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Piers Morgan After NY Shooting: Focus On Gun Control, Not My Deportation

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Piers Morgan Shooting Deportation Response

Another horrific moment took place today in Rochester, New York today as firefighters were shot at while arriving at the scene of a massive fire.

Two of those firefighters died.

Around all this gun violence, we have people on both sides fighting for or against more gun control laws.

Right in the heart of the argument has been Piers Morgan who called out a gun lobbyist’s idea for reform being to give teachers and administrators guns in schoolrooms.

He was then threatened with deportation by gun advocates who disagree with his beliefs. A petition went around and is being sent for consideration to President Obama.

And now Piers is saying exactly what we’re thinking as things get worse and more gun violence occurs:

We could not agree more.

Our thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones.

If people would spend half as much time on figuring out the gun problem here as they do on getting a petition together for a man’s deportation then we might be in a better place.

Gun control needs to be our priority before more innocent lives are stolen.

It's time to work together.

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44 comments to “Piers Morgan After NY Shooting: Focus On Gun Control, Not My Deportation”

  1. 1

    No, we really should focus on getting his dumb ass out of our country. Morgan is a low-brow hack journalist who ran a piece-of-shit rag in England that did all kinds of immoral and illegal things to get stories. Morgan is not a citizen of the U.S., and should therefore keep his mouth shut about us and our politics. Kick his ass OUT.

  2. 2

    Re: Pansy Hunter – He is not American and should therefore keep his mouth shut about us and our politics. Yeah, because Americans NEVER interfere with anyone else's politics. (rolls eyes)

  3. 3

    let the kids have ak47 whats the harm …

    sick stuff

  4. Ralph says – reply to this


    No worries, we are going to start rounding up all the nut jobs and people that someone deems is tweaked, then gas all the felons and other undesireables. We can then safely take all of the guns from law abiding citizen, and ride our unicorns to work.

  5. Revere51 says – reply to this


    A challenging opinion should hold no fear for us - and Morgan's activities in the past are not relevant here. What is relevant is that the US has only 5% of the world's population yet half of the worlds guns. That fact alone screams out that something is wrong. If things are to be different in the future, change is needed. It will be tough but nothing worth having comes easily - and a society without routine mass murders is an objective worth the effort.

  6. joe_bloggs says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter

    If the ignorance and naivety highlighted here is mirrored across the USA, then perhaps this is the reason why your country is in such a horrific position with nonsensical attitudes to the use of guns.

  7. Rose says – reply to this


    Any excuse to get him out of the country is good for me.

  8. Frodo says – reply to this


    Considering the type of firearm used today is not known Morgan should STFU
    and take his sorry butt back across the pond.
    Any non-US Citizen has no right telling US citizens or the US Government
    how to do things. We do not go over there and remind them that the UK is one step away from being the new Mecca thanks to their immigration policy failures.

  9. genarae says – reply to this


    I'd like to deport Piers not because of his stance on gun control but because he's a hack talking head (don't want to call him a journalist) who'll do anything for a story. He ran from England because he was worried about the wire-tapping scandal he was involved in and now we're stuck with his pretentious ass.

  10. Eclare4Life says – reply to this


    One flaw what if the teacher's go crazy or the students steal it from them?

  11. Revere51 says – reply to this


    Re: Rose

    Many in Britain would petition not to allow him back. Morgan annoys people both sides of the Atlantic. But it pains me to say that on this …he's right.

  12. bargyles says – reply to this


    Re: Frodo – Also, the alleged shooter was a CONVICTED FELON. He illegally had weapons-whether they were assault weapons or not.

    Maybe we should focus on grieving with those firefighters who lost their lives today-the day before Christmas. Families should be celebrating, not mourning.

  13. joe_bloggs says – reply to this


    Re: Frodo
    What difference does the type of gun make?
    Everyone has the right to air their opinion don't they? Or does your constitution make the exception for those that disagree with you?
    And of course you don't come across to the UK to spout your idiosyncratic views, you have bigger fish to fry with countries elsewhere in the world…

  14. revere51 says – reply to this


    Gun deaths per 100,000
    Japan: 0.07
    UK: 0.25
    Spain: 0.60
    Germ. 1.1
    France 3.0
    Canada 4.8
    USA: 10.2

    Clearly there is no good reason to dismiss the views of outsiders. Something must be done

  15. stormin14 says – reply to this


    that evil son of a bitch how dare him not wanting to see anymore innocent people killed he should rot in hell

  16. 16

    Shouldn't he be getting back to London to answer questions regarding the phone hacking scandal?

  17. Rex Frenzy says – reply to this


    Re: genarae – As if The Great US of A stays out of other countries Politics.
    Your head is so far up your ass you could bit it.

  18. MJ says – reply to this


    I think it's sick that the right wing, tea party and NRA proponents have been pretty much silent until recently about the Newtown killings. It is disgusting that they're now trying to railroad a TV host out of the country for speaking his mind! This is America and we are all about freedom of speech, so get over it haters. Why so angry? This is a time to come together for peace and do the right thing. Guns aren't worth it. Also, let's start treating each other nicer in general.

  19. Monroe says – reply to this


    Why do so many Americans seem to forget where they or their ancestors came from?

  20. teeter totter says – reply to this


    OMG, this is the first I heard of this story, may God bless and comfort the friends and family of those of who lost loved ones, and the day before Christmas as well. What kind of sick person would kill a firefighter - they help people who are sick and injured and in danger, this is just terrible!
    I have never watched Piers Morgan but am against gun control, it will never pass in the US.

  21. 21

    Re: Monroe – That's very much a part of the American psyche. We acknowledge through food and language where our ancestors are from, but most are firmly American, and aren't overly interested in the old country. IMO!

  22. genarae says – reply to this


    Re: Rex Frenzy – Dear, dear, Rex - I never said that the US stays out of other country's politics. Hey, give us an inch and we'll take a mile. I'm talking about that slug, Piers Morgan, who I wish would leave our airwaves. I also happen to agree with him on his point but still think he's an ass as do most Americans as his ratings show.

  23. 23

    Re: Monroe – I think it's in part because we "pledge allegiance" to the U.S.A. every day from the age of 5 until 18. You end up with an extremely patriotic population.

  24. jaredina says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – you are an asshole. worse than Piers Morgan.

  25. windbourne says – reply to this


    Even listening to the aggression on this post is scary. If you are a good guy with your gun collection more than likely you will have nothing to worry about. You know that. But, everyone knows that something has to be done about all these random shootings. I heard today on the news that many schools don't have school nurses or guidance counselors for students that are feeling off balance but some are suggesting that the USA uses tax money to have the national guard protecting and wandering around schools. As if the shooters wouldn't have the who's who with that figured out and find a space when the guard isn't looking. Come on.

  26. Huck says – reply to this


    Re: genarae – really? ?

  27. russ brouse says – reply to this


    These comments are so fucking stupid. who cares if he is from here or anyother place, We as in AMERICA spout out about every other country on this planet. And he's right on all accounts as far as Gun control in this country. Notr a fan of his but at least he is making it a point to talk about these issues this country has with the "need" for so many guns.

  28. jason uk says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter
    He is a hack journo & a douchebag to boot, but on this issue he is right, I mean, arming teachers in schools? That's a real asshole solution, simple fact is fewer guns means less gun crime, unfortunately your society as a whole seems to revere the gun so until there's a major change in the American culrure, you're all fucked anyway.

  29. 29

    Re: Pansy Hunter
    No, he must stay in the US. It took us ages to get rid of him from the UK (after he was sacked for showing those fake photos when he was editor of a newspaper).

  30. shanghai says – reply to this


    GUN CONTROL it does not mean that nobody can have a gun but attempt to keep guns out of the hands of lunatics and definately no assault guns unless you can prove why you need one that can shoot multiple times. No I am not American either but still feel so sad for the innocent people who continue to die because of weapons in the wrong hands. Just really wish you can agree on some gun control to try and prevent more deaths.

  31. Revere51 says – reply to this


    It may be annoying to be lectured to by a foreigner - but that is America's approach to the world. It is the only country in the world that imposes its laws outside its own boundaries (on tax). The US leads the developed world but increasingly it is losing the moral authority to do so. Other developed countries don't have a gun culture, they don't execute people, they don't illegally drone strike women and children in other countries. Like superpowers before it the US does this simply because it can - and screw anyone else who disagrees. OK the world has to stomach that but please lets not whine like babies when we get a few mere critical words coming back. One day we won't be the superpower anymore and we'll be looking around for friends.

  32. Joe says – reply to this


    Bullet proof vests and helmets for all !

  33. Sean says – reply to this


    Yes his point is what the majority of the world wants but he's obviously just saying that to get attention. We don't want him back in the UK either. Just send him to Afghanistan. Make his cheap journalism there.

  34. 34

    Uhh, how exactly does he know it was an "assault weapon"? We don't even know what kind of gun he used. He is simply assuming. Any weapon even a single shot can technically be considered an "assault weapon"

    Re: revere51 – Stop comparing countries where we have quadruple the population and guns compared to countries that have gun bans. Of course we'll have higher gun crime rates compared to a country that has them banned. Just like us lowering our drinking age down to 18, we'll see a spike in DUI related deaths. Moron. That is also the worst argument to use. It's cultural. Some countries who have a higher gun ownership than America has less crime, while some have higher deaths. The question is, whats the homicide rates without factoring in guns? A gun ban will not reduce homicide rates, it'll increase them. "nine European nations with the lowest rates of gun ownership (5,000 or fewer guns per 100,000 population) have a combined murder rate three times higher than that of the nine nations with the highest rates of gun ownership (at least 15,000 guns per 100,000 population).For example, Norway has the highest rate of gun ownership in Western Europe, yet possesses the lowest murder rate. In contrast, Holland's murder rate is nearly the worst, despite having the lowest gun ownership rate in Western Europe. Sweden and Denmark are two more examples of nations with high murder rates but few guns."

  35. 35


  36. mariasusan says – reply to this


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  37. antihomo says – reply to this


    He is a limey hack who needs to back to his boyfriend

  38. Revere51 says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA

    Before you start calling people morons you need to make sure you have thought through your arguments with a bit more care. Firstly the figures quoted are rates per 100,000 so it doesn't matter what the size of population is (it's Math). Secondly I deliberately included non-European coutries like Japan and Canada too to be more representative of the developed world - and the overall murder rate (guns or otherwise) is still much lower than in the US. You are comparing one Western European country with another and naturally they vary - but all of them are fraction of the US levels for homicide and for gun homicide. Gun ownership levels and gun homicide are not directly proportionate (that would be too simple) but they are not unrelated either (that would be an absurd). Yes it is of course cultural - that's the whole point. Most other developed countries cultures don't treat guns as things to be bought with the weekly shopping, they use them as tools for farmers, gamekeepers, and law enforcers. We lead other countries in many things, but this is not one to be proud of. The reasons are rooted in our history, and we can respect that - but we don't have to be slaves to it forever - our future is in our hands and if we are wise we will take what learning we can from others rather than being snippy and defensive about it.

  39. reader. says – reply to this


    Re: Revere51 – How come you anti-gun advocate ignore the fact that laws and regulations do exist in the USA against guns? Most state don't have guns so easily obtainable, require them to be registered, and require a process to have concealed weapon license. Also you do have a burden to prove or at least show sufficant evidence that getting rid of guns do sufficant cuts in homicide rates. There isn't any sufficant numbers to back yourself up. Also population size does affect rates not just numbers as well. The reason why cities have higher homicide rates than suburban areas is because of high population. If you look at Russia in comparisons to other Slavic nations its murder rate is higher. The reason is because it is harder to police larger nations than to police smaller nations. It is also easier for island nations and physically small nations to police black market goods that something physically structured like USA. If you want to put strict gun laws or ban guns in the USA you'll have to put extra effort in securing our borders in which is against what most liberals believe.

  40. reader. says – reply to this


    If you look at all European countries all of them have lower crime rates than USA despite having massive differences in gun laws from each other. Country by country comparisons are not useful because of multiple factors. However this is useful. The UK banned handguns after an event like this happened in 1996. The homicide rate risen 15%.

    You have the burden of proof that guns don't defend people from harm and aren't necessary. The truth is the 2nd Amendment exist with you anti-gun people in mind. It is easy being reactionaries and taking away offensive items used for defense just because it is dangerous without looking at evidence that suggest that it is necessary for defense. Our constitution also does some things for freedom that are bad for reduce crime like innocent before proven guilty.

  41. 41

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  42. mike says – reply to this


    Re: revere51 – gun crimes go down murder rates and rapes go up . its not hard to make a gun or a bomb killihgs will always happen

  43. whodatperson2 says – reply to this


    He should be deported and brought up on charges back in merry ole england.

    By the way
    3x's more people are killed by cars than guns
    Unfortunately, doctors/hospitals kill 200,000 per year.

    Guns are only a tool.. PEOPLE kill PEOPLE.

    Why aren't we talking about black on black crime in the inner cities? Do you think guns will stop that?

    Why is Chicago home to the highest number of deaths by guns?
    What about Washington DC?

  44. whodatperson2 says – reply to this


    "I think it's sick that the right wing, tea party and NRA proponents have been pretty much silent until recently about the Newtown killings."

    Actually, that's untrue. Many of us have stated our peace on the issue, but thanks for letting me know I haven't.

    "It is disgusting that they're now trying to railroad a TV host out of the country for speaking his mind!"

    Actually, I want him out to take care of his phone hacking problem in merry ole england. Spying on people ! But… hey… I know American's are getting used to be hosed.

    "This is America and we are all about freedom of speech, so get over it haters. "

    Yes, yes we do have the freedom of speech, so we're exercising ours! Seems he might be the leader of a phone hacking spy ring in merry ole england. I think he should go answer questions over there and take care of his own poop.

    "Why so angry? This is a time to come together for peace and do the right thing."

    A laudable, but Peter Panish goal. Don't get me wrong.. I'd love to see peace.

    " Guns aren't worth it. Also, let's start treating each other nicer in general. "

    Sure, ask the Jews, Hungarians, Russians, Chinese, Cubans, and others who don't have them but are mowed down on a daily basis.