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12 comments to “Sandy Hook Shooter's Brother Spoke Out On Facebook?”

  1. 1

    Brought to justice ? Really, Perez ?
    And what crime did he commit ?
    Except the crime of having very bad taste…

  2. 2

    I think Ryan is a victim in this tragedy as well. His brother did horrific acts but that doesn't mean he isnt allowed to mourn him.

  3. Danni says – reply to this


    Even if this was real why exactly is the brother not allowed to mourn his loss? I get it, its a touchy subject, but he lost people as well, if we were to blame family members for what their brothers/fathers/sisters/mothers did there would be a hell of a lot of unnecessary hate in the world. So he should be able to mourn just like everyone else.

  4. Amy says – reply to this


    Ryan totally is a victim! Regardless of what has happened HE has lost a brother and his mother this year and now he's a victim of hacking which is adding salt to the wound

  5. 5

    of course he's a victim too. We cant all be responsible for wacko family members. He's lost close family members in a very horrific way and no matter what his brothers done he still has the right to love him and pay respects. Everybody should feel sympathy for him just like all the other innocent victims.

  6. ally321 says – reply to this


    Wow Perez, you're harsh opinions never cease to amaze me. What happened was a tragedy for the parents of those children, for the teachers and for the children who survived BUT also for this man. Did he pick up a gun and shoot them? Did he not have memories with his brother and his mother? Good ones at that. Oh no that would just be impossible. To love your family despite everything is not something he can be punished for. Things are never that black and white. Maybe you were born into the wrong country since freedom to express one's views is clearly not on your agenda.

  7. lisaf2000 says – reply to this


    I can only hope that you did not mean this to come out the way it sounded. Ryan IS a victim. He lost his MOTHER. He lost his BROTHER. He has to live with the horrific crimes committed by his brother. His entire community, friends, relatives etc. will always have this memory when they look at him, AND let us not forget the poor kid was ARRESTED and initially held for the crimes he had nothing to do with. If that isn't a victim, I don't know what is. He deserves our thoughts, our condolences, and our prayers that he can find a way to live through this and find some peace in his life. He doesn't deserve someone hacking his account, and then a gossip Queen who used to be the biggest bully on the planet and then started an antibullying campaign, implying that he is unworthy of the suffering he no doubt feels right now.

  8. 8

    please learn to edit!

  9. 9

    I hope the hatred that sounds like it's emanating from this is towards the person who supposedly created this phony account. Both Ryan and his Father are victims as well as his Mother. No one knows the actual accounts of that day yet. No one knows if those guns were locked up…rumors are swirling that he snapped when he heard that she was going to have him committed….NO ONE KNOWS YET! Ryan lost his Brother and Mother and his Father has lost his Son and the Mother of his children in one of the worst Massacres in US history. The sympathy that they will get is going to be limited and not without a but… attached. It's just all very sad.

  10. REdBaRROn says – reply to this


    Here we go, yet another idiot with his own show/blog/media forum/website .. I now I feel like the the idiot for clicking on it and perpetuating this nonsense !!!

  11. Misty Willey says – reply to this


    This isn't even Adam Lanza in the picture. It's Ryan. Get your stuff straight.

  12. bewisetoday says – reply to this


    Look at the real picture of Adam Lanza, not the scary black and white photo that the AP sent out to all the media. Do you think people would really believed that Adam Lanza did this, if they had this picture to look at instead? No, so they take this picture and deliberately make him look crazy and scary. He was shy withdrawn, rarely spoke to people and was phobic. I'l be he didn't even drive a car.