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Katie Holmes' Play May Be Dead But She Could Always Star In Les Mis! WATCH What We Mean HERE!

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Wow! Just look at those innocent, young, pre-Xenu affected eyes! Full of hope JUST like Eponine!

Even though Katie Holmes' latest attempt at acting was not a screaming success, we still think the girl was BORN to be on the stage…

At least, Joey Potter was!

Ch-ch-check out a throwback clip of Katie Joey singing On My Own from Dawson's Creek (above)!

Dayuuummm with that thin voice of hers she could have totes gotten the part of Eponine in Tom Hooper's film version of Les Misérables over that Samantha Bark!

LOLz! Obviously we are kidding, Bark plays Eponine to perfection. But we still think there's something to this singing thing…

A new career path for Katie perhaps?


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21 comments to “Katie Holmes' Play May Be Dead But She Could Always Star In Les Mis! WATCH What We Mean HERE!”

  1. Rachel says – reply to this


    It's horrendous.

  2. Jo says – reply to this


    Truly awful….are you joking?

  3. Rachel says – reply to this


    It's Samantha BarkS with an s at the end. Not Bark. Her name is Samantha Barks. You really need to stop calling her the wrong name in all your posts. It's embarrassing.

  4. nina says – reply to this


    Omg that was zoo bad, is that even her voice? it sounds like a 5 year old

  5. Beth says – reply to this


    It's Samantha BarkS (with an S). It's kind of a slap to such a talented actress to spell her name wrong when its so easy to spell and to fact check.

  6. lulu says – reply to this


    GEESUS, she's awful!

  7. chelcie says – reply to this


    you know what is your deal with samantha barks? Like seriously? she did a great job and just because she is not an A list celeb doesnt mean you have to be jealous?

  8. Anne says – reply to this


    The problem with Katie Holmes is that she is trying so hard to become a Hollywood movie star which she clearly isn't. She does not have the charisma or magnetism of a movie star. She should go back to TV since that's where she became a bit known for. Yes, she is very pretty but she has no movie star appeal. That's the truth and if she learns to accept that, maybe then she will become huge as what she has always aspired for ever since.

  9. Mary says – reply to this


    OMG Seriously?? That was awful! It was comparable to nails scratching a chalkboard! ugh. Katie, stick to acti…wait, what is it she does again?

  10. Jackee says – reply to this


    I am a HUGE Dawson's Creek fan and I remember seeing this years ago and thinking then "This is so bad".

  11. boheme19 says – reply to this


    That baby sex kitten voice is horrible! And even the song is like bad poetry written by a 14 yr. old. Wow! Really disappointing. I mean, who could tell if somewhere under all that she had a good voice or not?

  12. Princess Leah says – reply to this


    If that is truly her singing voice, she deserves credit for doing this, if nothing else. She sounds horrible and does it annoy anyone else that she looks down at the floor every 2 seconds??. My ears have been violated.

  13. 13

    arghhhhhhhhhh perez

    we watched this my bf was laughing …

    comon she was only young lol

  14. vicky says – reply to this


    Katie, You are a Bright young lady whom is very smart, I watched you on Dawson Creek. I loved the show. and love to watch it from the start all over again. I hope you can get the gang together, and do a come back.

    A Loyal Fan,
    Vicky Burton

  15. 15

    the first time this aired, i remember thinking it was pretty good. looking back, it sounds god awful. look how bad michelle williams used to look too. very chubby and not as pretty as she is today. she really grew into her face, or did smthg. i don't know. maybe lose a lot of weight?

    katie holmes may not have the best singing voice, but she is still beautiful.


  16. jamajska says – reply to this


    Lea Michele's version is 1000 times better than that…

  17. 17

    Katie Holmes would be just another former teen actor if not for Cruise. She is terrible. I put her up there with Misha Barton and Blake Lively.

  18. 18

    She belongs on stage? Perhaps, with het mouth taped shut! Gosh… horrible… just horrible :)

  19. 19

    Lea Salonga's version is so much better!

  20. geneva says – reply to this


    I expected to hate it because of all the comments already posted. But surprisingly, I didn't. She wouldn't be chosen as Eponine and needs to work on her high notes (if she hasn't already since this was ages ago) and to lay off all the unnecessary bodily gestures, but the core of it is admirable. I think with some vocal coaching, Katie may do well in musicals, too. The person who originated the role of Eponine has a similar (although stronger) voice.

  21. Bobbie says – reply to this


    I'm an audio professional and that vocal track is totally dubbed! Sounds like by a 12-year old, too. And what's with the nasty film on her tongue? Ewwwwwwwe, every way you look at it/listen to it!!!