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Sandy Hook Shooting Pushes LAPD To Move Gun Buyback Program To TODAY

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SO many props to the Los Angles Police Department!!

The LAPD's honorable gun buyback program, which generally occurs in May, was moved to TODAY (December 26th) in response to the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school shootings which took place December 14th.

The program urges gun owners to bring their weapons to one of two approved locations — the Van Nuys Masonic Temple and Los Angeles Sports Arena — where they can anonymously exchange their guns for grocery store gift cards.

A participant in the gun buyback program can get $100 for pistols, shotguns and rifles, and $200 for assault weapons.

According to the LAPD, this program has collected over 8,000 guns since its inception in 2009!

If only we could turn this small effort of getting guns off of the streets into a nationwide initiative!

Imagine how many LIVES could be saved?!

[Image via AP Images.]

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17 comments to “Sandy Hook Shooting Pushes LAPD To Move Gun Buyback Program To TODAY”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    Thanks "Tragedy Perez" !. More CELEBRITY news-that isn't of YOU please !

  2. 2

    a wholelot of $20. guns in that pile. Lets see I give you a piece of crap .22 semi pistol, you give me $100. Ok that's a deal, let me go buy 15 more,, thanks for the food. Another fucking waste of time and money.

  3. :* says – reply to this


    Only $200 for an assault weapon. Fuck that.

  4. pete says – reply to this


    they did this "downunder" an all gun turn in . the crime rate went UP 30% acrose the board.

  5. teeter totter says – reply to this


    No thanks, not enough money. I sold all my late husband's guns except for a pistol I keep for protection, got $1000 for the specialty combo rifle and shotgun handmade in Germany alone (called a drilling and I could have gotten a lot more if Ken had kept the guns cleaned on a regular basis).

  6. danimal says – reply to this


    People commenting on this; are you serious? This upsets you? Ok, $20 gun doesn't exist unless it is bought from desperate person, buy that gun and sell it to the police, good on you and do it another 15 times. Anyone willing to sell their gun for gift cards SHOULD sell their guns to the police, this is fantastic. By the way, I own guns. Don't want to sell your AR-15 for $200 bucks, don't! You don't need to fuck anything to not sell your guns.

  7. Aragorn says – reply to this


    Thanks anyway Perez.
    If you think that chump change the cities offer for firearms
    turn your own in then.

  8. ... says – reply to this


    This is Camden NJ

  9. kamdycane says – reply to this


    How dumb! That's (good ol boy gun) street guns ? Hot stolen guns? Ghetto guns? Real criminals with guns…….stupid stupid I know Perez prances around in a Speedo dancing in his Barbie doll house. But be logical Perez, you didn't get street guns.

  10. 10

    This is beyond mind numbing. Do you think law abiding citizens turning in their guns will do anything except put them at risk at being the next victim? Are the bad guys, crazy guys handing in their guns? You think Adam Lanza would have handed in his gun? I think not. The same dumb-ass, UNINFORMED Americans that voted for Obama.

  11. caravaggio_the_factual says – reply to this


    In Los Angeles? There are 250,000 + gang members who live in the L.A. Basin. Good luck with that plan, 'Mayor Antonio'.

  12. Miche says – reply to this


    You do understand that many of the guns that police buy back they turn around and sell. Sure some are incinerated but the valuable ones aren't. Read Glock: The Rise of America's Gun by Paul Barrett, it's about the resale of what people think assault weapons are and how many of the guns under Bill Clinton's ban ended up directly in the hands of criminals. Many where old police high capacity guns that ended up in criminal hands. Educate yourself before you support programs that worsen matters instead of improving them.

  13. 13

    Most of those guns are stolen by desperate people needing food. No law abiding citizen who paid 200+ dollars for their firearm would sell it. Most guns in that pile are either stolen, "hot", non functioning. This is one of those "feel good" things libitards do. Thinking this will make a difference. So basically this is just costing tons of money. Those guns will be checked to see if they are indeed stolen (something the libs will neglect mention when they see how many of them are indeed reported stolen), used in crimes,etc. Not to mention, the worst part is, the ones that haven't been reported stolen that are still in good condition will be RESOLD back FOR A PROFIT. You stupid TWATS.

  14. ll says – reply to this


    Thats right ..get rid of your guns so when the gang bangers kick in your doors in broad daylight and rape your kids and maybe murder you and rob you that you have no protection. T he onlyones we want with guns are mruders and rapists and just flat ass criminals..the plot is working and the cool aid is flwoing like the Mississippi river,soon you all will be disarmed so be sure to put a sign out on the lawn..come on in we are non violent and not armed,,,help yourselves to anything we have..because that is what you are doing, Those kids would have died by a bomb if he had not gotten the guns. SO take yhour

  15. ll says – reply to this


    This is a foolish move. Especially in that area littered with gangs. They are handing over their guns to make it easier for the gangs and criminlas to take over because they are the only ones with guns,,,but I guess people better turn over all their knives and baseball bats and anything that can kill. Cars kill more people than guns. Drugs kill more people than guns and on and on. Because there were babies involved people are running and drinking the coolaid . Who in their right minds want to be in a house with no way to protect yourself or your kids? Well that is what you are doing and if your kids get murdered while you wach it is YOUR fault. there is more to this horrible thing that happened. It is strange that while the Muslim in the white house is signing contracts to disarm the American people that this kid walks into this school and kill all the litttle children? Strange becuase of Obama wanting to take all of ours guns and then people blame the NRA?? How fucking stupid is that ? YOu blame the NRA who had nothing to do with this, horrible thing and run and hand in your guns. Does that mean you were afraid of going and killing a bunch of innocent kids?? It must be so or you would not have been drinking the coolaid and believeing the nonsense the press and Obama have put out there..Germany here we come , just change the flag..the Brown shirts are a coming,

  16. jeff gray says – reply to this


    remember in the past when the police kept the guns and sold them for a much higher price for their own greed I hope this does not happen.

  17. FTHAT says – reply to this


    how much would they sale the guns to me. I want a few of them