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Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart A V-Day Deadline For Their Love!

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Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart Valentines Day Deadline

There's no denying that 2012 has been one crazy year for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!

Between KStew's cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders to Twilight's final movie premiere, this year definitely brought on some challenges for the couple's relationship!

While we all saw R-Patz essentially take back Kristen, it seems his forgiveness had some limitations and that their reunion would only be temporary!

Reportedly, Robsten's relationship renewal was only done on a "trial basis"… with Rob supposedly set to make a permanent decision on where their relationship stands within the next few months!

An insider revealed:

"Rob's planning to skip most of the upcoming awards parties and spend January focusing on his relationship. He's set a Valentine's Day deadline to decide whether he's in it for the long run. So there could be a proposal on the cards - or a decision to end it."

Oh shiz! We hope Kristen remains on her best behavior if she really wants to seal the deal with Rob!

Think she'll be willing to set some of her prior commitments aside to make their relationship her main focus??

Guess we'll find out soon enough!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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30 comments to “Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart A V-Day Deadline For Their Love!”

  1. Rashi says – reply to this


    God help them!!

  2. Rob deserves better says – reply to this


    They WON'T LAST!!!! I can see it now bye bye Robsten and to that I say THANK GOD!!! Rob deserves so much more than a liar and sneak and con artist and cheater WALK AWAY ROB!!!! It's for your own good!

  3. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this



  4. 4

    Anyone who is still interested in this very old, very tired story is pathetic. Get some lives, people. Only losers like Perez should be emotionally invested in a relationship that has nothing to do with them.
    Re: Rob deserves better – Are you Perez's butt buddy? FFS go out and get a relationship of your own instead of living vicariously through the stolen and wrong stories the homo always posts here. Get out of your mother's basement and try living. Asshole.

  5. gff1 says – reply to this


    I don't understand what they will be doing from now until V Day! Does Kristen have a list of things to do that he'll be checking????
    He either forgives her or he doesn't!! I don't think his family or his friends should keep on with trying to convince him that their way is the best way. Leave him alone. Leave them alone. Maybe then they can truly figure something out. I don't think their having a deadline is ever a good way!

  6. 6


  7. Suzie says – reply to this


    I think Rob should move on. He obviously cannot let go of what happened, understandable so, but why stick around for the misery. They are both young and have their whole lives ahead of them. Obviously Kristen is not ready to stop playing the field anyway. They are TOO YOUNG for marriage. Just go on with your lives and have some fun.

  8. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Rob is too classy/good for KS. He needs to move on, he can do so very much better. Heck she is appearing virtually naked everywhere she goes now. How would any self respecting partner like their partner showing all to everyone with total disregard for anyone especially themselves. The pics of the KS/Rupert encounter will forever be out there for Rob to see over and over again. How does any self respecting partner get over seeing pic of their partner having their tits sucked on. Constant salt on the wound. Rob move on - you will be better for it.

  9. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Rob move on you will be better for it. You need an person as classy as you are not trailer trash like KS. She is not even that nice looking. She looks like an adolescent boy with boobs. Skinner legs on anyone would be hard to find.

  10. caron says – reply to this


    OMG? Let us hope that the New Year will usher in Rob without the vapid looking Kstew. She will lie and cheat all her life so he needs to grow up and live his life facing up to what he already knows about Kstew.

  11. Alice says – reply to this


    Where the hell do all of these "insiders" come from?! I call bullshit

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Deadline? It's not some business deal. It's a relationship. Let things unfold the way they unfold, fhsakes.

  13. RICA says – reply to this


    Spend the month of Jan on their relationship? Rob starts shooting a move on Jan 8th
    in Australia ……"sources" are made up

  14. Me says – reply to this


    Perez . . . If you have not written your new year resolutiom yet, add this to your list that you will leave Kristen & Rob alone and stop being a fly on their walls. Kristen has a flyswatter and a slinger to use on you.

  15. I Say says – reply to this


    Perez . . . add this to your list for your new year resolution, that you will leave Kristen and Rob alone. Stop being a fly on their wall, Kristen has a flyswatter and a slinger to use on you.

  16. Wanda says – reply to this


    I think Robert should be careful. Kristin did it once-she will do it again. She has the look of not being true to someone.

  17. Lin Mills says – reply to this


    "Spend January working on his relationship"? Hard to do when she is in LA & he is in Australia! Since Rob is due on his next movie set in Australia around January 8th.

  18. Aussie lady says – reply to this


    Oh for Christ Sake leave Rob and Kristen alone. This story is so not true. Rob will be in Australia filming Rover from 8th January for 3 months. That is why he is going to miss a lot of the award shows. He will be here in Australia Valentine's day. Don't know where this false story came from but it is not true. Perez why do you keep printing false stories I do not know. Has anyone asked Rob if this is true I don't think so. The story doesn't even say it came from a source WOW what a change. The story came from no-one and was made up. People need to get a life and let this die for ever.

  19. ssheea says – reply to this


    all the articles I read about Kristen and Robert always mention the cheating scandal! get over it!!! Is it really necessary to keep bringing it up? leave it alone it was one time. I can see if it was multiple times. This is to all of the websites, articles, etc…

  20. AnnMarie says – reply to this


    Get a life Perez, or at the very least some talent. All of your stories are fiction!

  21. Allvampedout says – reply to this


    I cant stand kristen and i dont believe anyone named "source or insider" because half the time its crap…i think hes gonna call it simply because hes got trust issues and hes too busy for her.

  22. janett says – reply to this


    who think they are people to judge kristen, stop to this, as if Rob knew that there, you know nothing of that relationship, let alone kristen and rob, Take care of their own lives and perez, remember karma,Here are all saints and have no sin, shame on you, kris envy, no worse stories so people stop fucking and buy a life in need…..

  23. eliz2012em says – reply to this


    FFS Perez - you still don't have anything better to do? Another bullshit story.

  24. ellenj49 says – reply to this


    This is BS. You know nothing. Rob does not make those statements to his so called insiders. He's very private and he will let the world know in his own time. I'm sure you won't get the scoop. The online media sites have made up so many lies that, he for sure not give any of you any statement. Only reputable media will get the 411, if he says anything at all.

  25. Cat Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: I Say – I agree with your comment. Perez….you need to quit being such a bully and saying such ugly things about Rob and Kristen. Especially Kristen, because she has had so much junk spat at her by you and by all the haters. You keep giving them all the fodder to keep the hate going. Stop it, because KARMA is a bitch. Peace. Happy New Year People!! Welcome 2013!

  26. sharon says – reply to this


    Perez do you really believe all the crap you write or do you just do it to get attention….everybody is commenting on how he should dump her and get on with his life hey morons guess what its not up to us…its up to him so leave them alone good lord you people act like no one can make a mistake…ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS

  27. Bulakena Beauty says – reply to this


    I bet my head your article is not true. Do you think Rob will say those things to Kristen? Just to have something to report about Kristen and Rob. I no longer buy tabloids without articles of Rob and Kristen.

  28. setha2z says – reply to this


    From visible cues, I think that the RobSten love story has chilled Let's hope they find true love once again and advance together. Their fairy-tale love story has inspired us to do better with ours.

  29. dana says – reply to this


    yeah…no. even if it was my fault the relationship broke down in the first place, as a woman, i'd say no to that deal. you either take me back wholly, or not. forgive me for my indiscretions, or not. but not this wishy-washy conditional reconciliation. if i were kristen, i'd take a walk and just accept i've lost everything. sucks, but that's what you call consequence.

  30. what ever ! says – reply to this


    If they make it I will be happy for them. They make a cute couple together. One factor in the situation is they are young!! That can create a lot of problems. If Rob and Kristen truely love each other they will make it ….what is ment to be will. Good luck to the both of them…
    Honestly, the cheating scandal needs to be put to rest ..Enough is enough!!! That is just away to keep reminding them of what happened …Get over the scandal…Hell, Kristen was not the first one to ever cheat….but, she has been put through the worst of any..I am proud she stood strong..no one knows the true story as to what caused her to do what she did…there are always two sides to every story..