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Nas Responsible For Kidnapping?! $10 Million Lawsuit Pending!

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Uh Oh!

Nas is being sued for $10 million after a concert promoter was kidnapped when the rapper didn't make it to an Angola show.

The concert promoter, Patrick Alloco, filed a federal lawsuit this past Friday. In the paperwork he states that Nas should be held responsible for his kidnapping back in December of 2011. When Nas failed to appear at the show with a $300,000 advance, Patrick and his son were held captive and beaten by another promoter for 50 days.

Along with the torturous kidnapping, Patrick lost his home and job and is hoping to be reimbursed for the psychological, physical, and financial damages he has suffered all thanks to Nas' absence that night.

Nas, however, claimed that he never had official plans with the promoter.

The Life Is Good artist said in regard to the allegations:

"There was nothing sent to me, and there were no flights. By the time he did send money — he did eventually send money to me — it was too late to go. I didn't even have a visa to get in the country."

The rapper returned the advance after he didn't make it to Africa.

This is all following the $1 million Nas owes in back taxes to Georgia.

Looks like life isn't so good after all!!

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3 comments to “Nas Responsible For Kidnapping?! $10 Million Lawsuit Pending!”

  1. 1

    Black being blacks. I hope he gets shot.

  2. NasirAdvocate says – reply to this


    Re: ParisIsBurning – BITCH!..i hope you break your HIP…and the ambulance crashes on the way to the hospital..you suffer multiple lacerations to the legs when the oxygen tank blows up cuz you tried to light a virginia slim..then you get gangrene in the ER cuz you get wait listed on your medicare status..and they amputate your useless legs which are stored in the ceiling of the hospital with the rest of the limbs..and one day go to get your prosthetics, and your amputated legs fall from the ceiling since the blood soaked through the foam tiles and couldn't hold the weight..knocks you off your fuckin wheelchair and break your arms…then you come back..read this comment..and wish you could only HOP to my feet for forgiveness for ever say something so incredibly racist and arrogant as what your crocodile tits, handbag asscheeks just said about the king of hip hop..fuck you! burn paris burn!

  3. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Nas is awesome! He'll figure it out.