tired of bitches like that. I have stopped going to dentist because of slut dental ass.

  8. Amison says – reply to this



  9. George McCasland says – reply to this


    She was not fired, she was released from her employment, meaning that he still has to pay a portion of her unemployment. Also, if it had been a man, with a female employer that fired him, the case would have been laughed out of court right from the start.

    Daily, men are under a biological attack by women.

    Evolution or creation designed women to produce loads of pheromones during ovulation for the sole purpose of getting their husband's excited during that time of the month. Today, with women in the work place, and the large volume of mixing of the sexes, men are nearly always near a woman who is ovulating and putting out a silent message that she wants to have sex, even if she is not aware of it.

    When Strippers are ovulating, their tips, even from women, go up 400%.

  10. 10

    well she must of been texting back for him to get that far to text that so she took part in texting until she cut him off.. so shes not innocent of that

  11. Midwest_Warrior says – reply to this


    I'm a native Iowan and our state is the most progressive in the Midwest. The guy had been telling her to not wear such revealing clothing for a year. She came to work in revealing tops to "make his pants bulge". She had been warned. I'm a woman. No sexism here, just a woman who thought more about trying to make men want her then doing her damn job.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Kat – Her daily dress was scrubs, with a t-shirt UNDER them.

  13. amyamae says – reply to this


    Its ridicoulous to say its her fault because of the way she dressed at work. Did any of you who said that remember she was a dental assistant which requires scrubs. What is wrong with you people? Btw my best friend was in Iowa for a week recently and complained about how dull it was and we live in Wisconsin lol.

  14. SusieQ says – reply to this


    Another man who can't control himself and she gets blamed. He texted her suggestive messages which she states she didn't answer back. His last text - "What kind of orgasms do you have?" was not answered back, BUT his wife saw it. She said the woman had to go as she was a threat to his marriage. He fired her because 1) he is whipped like the family pig and 2) His wife probably cut him off. If this woman would have played along with him, she'd still have her job, revealing clothes or not. Why would it take 10 years to fire a woman who dressed inappropriately?