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DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL! Every now and then Hollywood produces a jewel of a film that inspires the masses and impacts and world. But at the end of the d… Read more…

16 comments to “Natalie Portman Vs. Kristen Stewart: Who's Hollywood's Most Bankable Star??”

  1. So what says – reply to this


    Portman has shown a great range of acting abilities. She has no scandals, great parents, and was a great child actor.

    The other one? A scandal and a franchise. Ho hum.

  2. Sven Erlandson says – reply to this


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  3. Angela says – reply to this


    Does anyone else think that Kristen, with her EVER miserable look in every picture, looks like Lisa Marie Presley, who also never smiles in any picture? Kristen should have chosen a different line of work, since she always looks like she hates being bothered with having to be photographed. You POOR LITTLE THING…….. I bet she is smiling when she is cashing those paychecks she gets for being in the movies.

  4. Angela says – reply to this


    Re: Sven Erlandson – Hey Idoit, can't you read? These comments are about Kristen and Natalie. Go peddle your stupid book somewhere else..

  5. ROBSCHERRYBOMB says – reply to this



  6. 6

    From the names you posted, it isn't really the stars that are bankable though… it is the Franchises they are in. Think about it: Portman = Star Wars Prequels. Kristen Stewart = Twilight. Shia LaBeouf = Transformers. Daniel Radcliffe = Harry Potter. With the exception of Natalie Portman, none of these actors have really made it big, money wise, in movies outside of their franchises. You could pretty much stick any other actress in Kristen's role in Twilight, and it still would have made the same (if not more) money. Now that Shia is out of Transformers, and Kristen is done with Twilight, it will be interesting to see how well they fare in the movies. Portman meanwhile, will keep raking it in with franchises like Marvel's THOR.

  7. bluezombiehunter says – reply to this


    Re: Demode – Your statement is 100 percent true.

  8. Lily says – reply to this


    Re: Demode – Agree. However, for all of Kristen Stewart's blustering about how she's private, I bet she's going to sign on to another role in some sort of franchise that brings the dollas and keep on hanging on. Most of those franchises don't require any great acting ability, although I have to admit the girl has vastly improved since the first Twilight film. If it's between her and some random CW starlet for a franchise role, they are probably going to pick her because she has name recognition. The franchises like all that tabloid frenzy, so that will help too (although seriously, the girl is bland as wonder bread and mayo and there have been a lot juicier cheating scandals…don't get the tabloids plus some of the blogs painting her as some black widow seductress type).

  9. bjsmith says – reply to this


    Natalie Portman all the way. She is such a believable actress. I think she will always make good choices when it comes to making movies. She doesn't need a franchise to make lots of money quickly. I think she will do well in any movie project.Some people are just stars. But Natalie are both actress/star.

  10. jane08 says – reply to this


    Re: Angela – I hope you certainly know what you're saying along with the people who agree with this comment. I guess there's no actor who'd like to be chased and photographed by paparazzi. It's not the photographers or fans she hates, it's the paparazzi. because they're parasites that need to be avoided. Remember Princess Diana? She died because they were chasing her. She doesn't smile to paparazzi because she hates them. But once a fan asks her for an autograph and picture, she would appreciate it. Let's all keep in mind that we spend our money for their movies and stuffs. but we're not buying actors here. She probably owes her fans and haters for being in the pedestal but not the paparazzi. Paparazzi earn from her not her from them.

  11. 11

    They're not part of the same Universe. Natalie has education, class, and a great family. Kristen's parents failed her by allowing her to leave school at an early age, it shows!

  12. Angela says – reply to this


    Re: jane08 – Just to clarify my statement, about Kristen never smiling for photographers. The pictures that I mean she never smiles in are the ones that are taken at HER movie openings, not the ones for the paparazzi. You can tell by her posing and the background where she is. I agree that the paparazzi photographers will stop at nothing to get a picture, car wrecks, death etc. I have heard on tv, from other actors that it is a different situation when they are being photographed at THEIR own movie premiers, verses being chased down by paparazzi for a picture at their home. That is why I commented that Kristen never smiles in HER movie premier photos.

  13. 13

    Oh please i'm sick about people like Kristen bitching about the paps. She grew up in LA and knew damn well that goes with the territroy. If you don't like it take your talentless ass and move to Utah. The biggest difference between the two is one has talent and class and the other has none.

  14. tia says – reply to this


    Re: Demode – Kristen is having great accepting role this year alone she she played in three movies that made it to the top of the best movies

  15. 15

    You guys need to stop dissing Kris over the cheating thing as mentioned before she isn't the only celebrity whose cheated before so just drop the subject and she is making a lot of money even after twilight she had two other movies beside part 2 this year and is getting ready to have three more so SHUT UP!

  16. bjsmith says – reply to this


    Re: tia – yes, I totally agree with you.