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New Jersey Officers Shot With Their Own Gun During Arrest! Gun Control Discussion Resurfaces!

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So much for the theory of “carrying a gun makes you safe”…

Ever since the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, gun control has been at the center of political discussion and this most recent incident isn't helping the Pro-NRA believers!

A man was being booked on charges of domestic violence at a New Jersey police station this morning when he shot and injured three police officers before other officers shot back and killed him.

Gloucest Township Deputy Chief David Harkins revealed the man and cops got into a "violent struggle" during processing when he got ahold of one of their guns.

All officers are in stable condition fortunately, but when will the violence stop?!

This only proves that guns are more destructive than protective in any scenario!

[Image via ABC News.]

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20 comments to “New Jersey Officers Shot With Their Own Gun During Arrest! Gun Control Discussion Resurfaces!”

  1. 1

    god PERV-ez you are so absolutely un-american and full of SHIT.

  2. tori says – reply to this


    if you think cops shouldnt carry guns youre retarded.

  3. lyndsay says – reply to this


    you spelt the town wrong…. GLOUCESTER….. AND COPS should carry guns.

  4. lala says – reply to this


    You're delusional absurd anti gun rants are reaching a fevered pitch. You are irrational and immature.

  5. tempe says – reply to this


    OMG for the love of god shut the eff up Perez. You IDIOT fool. Please, please stay out of tragic news stories and stick to gossip. You are thee most retarded dumbell ever when it comes to real life tragedies.

  6. 6

    I don't think guns in the hands of the PO PO are the problem, shit happens with criminals in the police station. It is the common man with an assault rifle that seems to need a bit more oversight. Perez is an idiot, jumping on a bandwagon…

  7. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    I'm not going to get worked up over Perez's first line in this posting. He is in the MINORITY on gun issues. By far.
    What really needs to happen is that he get back to what this site USED to be about .
    His numbers are decling and he hopped a bandwagon that would increase readership.

  8. 8

    So what are you implying, that police officers shouldn't carry weapons either? Moronic American running WILD!

  9. bTeri says – reply to this


    Example number ONE MILLION that Perez is a far left ignorant fool. Give me a page on your site for one day and I will OVERWHELM you with real proven statistics that you can validate that show all the ways that a robust 2nd Amendment SAVES LIVES. Its time to step outside of LA Perez and get some facts before spewing more ignorant liberal crap on your GOSSIP site. How about focusing on school safety, how we handle the mentally ill instead of a 100% dishonest focus on our CONSTITUTIONAL 2nd Amendment rights.

  10. Me says – reply to this


    People kill people not guns!!!!!!!!!!!! Bombs, knives, and cars are among the other things in life that kill people. Should we ban those too?

  11. Carley says – reply to this


    We should some how ban gun use? Please, do remind me how criminals obey laws?

  12. mike says – reply to this


    Perez, you are a frothing at the mouth moron!

  13. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sorry you are not taking my handgun away from me. I live alone as a solo elderly female and one day (posted this before) a totally strange man walked into my apartment (live in a security building not sure how he got in). Fortunately he was harmless and possible senile or something.

    I also used to enjoy bird hunting with my late husband, but sold the shotguns when he passed away.

  14. 14

    Good-bye Perez. After many years of following and many "blind eyes", you have finally lost me. You are uttering stupidity.

  15. Jack says – reply to this


    Since you turned off the comments on your post of "DNA testing being done on adam lanza DNA ect.." I decided to comment here. I feel for all those innocent lives that were lost and also for their families. I have a son and still cant begin to imagine how they may feel.. But calling that Child a MONSTER is not right! yes his actions where horrible and he robbed so much from the families of the victims, but I think calling him a monster is not right because Adam Lanza was still a child yes a sick or disturbed child. but their was obviously something wrong with him we still don't know the full story of why he did what he did but that child was in a really dark place. We can call him a MONSTER all we want but he fell through the cracks. Calling Adam lanza a monster is just like bullying we still don't know the whole story and you of all people should know the extremes children have done from being tormented. Yes finding out why he did what he did isn't going to bring all those innocent lives back but also calling him a MONSTER won't bring them back. Have some respect for the ones that are no longer here even for the child that caused all this pain.

  16. Tom says – reply to this


    Yes perez all guns are bad, lets ask the woman who was being stabbed to death by her husband Jose Miguel Ponce-Garcia after he stopped her car on the highway. A law abiding CCW holder came across this and stopped the stabbing and saved her life but seeing as guns are bad it must have been kind words and happy thoughts that got the guy off of the woman he was stabbing. Lets sweep those under the rug and only talk about things that fit your view.

    Hell lets start talking about how horrible it is when a police officer defends themselves against a criminal by using lethal force, lets start reporting on how evil guns are because someone decided to commit suicide by deep-throating a 12 gauge. Those things bolster your "all guns are bad we should ban them" so lets start bringing those to light.

    Congratulation on being just as full of shit as the rest of the media who pushes their personal agenda by spewing false facts and events that have occurred for years and years but now because gun control is a "hot topic".

    Go back to talking about celebs and gossip, spare us the people jumping on the bandwagon and whoring themselves out for media coverage and just get back to who's getting fat, who's getting arrested, who's getting high, and who's fucking who.

  17. 17

    Actually I think the numbers where guns actually save lives surpass the innocent lives taken by guns.

  18. Ira says – reply to this


    If the NRA is left out of this discussion it shows the current administrations total disregard and callus towards the lawabiding firearm owners and its attempt to polarize the nation and congress.

    This effort by Biden will have a devastating impact on congressional members to be reelected. This administration will create a negative backlash if they take Bidens lead.

    How foolish and arrogant of Biden.

    The democratic party will see its congressional head count sunseting after the next election.

  19. Mary-Jo says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – ur right. In fact, more pple died this year in the states then in the Irak and afghanistan wars (i mean americans- tons more non americans died, but thats another issue). Can u believe it? I wld never want to live in the states- who wld have thought living in israel was safer??? Ha!

  20. Mary Jo says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – do u rlly believe what u wrote btw? So disheartening to see that the worlds worse bully (usa) has such horrible minded pple! So many of u are so crazy and obtuse!