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X Factor Finalists Set To Be Signed To Sony!

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Fifth Harmony Sony Music Deal 1

Tate Stevens might’ve been crowned this year’s X Factor champ, but it sounds like some of his competitors are set to win big as well!

While it’d been rumored that Simon Cowell’s group, Emblem3, would be signed to Sony Music, we’re now hearing that Carly Rose Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony will be, too!

With the season concluding just last week, Carly Rose came in second place this season, with Fifth Harmony in third and Emblem3 in fourth!

Though official announcements are said to be made in early 2013, the four finalists will all supposedly be signed to Syco Music — Simon and Sony Music’s record company.

Of Simon’s plans, an insider revealed:

"Simon is determined to prove that he can find the next big girl group in America. He missed out on a chance to sign the Spice Girls and he's regretted it ever since."

Even though girl group Little Mix won the X Factor UK in 2011, they still have yet to see success in America… so it sounds like 5H just may be Simon’s answer!

Carly Rose, on the other hand, will reportedly be marketed similarly to America’s Got Talent finalist, Jackie Evancho, except leaning more towards pop than opera.

As for his hopes for Emblem3, the bro band trio?

"Emblem3 has always been Simon's biggest priority out of this year's contestants. He thinks Emblem3 can be as big as Hanson was in the late '90s."

The only issue Emblem3 would be facing now is choosing between Epic Records and Columbia Records to market and promote their music!

It’ll definitely be interesting to see what becomes of the finalists!

[Image via X Factor.]

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20 comments to “X Factor Finalists Set To Be Signed To Sony!”

  1. 1

    oh hell no! Little Mix is the next spice girls!

  2. Anggie1213 says – reply to this


    SEE! I told ya!

  3. 38543854 says – reply to this


    5th Harmony enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. Emblem 3 sucked as well as the girl band.

  4. Nevereverlikeever says – reply to this


    Carlyyyyy is the best

  5. Christyh says – reply to this


    Little Mix has not released music in the US, Perez, so you cannot say they are not successful here yet. Anyway, Little Mix's chemistry is incredible, 5th Harmony is nowhere near their expertise.

    Emblem3 needs to be smart and go with people who will let them be themselves

  6. Yee Boy Tha III says – reply to this


    Yo. That Simon Cowsmell look like Mr. Potato Head in a suit. Where his mustache and funny glasses? Words.

  7. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    I didn't like this group at all I can't believe Sony signed them.

  8. 8

    I hope they get shot.

  9. gray says – reply to this



  10. morganmiguess says – reply to this


    i cannot wait until emblem3 gets signed! i want them to have a cd out already and go touring! that is one concert i cannot wait for! and 5h is no where near as good as little mix was. cant wait for them to annouce everything in 2013!!!

  11. Badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Re: morganmiguess – LOL!!! Emblem 3 will FLOP hardcore! They are not going to be anything like Hanson during their success, more like Has-beens. None of the guys are attractive, One Direction, The Wanted, Justin Beiber, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, all have the Boy Category on lock down. That pathetic attempt of a Boy Band Emblem 3 should just fade away. Their music sucks, their attitude sucks, if they do somehow make it they won't make it past their debut album before they end up on meth and od'ing!

  12. NEVER says – reply to this


    Fifth Harmony could never, ever EVER become the next Spice Girls. I voted for them, but they're not THAT good. They're going to flop just like Little Mix. Girl groups aren't welcomed in America yet… maybe in a couple years, but not now.

  13. carlyfan says – reply to this


    lol. If you think 5h and E3 will flop, Carly will flop even harder.

  14. Carlyfan says – reply to this


    Re: Badnfluenz

    yeah. Carly will flop too LMAO

  15. Chanel says – reply to this


    WOO! I love Fifth Harmony and Emblem3 <3 I'm from the UK, and I know for a fact that Emblem3 have a huge fanbase here, and so do Fifth Harmony. I really don't like Little Mix, they aren't good singers individually like 5H and they are really fake with the bunch of makeup they slap on their faces 24/7. I prefer 5H's wholesome, youthful, natural beauty, and of course their insanely amazing voices!
    And don't even get me started on Emblem3, I've wanted to see a boy group that doesn't sing conventional Pop-music for soo long, and they look like real MEN (abs, surfers, brawny..I'm in heaven). I can't wait for their albums!

  16. 16

    Re: Chanel – love this comment!

  17. 17

    Little mix hasn't even released music in America yet. If 5H are signed to syco then I feel sorry for little mix cos simon will neglect them or drop them cos he does that to all his acts. You can take emblem3 but I really hope carly doesn't sign with syco. I hope she works with LA on epic as he always creates stars from their teens. Or that she signs with RCA or Columbia. Syco is a shit label that has no idea on how to make good music/promote real talent. They will force carly to flop either through neglect or shit work. Alexandra Burke hasn't got an international break and leona lewis is doing bad now her latest single didn't even make the top 200 in the uk. Hope carly makes a good decision and goes with epic, RCA or Columbia

  18. Jdkfjdj says – reply to this


    Little mix is way better than Fifth Unison.

  19. Leigh says – reply to this


    Re: gloomyben – I agree little mix is the next spice girls and fifth harmony are gonna be like danity Kane..they wouldn't last

  20. Harmonizer says – reply to this


    What are you guys talking about? Fifth Harmony sings amazing! Can't wait to buy their album.