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Katt Williams ARRESTED For Child Endangerment!

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Katt Williams ARRESTED For Child Endangerment!

Katt Williams has been arrested for a lot of messed up shiz this year — but THIS crime is by faaar the worst!

This Friday authorities from LAPD put the delinquent comic behind bars on charges of Child Endangerment.

It seems the L.A. County Dept. of Children were tipped off to investigate Katt's home. During this investigation authorities found "numerous guns and illegal drugs" around the house. WTF??

In light of recent events, one would think ANY and EVERY parent would be sure to keep loaded guns out of the reach of his four small children!

Plus, since Katt has his medical marijuana card we're guessing the "illegal" drugs had stashed around the house was pretty serious stuff.

There is just NO excuse for that kind of negligence!

We're told Katt is still in custody, being held on $100,000 bail.

His poor children have been placed protective custody. Thank GAWD.

If these allegations are true we are VERY disappointed in the comic.

He's a talented guy, but there is nothing funny about putting your children in danger.

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “Katt Williams ARRESTED For Child Endangerment!”

  1. 1

    Just another end stage drug addict. Death, by his own hand will be coming shortly. Just hope that, when he blows , he will not take others with him. If we are lucky it will be a quiet OD, but, he looks like a suicide bomb ready to go off. Meth, crack, speed of some sort is the problem and the solution.

  2. tempe says – reply to this


    For once i agree with you but good lord your writing/reporting skills really seem like a high school newsletter. Yikes.

  3. 3

    and wait until the IRS gets hold of him. I would say his house is gone and so are his kids.

  4. 4

    Re: tempe – Let's not offend teenagers here.

  5. 5


  6. P1 says – reply to this


    Re: tempe – I will never understand why people like you visit this blog when all you do is criticize Perez.

  7. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Please can someone help Katt Williams. I feel really bad for him now, he is not okay. Please if anyone really loves him, help him!!!

  8. tempe says – reply to this


    Re: P1 – I come here for the celebrity gossip but that may change since there are fewer and fewer celebrity stories. now and more and more about him and tragedy stories.

  9. 9

    Re: raypearson – Ray, I usually think you're just being rude, but the reality this time is that you might be right on target. This guy has self-destructed to the point where he may feel pretty desperate. I hate thinking that someone could get to the point of total despair, but Katt Williams has potential to go there. It's disturbing!!! And I agree with the thought that if he actually IS at this point, that he won't think he needs to take anyone with him. That is a truly upsetting thought!!!

  10. 10

    Re: Vanessa – He truly does need help. He is spiraling out of control, and he is in danger now. Vanessa, I am with you in hoping he gets the help he needs!!!

  11. K says – reply to this


    12-29-12 PEREZ: Details are Relevant! This should only happen to you! You could have left my Msg. to Edit. This is why I don't come to these Gory sites! KATT is innocent until PROVEN GUILTY under the U.S. Constitution…both with State/County charges & w IRS. If he's Guilty He will more than likely plead out to a lesser charge, to avoid a Trial. No one posting here wonders WHO is the TIP to the L.A. cops? If it's true…It's sad. I know nothing of his arrests or drug history…except he is an Extremely Talented comic. If he does time it will be 1/3 in most states. IRS can be worked out. He was probably using as he was threatened by the IRS to lose everything! His kids could end up in an 'assortment of Foster Homes' Let's see what is reality with Charges & seized at Court.

  12. k says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – RE: raypearson Have YOU ever been arrested? You've already predicted KATT's "DEATH"..["..by his own hand will be comely SHORTLY."] Then you go on to say what DRUGS were Used/seized. [" Meth, crack, speed of some sort is the problem AND THE SOLUTION."] Your remarks sound very Racist. You should be ashamed of yourself! YOU are reading & hearing from the 'NEWS' . Why don't you wait & see what the TRUTH of this case is. KURT COBAIN of NIRVANA died by Heroin & Suicide with a Gun. I have the PIX of him on his kitchen floor.

  13. 13

    Where the fuck is my comment????

    Leave this motherfucker in jail. I'm sick of his hoodrat ass.

  14. 14

    Re: P1 – Because Perez puts himself out there and does it all badly, ass clown. I will never understand retards like you who can't figure it out. As for Katt Williams, he's just another stupid neegah with too much money and too few monkey brains. If he wound up dead, no one would miss him, and it's not like his kids would either, because blacks rarely know who their fathers are.

  15. Kone says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Racists come a dime a dozen.

  16. 16

    what Betty responded I am shocked that a mom able to earn $4967 in 1 month on the internet. did you read this web page

  17. dwayne says – reply to this


    I don't know who or what this man, but he did it to somebody with some juice. I don't remember the last time it seems an entire half of a country's law enforcement went after one person.

  18. JRock says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – You're an ignorant DOUCHEBAG! And I think just about anyone on this site with half a brain would agree! Go play in traffic!

  19. JRock says – reply to this


    Re: k – I agree… with both your posts.

  20. Pauline says – reply to this


    this douche is called ”katt” ? ha! that means cat in swedish…

  21. Brian says – reply to this


    seriously where does it say that the guns wasnt in a safe place and if having guns and drugs in his house is a danger then the 60 million addicts in this country including all the coke heads on wall street need there children hanked.

  22. Lily says – reply to this


    You think this is GOOD? So from what I read here there is no evidence other than cops being snoopy and nosey in someone else's private home. It doesn't say the guns aren't in a safe place, it doesn't even say the drugs aren't in a safe place. Remember the guy who was targeted for legal medical marijuana but had it in a locked garage, in a multiple locked storage box and HIS kids were taken? It's a travesty when the state takes children out the parents home. Obviously no one had been getting hurt the entire time, and why WOULDN'T someone of his status have guns?

  23. ih8jakazses says – reply to this


    Goood! maybe this will shed light on all the other colored people who are doing the same thing! But lo and behold! This will surely constitute another loud and silly show. I mean how else will he pay for his bail. Just because your a ghetto agitator turned holly wood star, it obviously doesn't make you invincible! What if one of those kids were to have shot him? tisk* tisk* tisk* as Pauly D would say: BUSTED!

  24. typosreallysuk! says – reply to this


    Re: tempe – Can't nobody spell no more. Seems to be the new norm all over the internet. Glad im not the only who notices these " OMG I can't wait to publish my typo-radical story! " I mean your sitting at a computer for god sake or some futuristic iphone surely an editor or atleast a simple revision. Im way ahead of ya tempe! spehleeng and grahmerrrr 4 thaa' wennnn! haha

  25. Jon says – reply to this


    That is nuts!

  26. 26

    You got every fact wrong. The illegal drugs were medical marijuana, and the guns were locked up safely. You are slandering him for no reason. Are you paid by the police to discredit people?

  27. Gina Phoenix says – reply to this


    Your report is as lame as always! You make it so anti-gun instead of what it was really about, the drugs you poor excuse of a blogger! You don't like guns? How about you educate yourself and look up ALL the areas that have banned guns. Hmmm??? Look at the crime rates vs the areas that allow people to defend their families. You're an idiot and if you do NOT like the citizens of the United States having a right to own guns, then perhaps YOU should take your happy @$$ to a Country that's already banned guns and see how you like it there! One day your sorry butt is going to look at gun owners to help save your pathetic @$$. Oh wait, gun owners already do that with the police & the soldiers that die so you can run your stupid mouth about "your version" of the news! You're an idiot!