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Rochester House Fire Gunman Left DEPLORABLE Note; Wanted To Kill As Many As Possible!

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Has Christmas really become the time for gun-crazed tragedies?

It just makes us so sad. And angry!

The story of the house fire believed to have been a firefighter-luring trap for the murder-lust of William Spengler now has a bizarre new element to it — a disgusting note.

Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering couldn't read the entire letter, which was left by the sniper who took his own life after shooting four firefighters, but he sure read enough of it for us!

Revealing his intention to burn his neighborhood down and kill as many as possible, the letter read:

"I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best — killing people."

Absolutely despicable…

Spengler, 62, had already been convicted of first-degree manslaughter for killing his grandmother back in 1981. He was released on supervised parole…

And while the letter explained his grisly intention, the motive still remains a mystery. The main theories revolve around a donation his mother made to the fire department and a connection to his arrest dealing with the case of his grandmother.

Along with the two fallen firefighters (with two others hospitalized), his 67-year-old sister was also victim to the event. Having been found charred in the fire, the medical examiner will challenge himself to discover whether or not she died from the fire or another wound first. According to their neighbor, the two never seemed to get along well living under the same roof.

Wow… WHY are all of these tragic events happening so close to each other!?! We know we survived the Mayan apocalypse but sh*t! Sometimes it seems like the world is ending anyways!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE NEED ACTION AND WE NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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14 comments to “Rochester House Fire Gunman Left DEPLORABLE Note; Wanted To Kill As Many As Possible!”

  1. 1

    Curious just what you type of action you think would work, maybe not printing the name in BOLD of the killer, with his assign , self promoting , evil quip? You could do that. We on the other hand have to get a handle on young kids and adults with developing , psychotic , or just plain anger filled , evil intentions. This guy was 62 yrs in the making, and killed his grandma. What was he like at 15, 20? The only way to change the mindset of adults, is to address it when they are young. Our culture sucks for young people, imagery, and the idea that fun and pleasure are all that should be desired. Be of service to one another, teach your kids to forgive, love and trust. Teach them right and wrong, and accountability, vs. the blame game. Get help yourself , if you are a parent that needs to get a grip. Oh, and yes, more oversight of these young to old adults that are crushing the innocents, and good guys.

  2. 2

    Don't blame this on guns and the NRA, this is a liberal issue, this man beat his grandmother to death with a hammer and you libs let him back on the streets. Think Texas would have let him out of prison and back in society, hell no they wouldn't have.

  3. 3

    it is when fucks like you make these idiots celebrities. Thanks a lot you sack of shit. You make this planet a worse place.

  4. 4

    Can't you American let go of your two-century-old paranoia once and for all ?

  5. D says – reply to this


    This lunatic broke the law in many ways. How will more gun laws help that? In fact, how will more gun laws help protect the innocent, law-abiding citizens from those who don't care about said laws? I don't have celebrity money to buy a body guard for myself and my family or live in a gated community or to move to France like so many do. I need to and have the right to protect myself and my family from people like this. Let's stop sensationalizing these atrocities and find realistic solutions to stop criminals and get help for those who are mentally unstable. In the meantime, Perez, you've lost a fan. I used to like your mindless drivel about people who really don't matter to me as a break from reality.

  6. ew. says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Are you anti-gun advocates the ones that are paranoid enough to want to take guns from everybody?

  7. 7

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  9. michy says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – I agree!

  10. you says – reply to this


    do you realize, perez, that people like you are part of why the world is like this? making money and profits at any cost, spewing lies and inciting hate, while creating constant judgement and a complete lack of accountability; all mixed in with total hypocricy. do you fucking get it? why the fuck do you think people are snapping left and right? the world is full of opportunists everywhere, and it has destroyed humanity.
    also, we did not SURVIVE a mayan apocalypse. it would have had to actually happen for us to survive. this is the last time i will visit this site ever. it used to be so great, now it makes me sick.

  11. 11

    Ummm…He was not allowed to own a gun, but had illegally obtained one. How is taking away guns from law abiding citizens going to stop criminals from obtaining guns illegally? Makes sense!

  12. Pamela says – reply to this


    Perez Ive been reading your site for years but this is the first comment I have ever made. Lately you're really p*ssing me off. Your site had completely changed for the worst. Most of your news is extremely false, offensive or old news. Sensationalizing things like violence only perpetuates idiots seeking fame. If you want to take a stand to end bullying or gun violence, why not start by publishing human interest stories? You have an amazingly huge platform with which to do good… and instead of providing entertainment- you've succeeded in putting your head up your ass. If you really want senseless violence to end = keep it off celebrity gossip sites please

  13. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – No I refuse to give up my pistol, even though I live in a security building, strangers get in from time to time. This past March a strange man walked right into my apartment building! Fortunately he was old and demented. Otherwise I would have shot a gang banger, and shot to kill so you do not get sued for srnino called loss of earnings.

  14. DiFri says – reply to this


    The entire world is dumbfounded that William Spengler was released from prison after serving 17 years for KILLING HIS OWN GRANDMOTHER WITH A HAMMER! What is wrong with this world that someone who'd do that, would EVER be allowed to see the light of day again?! Who is responsible for Christmas Eve's heinous acts? And many, many others? District Attorneys, who, in order to "avoid a lengthy trial" (and free up their own schedules) offer unfit-for-society people like Mr. Spengler, deals to plead guilty to lesser charges. In this case, Spengler was allowed to plead guilty to manslaughter, instead of standing trial on the 2nd degree murder charges that he was originally charged with. There should BE NO PLEA DEALS FOR VIOLENT CRIMES!