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President Obama & Chicago Bigwigs Push To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage In Illinois!

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Even if it's only happening one state at a time, we're thrilled our country's lawmakers are slowly coming to their senses!

Marriage is a right any two people in love ought to be able to enjoy and, if all goes according to plan, same-sex couples in the Land of Lincoln will enjoy that right sooner rather than later!

President Barack Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are supporting local efforts to make gay marriage an economic imperative and asking Illinois state lawmakers to draft a legalization bill in just a few days!

Prez Obama, of course, cannot write Illinois legislature, but his opinion is highly regarded within the state!

A White House spokesperson said:

"While the president does not weigh in on every measure being considered by state legislatures, he believes in treating everyone fairly and equally, with dignity and respect. As he has said, his personal view is that it's wrong to prevent couples who are in loving, committed relationships, and want to marry, from doing so. Were the President still in the Illinois State Legislature, he would support this measure that would treat all Illinois couples equally."

Well put!

This is ah-mazing news!! Hopefully 2013 brings forth equality for ALL couples who love each other!

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16 comments to “President Obama & Chicago Bigwigs Push To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage In Illinois!”

  1. 1

    HOW DARE THESE GAYS cheapen the DOZENS OF MARRIAGES of Elizabeth Tay-Whore & Zsa ZSa Ga-Whore….

  2. 2

    Im so excited!!!!!! everybody deserves the right to love who they want to. <3

  3. Rose says – reply to this


    Rahman Emmanuel. Dual citizenship. Served in Israeli army.

  4. Atasi says – reply to this


    LOL!!! Progress!!!

  5. jacqueline says – reply to this


    you can't help you like and everybody should be treated.some people were born gay and they should get married as a straight couple would

  6. 6

    You know, i dont really give a shit about this issue, but PERV-ez your rabid virulent screeching support for it, makes me want to be against it. Just because I hate agreeing with ANYTHING assholes like you are for.

  7. 7

    the only marriage Perez really wants is for it to be legal to marry his own ugly ass mother.

  8. 8

    They need to be working on reducing violent crime and murder. Chicago is now the murder capital of the US.

  9. Adibobea9 says – reply to this


    All I see is the phrase "In God We Trust" and God does not approve of same sex marriage. Unnatural love is not the same love you pretend to defend…

  10. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Muskratlove – Wow, really? I did not know that. Never had an overwhelming urge to visit Chicago for some reason, although many people say it is nice.
    Personally I think the President should stay out of local politics, whatever your view is on gay marriage. Go work on the economy please.

  11. mr pete says – reply to this


    I just can not believe how dumb people really are
    The gay marriage is nothing more than a distraction to what is happening all around us
    Unemployment at 10%,inflation going through the roof, Iran/Korea both with nuclear weapons, Muslim Brotherhood vows to destroy Israel, Obama give the Muslim Brotherhood 8 billion $$$$$
    But hey lets talk about gay marriage

  12. Kim says – reply to this


    So there not going to let the people vote on it like California was able to do,
    How Democratic…which by the way Calif. voted it down.
    But then again liberals will go against the people just like that GAY LIBERAL JUDGE did in California.
    Gay marriage is not a right, everyone knows that, except liberals, if it was a right then marrying two, three people would be more of a right then same sex marriage.
    There has been bigamy for century's but not same sex marriage,
    Think about that gays, bigamy is against the law, but you say same sex marriage is a right.
    Boy,you gays sure have a fucked up way of thinking.

  13. Dixie Dee says – reply to this


    I just saw some figures on the number of cases of STDS
    it is way out of control, no surprise San Francisco has the highest % of cases
    If gay marraige will keep the figures down, it will be a good thing
    In order to get married I hope all gays will need to have a blood test done

  14. JD says – reply to this


    Civil-Unions are already legal in Illinois and has been since last year, I myself got 'married' last october. So I'm not sure what more they are considering to do except change civil unions or marriage. I'm interested to see whats going on.

  15. Susannah says – reply to this


    Re: Adibobea9
    Oh, for crying out loud.
    "God does not approve of same-sex marriage."
    No, a bunch of men who wrote a BOOK a couple thousand years ago and said it was "written by God" because they wanted to control people, THEY do not approve of it.
    (Do you always believe things you read in books?)
    Picture it:
    A group of country/church leaders wanted to change the way the world was run, so they sat down and thought about all the rules they wanted to make for humanity. They wrote a story about a "Saviour who was the Son of God born of a Virgin, (are you kidding me? ) and was Resurrected (golly, as if by magic!), and they made it mythical and mystical and slightly scary so that all of the people years and years and years later would fall for it, (people like you!).
    What better way to keep track of bloodlines & control people than by telling men & women they HAD to marry and "procreate" only within the marriage?
    The "magical BIC fountain pen of God" didn't just appear and put words on paper, for crying out loud.
    MEN wrote down THEIR beliefs, and told everybody it was "God's word."
    (And I STILL can't believe the number of people who fell for it! Pretty sad, really, especially the women.)

  16. Susannah says – reply to this


    Re: Adibobea9
    And by the way, it's now 2013, and that other thing "written by God," (you know, that supposed "Second Coming" BS) has come… and gone… and come… and gone… and come… and gone… and went.
    No Jesus. Uh-oh… No Son of God? Are you sure?
    He didn't appear down off a cloud, wave his magick fairy wand all over the world - ooops, sorry, just "America," - and save us all from ourselves?
    Nope, he didn't show up at all.
    In fact, things have just got a whole lot worse.
    (Oh No, whatever will we do?!)

    Well, instead of foccusing on the power of human love in all its expression and its ability to enlighten people and give them hope, we're all just LOOKING AT THAT DAMN BOOK once again, taking random quotes out of it to serve whatever agenda we want, and using it to - you guessed it - control people.

    And as for your quote: "All I see is the phrase 'In God We Trust' …"
    Yeah, because they want you to see that.

    (It's a good thing you have your own original opinion, eh? Oh no wait… you don't.)