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Michigan Weed House Has Neighbors Fuming!

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marijuana house michigan overwhelming weed odor lawsuit

Residents in Ypsilanti Township are so upset about living next to a real life Cheech & Chong, they've filed a lawsuit against their neighbors!

The offending home allegedly emanated an "overwhelming" amount of pungent marijuana odor this past year and their plaintiff's lawyer says it's disrupting to the neighbors.

Attorney Dennis McLain explained:

“It’s the noxious odors that’s really the nuisance and that’s the bottom line. The neighbors are just beside themselves because of this over the past months. It’s an unacceptable situation.”

Where do these guys think they live, Colorashington?

Maybe it's a grow house!

Maybe it's where Rihanna and Snoop sleep whenever they pass through town!

Either way, Ypsilanti Township must be a prime place to open up a Cheetos dispensary! LOLz!!

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3 comments to “Michigan Weed House Has Neighbors Fuming!”

  1. Oliver says – reply to this


    1. Maybe it belongs to a cancer patient who is terminal.
    2. No grower in his right mind would smoke up his own grow-op. Draw too much attention.
    3. Unless there's cars coming and going at all hours of the bloody day and night, it's most likely legitimate. Why didn't these neighbours just knock on the damned door and find out?
    4. Oh yeah… this is a Perez Hilton article. Of COURSE there are holes all over the place. This asswipe can't tell a news story to save his fucking life.

  2. JEWELZ says – reply to this


    DOES any one else see that face that the smoke made? scaryyyyy

  3. James says – reply to this


    The neighbors are being cry babies appearantly he is a legal patient or caregiver or he would be in jail. They should have taken the money they spent on the law suite to help him get a ventilation system, that would have been the neighborly thing to do.