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Bethenny Frankel's Marriage Wasn't So Happily Ever After

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We heard that Bethenny Frankel and hubby Jason Hoppy have officially separated, but the reality star has remained mum about what exactly caused the split…UNTIL NOW.

The Bethenny Ever After reality star blames the separation, after three years of marriage, on "core issues".

Bethenny explains:

"Nothing comes easily for me. Being successful in business doesn't come easy for me. Marriage doesn't come easily for me. You have to fight for everything. Our core issues are wanting the other person to be somebody they are not. Jason is more balanced. He doesn't want to work 24 hours a day. He wants to play golf and go out with his friends."

According to the Skinny Girl mogul, issues over money, family, and gender roles were always an area of conflict, but broadcasting their struggles for a national audience didn't help either!

She further divulged:

"He feels there are so many people who have a piece of me. The core issues are he wants me to open up to let me in, and my basic thing is, I don’t want to be in a situation where I can't say what I feel. I have to be in a relationship where I can say what I feel even if it's wrong – so we can work through it."

They say opposites attract, but from what Bethenny says, it seems like these two are just too different to make it work!

And poor little baby Bryn is stuck in the middle of it!

We don't know what the outcome will be, but we wish all the best to the family!!! Maybe this is for the best?!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Bethenny Frankel's Marriage Wasn't So Happily Ever After

  1. 1

    "Core issues"? Yes, and at the core is Bethenny. She thinks she's the greatest thing who ever lived. Can't stand her, and evidently, neither could her husband!

  2. 2

    "Me me me." Then, "Me, me, me, I, I, I, I, I, I." I don't think she can help it.

    Honestly, it seemed on their show as though she treated him like some substandard employee, not an equal partner in marriage. She often disrespected him on camera. Watching her sabotage their relationship ended up being like watching a slow-motion train wreck. Too painful.

    Sorry for both of them, but most especially their daughter.

  3. 3

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  5. 5

    Nothing says publicity whore more than a woman who announces her separation during the holidays. Jason is to be done with her.

  6. MRezvani says – reply to this


    Total publicity stunt backed by Fox, who will be airing her show this Spring. Announcement made the day before Christmas: perfect timing for sympathy. C'mon guys, enough with this Skinny Girl playing us to make a buck and stay in the spot light. Not only that, how dare she make a public statement about her separation, not divorce…a separation, so shortly after the tragedy in CT. Does she really feel she is as news worthy??? Well, a narcassist would. Funny her statement was released by Fox News (who is airing her talk show) and the last statement written in the Fox article was: "She launched a talk show, "Bethenny," over the summer that is set to air nationally on Fox stations in 2013."
    A shameless plug…just like everything else this woman does. Pathetic

  7. dj says – reply to this


    This doesn't surprise me. Her attitude always seemed to be real bad. I didn't really think they could stay together. Especially if it was thrown in front of the cameras for a tv show.

  8. cks says – reply to this


    Hope she had a pre-nup

  9. Frustrated says – reply to this


    Where is my original message so that I may delete some things???

  10. Anna says – reply to this


    Jason has always "been there" for her…..she is self centered, too ambitious, money hungry? Jason has always been the better parent,,,Bethany needs to change her attitude, "It's me and only me" that matters. Poor Jason entered the marriage believing it would last, he and his parents are normal dealing with an abnormal Bethany….he should get into a loving relationship and have a normal family, he's a great guy and makes a amazing father!! my sympathies are with him and his parents and of course Bryn.