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Hillary Clinton Blood Clot NOT In The Brain! Experts Thinking Positively Of Her Condition!

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Hillary Clinton Head Safe

We're so worried about Hillary Clinton! We still no very little about her condition, including the location of the potentially lethal blood clot!

But there does seem to be some good news! Medical expert Dr. Sanjay Gupta says the former First Lady's medical treatment — anti-coagulants — is a good sign that the clot is not in the brain. He says:

"I think it's very unlikely this is a blood clot on top of the brain or around the brain specifically, because you just don't treat blood clots on the brain that way.

That would worsen the bleeding."

Whew! A brain clot can be the most dangerous, greatly increasing chances of a stroke!

Meanwhile, some conservative pundits are implying that the danger is all in Hillary's head- that she's making it all up to avoid testifying in the Benghazi hearings!

How rude! You may think like an eighth grader with a math test, but give our Secretary of State some well-earned credit!

And send her a Get Well Soon card while you're at it!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Hillary Clinton Blood Clot NOT In The Brain! Experts Thinking Positively Of Her Condition!”

  1. Victoria says – reply to this


    Second tragedy?

    She didn't run for President.

  2. 2

    I'm surprised that the press doesn't hide this story. They want her to be President in 2016 and don't want her to be seen as sick or not up for the task. They have no problem looking the other way with stuff like Benghazi for Obama.

  3. 3

    Love the work she has done to move this country forward…get well soon, Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Re: ilovejames – What exactly has she done to move this country forward?

  5. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    "We still no". Are you kidding me with these idiotic mistakes. Only a 3rd grader would mistake "no" for "know".

  6. 6

    Re: irvinegirl

    Amen. I'd love to know too. We have four dead Americans because there wasn't enough protection in one of the most contentious bureaus in the world. Then, Clinton claimed to be in charge of it and yet, we still have no answers, weeks later as only people barely involved are being called to testify. Also, didn't Russia just ban the US from adopting their children? And, Clinton and Obama looked the other way when a soldier was unfairly imprisoned in Mexico for a fake gun violation. Isn't she supposed to help us have better relations?

  7. caravaggio_the_factual says – reply to this


    She has done absolutely nothing but be a Yale grad, wife of an ex president and a git a makeover from Madison Ave in New York, where she became 'a New Yorker' overnight.

    She poised herself as a hippie liberal anti-so-called 'right wing', but the truth is, she and her husband are both globalists, not communists, who work for European Royal Houses, Bankers, and Rome.

    GOOGLE: Clinton Rothschild and see 'images'.

  8. Aleya says – reply to this


    Please… She doesn't have a blood clot, she is just putting off testifying.

  9. kim says – reply to this


    you are aware it is KNOW and not NO…someone didnt edit this article

  10. 10

    Benghazi flu, after John "our military are killers" kerry is sworn in she will have miracle recovery. of course she will still suffer from Bengazi amnesia. You really think a Clinton can go before Congress and testify to anything under oath. of course not.

  11. 11

    now cnn is saying it is in her head behind her ear. so update?


  12. 12

    What is Dr. Gupta talking about??? He's a neurosurgeon and should know the difference between a CVA (stroke with a blood clot) and an aneurysm rupture ( a bleed in the brain). They are two different things and treated differently, just as he suggests but convoluted the point. Nowhere is it implied that Hillary has BLED in her brain! I immediately thought of a TIA (small stroke) or a CVA (real stroke from a blood clot) when I heard about her passing out. It's completely plausible that she suffered a blood clot "in the brain" and couldn't receive treatment (with tPA) because it was beyond the appropriate time limit (within 3 hours of collapse) for tPA and they chose another therapy…. it's also probable her heart threw a clot from Atrial Fibrillation (that would need Heparin therapy to treat). To apply conjecture about any of this before we have all the facts is stupid. Sanjay should know better. I hope Hillary responds well to whatever treatment actually occurred and that we can all rise about our partisan politics to wish someone well who may need our blessings.

  13. 13

    Please edit and spell check more betterer.

  14. Jasmine2435 says – reply to this


    Perez, you drew over the Sultan of Brunei's face!

  15. prg says – reply to this


    get well soon hillary