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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Call It Quits For Christmas!

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Taylor Swift Harry Styles Split For Christmas

No Christmas canoodling for them!

While the young Hollywood couple has been spending a LOT of time together lately, it sounds like they won’t be meeting up under the mistletoe!

Though, don’t get too excited, non-Haylor fans — Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are only temporarily separating!

After a romantic ski resort trip with Swifty this past weekend, the One Direction heartthrob arrived back in the UK today to spend Christmas with his family!

Today is also Harry’s group mate, Louis Tomlinson’s birthday, so we’re sure he’ll be celebrating with him at some point!

As for Taylor? She’ll be in Australia for the holiday, due to some prior commitments!

However, it sounds like Taylor and Harry’s time apart won’t last long — supposedly, she wants him to meet her in Australia for their next romantic reunion!

Ooh la la! Some lovin’ down under! LOLz! Maybe for New Year’s…?!

[Image via WENN.]

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78 comments to “Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Call It Quits For Christmas!”

  1. NoOne says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift kill count: 15? She really knows how to get around on the the w***e train

  2. 2

    there's no reunion for you, taylor, move over duh, you're such a hypocrite ohhhh plz……best time wishes for you this christmas i hope, you deserve being a tramp after you harrassing harry styles for sure, and for the record get lost okk because you don't deserve harry because you're trash…….. merry christmas lady TRAMP,

  3. 3

    She is a SLUT and not a good one either, because she seems to get dumped all the time. She better change it up.

  4. Swiftie says – reply to this


    Why should people always hate on one eachother?.. It's just ridiculous.
    You won't marry Harry Styles so get over it.
    Let him live his life and let Taylor life hers too.

  5. directiner 4 life says – reply to this


    i hate Taylor she is splitting one direction apart harry says he did not want hurt his fans BUT HE IS

  6. directiner 4 life says – reply to this


    we all know Taylor is using harry to make a new album and then she is going to go write a song about him JUST WATCH

  7. Swifty4EVER says – reply to this


    Why dont you just calm down, you're not going to be Harry's soul mate or ANYTHING, just let them be happy. No one cares what you say, especially them. If they're happy LET THEM BE AND STOP BEING SUCH A JUDGMENTAL HIPOCRITE

  8. brooke says – reply to this


    She hurts my harry and she'll have to pay!!!!! From all of us!!!!

  9. Victoria says – reply to this


    Lol at all the Swifties. None of you are going Taylor's soulmate either. Apparently they think going out with countless guys for more spotlight and dumping them for songs to be created is a elegant hobby. I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor saw someone as hot as Harry and started hitting on him.

  10. 10

    I hope they get shot.

  11. bloom says – reply to this


    Re: directiner 4 life – But She is splitting the group and thats not very nice of her

  12. Bloom says – reply to this


    Harry will soon realize what mistake he is making
    because Taylor is just using him for the new album they are gonna make and then she will dump him and write a break up song showing that harry is the bad one

  13. Dastina says – reply to this


    I feel very bad because when they break up I will tell "OMG!POOR HARRY!I KNEW SHE IS A B*TCH"…HARRY WAKE UP BABE XX!

  14. 14

    Their relationship is nothing more than a publicity stunt / bearding.
    Harry's home to spend Christmas with his family, yes, but he is also home to spend his boyfriend's birthday with him. For Christ's sake, they have couple tattoos. Platonic friends don't get the first words they spoke to each other tattooed in their respective speaker's handwriting. They just don't. Especially not those particular words.

  15. Alejandra Styles says – reply to this


    Harry; iAm afraid to get a girlfriend 'Cause iDont want to hurt my fan's feelings
    Me; Well Guess what harrry, yuh just broke my heart every daay iStart to cry because iSEE pictures of yuh and taylor. this breaks my heart. && Why TAYLOR? iWondder what new song made by taylor would come out when yuh guys break up? she only wants you to make a new album. ur making a big misake harry. btw Taylor has nothing to give yuh. She's flat. When iMean flat iMean that she has nothing. But if ur Happy iGuess iShould be happy too. iLove yuh harry.! <33

  16. noneofyourbusiness says – reply to this


    Re: Swifty4EVER – shut the fuck up

  17. LS says – reply to this



  18. XOXO says – reply to this


    Re: Swifty4EVER – TWAT

  19. John says – reply to this


    one directioners, shut the hell up, you never will be with harry styles so stop hating on taylor, let them live their life without all the fucking hate.

  20. Sii says – reply to this


    Sometmes I feel ashamed of being Swiftie!

  21. Cindy says – reply to this


    Re: Swiftie – You are really a retard Taylor won't notice you either? And most of us know that you siwft duster we rather for him to be with someone less slutty. Why do we like Eleanor and Danielle obviously because they are way less whoreish.

  22. Whatever says – reply to this


    The worst part about Haylor is that Harry lied to us. And as for Taylor, I used to like her. But boy is she turning into a whore.

  23. hannah says – reply to this


    if u say all this hate shit, then u guys are pratically hating on both harry and taylor because ur saying harry got bad taste, even though u all say hes perfect!! and taylor IS beautiful!! u know y? because everyone is beautiful in their own freaking way!! besides, shes not a dam slut!! she didnt have sex with countless men!!

  24. hannah says – reply to this


    Re: Whatever – /harry did not lie because he never said he would never date!! btw, he can't see the future so therefore he never knew he was gonna date Taylor!! besides wat did taylor do to YOU to make you hate her so much???

  25. hannah says – reply to this


    Re: bladderRe: Cindy – well ur not even a real directioner >:( directioners dont hate on 1D girlfriends. theres no point in crying over them both dating because its already DONE!! get on with ur life and find something better to do

  26. hannah says – reply to this


    Re: directiner 4 life – u wont know if taylor is splitting 1D apart unless 1D tells u themselves !! dont jump to conclusions!!

  27. hannah says – reply to this


    Re: Bloom – why are u worrying for? directioners all know that harry is not bad. so stop it

  28. aleesia says – reply to this


    why are all of you guys HATING do you have proof she is a slut or a tramp or anything else and just because the relationships she has had in the past didn't work out donsn't mean she is any of those things it just mean those boys wern't the right one for her you guys who are hating are PATHETIC GET OVER YOUR SELF im talking to you periwinkle11 and bladder im calling you out and EVERY ONE ELSE WHO IS HATING on them you guys need to get over YOURSELFS like today why can't they be happy i mean if you guys are really there fans then you guys should want them to be HAPPY and it looks you guys arn't really FANS OF THEM thats all i have to say to you FUCKING WEAK ASS BITCHES !

  29. A logical person says – reply to this


    She is 23 years old and goes on dates with people..like every other normal person. Before conor she didn't date anyone since jake…like a year in between. Harry would not date any of you if he wasn't with Taylor and to wish harm on two young people dating and enjoying each other is ridiculous. Shame on you.

  30. 30

    She's a classy slut.

  31. 31

    What I hate most about this whole situation is that anyone who expresses their negative thoughts about Taylor automatically becomes a fangirl who wants to marry Harry. In reality, I think people need to realize that some of us just see right through her innocent facade. It isn't hard to dislike her, I mean she makes repetitive albums about any boy or man that crosses her on the street. I think she's also very narcissistic. Who in their right mind dates that many guys in such a short span of time and writes songs bad mouthing them and expressing how she never has anything to do with it? You have to be pretty self obsessed to be constantly pulling that crap. I feel bad for any guy that comes near her, but I mainly feel bad for all of those poor fourteen year old fans of hers who think she's an angel. Trust me girls, as you grow up and realize that she isn't growing with you due to the simple fact that she's a 23 year old stuck in a 15 year olds' body, you'll see her for who she really is. Not only do I hope the die hard fans realize that, but all of America. Nothing makes me more sad than seeing a country fooled by such an immature floozy. Merry Christmas Taylor and all "Swifties", I'll be praying for you all.

  32. annoyed says – reply to this


    Re: ParisIsBurning – you need help

  33. maddi001 says – reply to this


    Why do you guys hate her so much? Why do you call her a slut? What has she done to you? Oh right yeah hit on your "soul mate" harry. Calm down, this hatred is sickening, I'm sorry but stereotypical "directioners" are so die hard they send death threats to any one who dares touch their idols or "boyfriend", I wouldnt be suprised if the fans are the reason they break up.

  34. enex says – reply to this


    i'm fine with the content but your titles are so misleading it annoys me to no end

  35. 35

    Re: hannah – she's still breathing

  36. mia says – reply to this


    Ughh. Whyyyyyyaaaaa I hate haylor. If they break up she gunna have a best selling album about him!!!!

  37. 37

    Re: Swiftie – I feel the same way except I don't like him dteing Taylor because of her rep and he will just end up as a son on her next album. But it's his life let him live it

  38. peyton says – reply to this


    If u are a real fan you would want him to be happyt

  39. arryssaD13 says – reply to this


    You guys should be happy for them . If you guys are fans of either of them then you would behappy for them .

  40. heather says – reply to this


    TO everyone calling her a slut. YOU DONT HAVE TO FUCK THE GUY YOU ARE DATING!!! It makes it clear who the real hoes are lol. When I see people dating I don't automatically assume sex at that stage, but I guess some of you are put out faster than others LOL.

  41. Master J says – reply to this


    Re: keb123yepthatsme – u are 100% right now that's the truth. Finally someone is making sense!

  42. 42

    God, this slut can't seem to keep her sloppy slot closed!

  43. 43

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  44. Katie says – reply to this


    I knew it wasen't going to last!

  45. 45

    Re: aleesia – -hey there first of all, i'm NOT the FAN of taylor swift, i used to be, but NOT ANYMORE. and second i'm the ONLY fan of 1D, for example, if your harry's situation right now, what would you do if taylor swift break-up with you, are gonna sit there on your couch or fight back it;s your choice honey, because i think all of the fans may hate or love taylor swift, just remember the things she dated with from the past, after that she made a break-up song each and everyone of her exes, and happen if she broke-up with harry, you'll never know taylor is gonna make another break-up song and this time it's for harry………. wake up sweety we are not bad guys here, we are just trying to help about the situation here darling, someday you will realize the whole truth about her (taylor). guess you have wait and see……………..that's all;)

  46. 46

    That is good new to hear I hope that she stays away from him and finds some other guy to date then write a song about after they break up

  47. MB says – reply to this


    Re: Whatever – The way I see it, if you're gonna be together, be together. It's one thing to be together, and then make sure you get photographed together, as much as possibly, go out of your way to be seen doing things, It's another to be together, make sure you are photographed, seen, etc, lie about it, make it a point to say over and over again "we are not", have all their best friends do the same, some of them saying things like "I wouldn't lead you guys down the wrong path with lies, trust, they are not….", to me shit like that shows what kind of people some of them are. Saying nothing about it is probably the best option when it comes to this pair.

  48. Bea says – reply to this


    Look I respect them but I do not ship them. If Taylor uses Harry And hurts him or any of 1D she had better prepare for major payback!

  49. Taylor says – reply to this


    OMG u people I think there perfect together. Taylor is beautiful and as a true fan of 1D I think Harry could go out w any girl he wants and wishes. U girls all know that ur never ever going to marry Harry and ur never going to break them apart I think that's the best thing that happens in 2012!!! Hint girls u all are going to break Harry's heart and Taylor's too. I think that Taylor is not a slot she is a very sweet and she knows what wright not like u all girls not there. Don't let ur hate break them. So beat it and shut the hell up plzzzz u biches

  50. Lyric says – reply to this


    A person that works with Taylor already said that she was going to move on because Harry was too boring, then they said that she already has enough songs thought of. Another person that works with her said that she only dates these guys for fame. Guess what? They're right! If it weren't for her 'Boyfriends' then she wouldn't have any song ideas! Have you ever seen a song that isn't about her relationships win a Grammy or being on billboards top 100? No! If she doesn't have a boyfriend then she wouldn't have a song, if she doesn't have a song then she doesn't get paid. Don't you see that pattern? When I realized what she did to the Jonas Brothers I stopped being a fan. Do you know WHAT she did the the Jonas Brothers? She tore them apart by ONE song about Joe breaking up with her! That is exactly what she is doing to 1D. Lou's sister Lottie said on her instagram account that Taylor DID call Niall ' a fat ugly pig ' or something along those lines, made him cry, and got caught in the action by the other boys. Liam and Louis stood up for Niall while Harry defended Taylor, FOR HURTING ONE OF HIS BEST MATES. He is so blind. Plus Taylor only likes Harry Styles from One Direction, not Harry Styles from Cheshire. Your argument is irrelevant. Goodbye.

  51. Dalia says – reply to this


    Re: ParisIsBurning – I hope u do u $&@!?

  52. samantha says – reply to this


    Re: directiner 4 life – taylor needs to stop what shes doing i dont want harry to be said when he dumpes him when she has a song about him she will be like bye harry im leaving you or something like that if i was with onedirection i would never dump any of them

  53. sam says – reply to this


    Re: ParisIsBurning – let them be its not like ur going to marry them and ur so cruel

  54. anonangel says – reply to this


    Perez you're so nice now. What happened to the Old Perez, the one who bashed all the celebs? He was far more interesting!!

  55. Mayamajed43 says – reply to this


    I think thats pretty nice that their trying to keep a releashinship and spend time with their family and Taylor is not a slut

  56. heather says – reply to this


    You 1D fans are weirdos ;/ If I were harry I wouldn't want psycho obsessed 13 year olds threatening to kill my gf lol. Get some help and get a boyfriend at your school or calm down, I know your going through puberty but damn you don't even know him and your getting all worked up over him and spewing so much hate on Taylor because she is dating a guy who won't ever like you lol. Take a deep breath and relax lol.

  57. anita says – reply to this


    i really don't care about them. Promote me

  58. angel says – reply to this


    Ok Re: Taylor – ok look I agree with u but calling themm bitches is just making YOU the biggest bitch because they didn't say anything to you so there is no need to call them bitches for no reason

  59. angel says – reply to this


    Re: I Thought It Was Gum – hahahahaha lol I dont know why this is so funny I soo agree with you though :) a

  60. angel says – reply to this


    HRe: Lyric – omg. Finally someone who understands thank you ur soo right :)

  61. Cathy ~*~ says – reply to this


    I don't think they are good together…

  62. 62

    First of all, everyone stop with the hate. Grow up. It's childish. Second, swifties need to back off. U think that u guys are superior than directioners.. Wiser than us I should say.. Well you're NOT. U say that we are not going to marry Harry & that we may not have a chance. That may be true, but its not like YOU'RE ever going 2 be with Taylor 2 so shut the fuck up. Second, people saying that we're not true directioners just because we don't ship them.. U should get this through your THICK FUCKING SKULL that hate is DIFFERENT from opinions. Some people might not like other people's opinions, but last time I checked it was a free country & I could say whatever the hell I want! For my fellow directioners, don't let swifties talk down to u. They r no different from us. They think their precious little Taylor is going to get hurt from this.. She obviously ISN'T because she has dated more guys than I could count and she's still going strong. So, a little warning 4 u uptight snobby swifties.. LEAVE US & OUR FANDOM ALONE. We have never criticized yours so don't do it 2 ours. Taylor is our poison & she is literally tearing us apart. Directioners r a family! And I think that the boys wouldn't like u guys bashing us and they would want u 2 leave us alone to! Some go back to your little teenage fantasies and help your idol write more lyrics about Harry because I know that is EXACTLY what she is doing.

  63. 63

    Okay,all you Swifties I have a problem with you guys. I'm a directioner,and you guys don't realize how many guys she has dated. I mean I guess she's okay but goddamn she needs to calm the fuck down with these guys because she is going to get pregnant and fucking have a baby coming out screaming,"I KNEW I WAS FUCKING TROUBLE WHEN I WAS IN MY MOM'S STOMACH!" like I'm not kidding. SO YOU SWIFTIES NEED TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN. So, Taylor Swift isn't innocent ’cause she has dated IN-FUCKING-FINITY amount of guys. So, Harry isn't the bad guy here.

  64. 64

    Re: Swiftie – OKAY BITCH LISTEN UP. I have a better chance of marrying Harry Styles than you do getting butt fucked by Jesus Christ.

  65. 65

    Re: John – ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? It's directions,get it right before you TRY and make a at least decent comeback.

  66. 66


  67. shakira says – reply to this


    I thought they didn't like make up on girl its right in the song wmyb

  68. Directioner & Swiftie says – reply to this


    1. To the Directioners saying that Taylor needs to back off from Harry because he's "mine," kindly be quiet.
    2. To the Swifties saying that all Directioners don't ship Haylor because they want Harry for themselves, you are being wrong, biased, and ignorant.
    3. To the Directioners calling Taylor a "slut," "whore," or any other vulgar/rude terms regarding how many boys she has dated, I would like to inform you that, including Harry Styles, she has dated exactly six boys in course of approximately five years.
    4. To the Swifties and Directioners saying that if someone does not support Haylor, they are not true "fans" of either Harry or Taylor, that is very offensive.
    5. To the Directioners insisting that Taylor will end up hurting Harry, I would like to say,"It takes two to tango." In other words, Harry understands the consequences of dating Taylor and it would be equally as fault, just as much as Taylor's, if their relationship goes badly. Harry is not a child. He is a man (however much it cracks me up to say/type this) and can date whoever he wants, and must take responsibility for his actions. The same goes to Taylor.
    Thank you.

  69. Directioner & Swiftie says – reply to this


    6. To all Directioners saying that Swifties will not be Taylor's soulmate either, I would like to point out that most Swifties harbor no romantic feelings towards Taylor, whether the Swiftie be a boy or a girl.

  70. ghettoswag says – reply to this


    Re: A logical person – listen you little hoe i will beat your ass anytime of the day bitch im black i whoop ass where ever You go there wil always be people haten on so stf and get a life cuz hello u one fake ass son of a bitch thats right hoe wat u going to do talking about tramp bitch please you a bag ass tramp hooooeeeeeeeeee better not say shit about harry before i jump u

  71. 71

    Luv it I am a Haylor fan but I WANTZ HAZZA,(hazza is Harry's nickname if u dint know)

  72. 72

    Re: directiner 4 life – yah here's a joke so Taylor and Harry brake up so Taylor makes a song called "I went the wrong direction" haha I still like Taylor she's cool

  73. 73

    Re: lauriepooh – I agree with u cuz they are all calling her a bitch and a slut when Harry wants to be with her he is trying to be happy but everyone hating on Taylor rips them apart and I'm a swiftie + directioner

  74. 1DSwiftie says – reply to this


    I am both a Directioner and a Swiftie. I am not going to be biased or anything. This is my opinion please don't hate. Taylor had 6 boyfriends in 4 years. Lots of sources are not true they're making up stories about Taylor having more than 6 boyfriends in 4 years.

    To tell the truth I love haylor. I think I am a true Directioner and Swiftie, I don't hate on them, that never solve the problem. True directioners and swifties should be happy for them. I don't think Taylor is using Harry.

    And I would agree with taylor haters that she is probably writing a song about Harry when they break up, but do u ever look to the positive side sometimes? Writing songs maybe a way for Taylor to express her feelings. And I guess many other artists write songs about their bad relationship but doesn't make it a public thing.

    To all Directioners and Swifties think to the positive side! Be happy for them :)

    Sometimes it's the boys side that dumped taylor not taylor dumping them. Sometimes it's taylor that dumped her boyfriends. We don't know everything. So if we don't really know I don't think we should make up stories.

    And I knew you were trouble is not about Harry.

    All I wish is for haylor to be happy and for all 1D and Taylor fans to be happy for them.

    Sorry for my bad grammar and English, I don't speak or write fluent English.

  75. 75

    Puh-lease swifties, get real! Loving on their relationship isn't going to make Harry love me. Respecting her isn't going to make Harry love me too. Your point?

  76. AelenaMarie says – reply to this


    Yeah I think taylor n harry are both my favorite but together no ! No! No! No! Their not right together but I'm a true directioner:-)

  77. penelope says – reply to this


    hey!!!!don't be too harsh on her!!SHE'S A HUMAN AFTER ALL!!!she could be hurt when she find this out……..if i were you….,,,,,,just stop throwing negative comments on her….
    (werla lang ang peg's ….. SAVEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!)

  78. 78

    It is getting old having to see and hear about Taylor Siftless and her breakups then writing her songs trashing her exboy friends just maybe she should growup and date someone her own age