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42 comments to “facebook-why-do-you-think-that-is-rt”

  1. kiki says – reply to this


    controversies are boring

  2. Alex says – reply to this


    You harp on the fact that Lady Gaga ticket sales aren't doing as well as expected. Really you're just pissed off she doesn't like you anymore. Get ovvvvver it. I thought you changed for the better?

  3. KC says – reply to this


    Maybe because are getting tired of the shallow dance crap that's been polluting the airwaves for the last 3 years and are starting to buy good music again.

  4. 4

    At first people are attracted to her outrageous clothes and behaviour, but it gets stale really fast and people want good music. Gaga is an ok singer - that's it. She has proved herself to be a flash in the pan.

  5. 5

    LOL @ you only posting negative stories about Gaga. Someone is butt hurt.

  6. mligton says – reply to this


    gaga is a huge flop. she cant sell out her shows. and she keeps lying about it. pathetic woman

  7. evan says – reply to this


    all perez does is bash people on this site especially gaga because she doesn't like you anymore grow some fucking ball and maybe blog about stuff thats actually important and you wonder why lindsey lohans all fucked up its people like you that talk shit about them and give them low confidence get a real job and shut the fuck up thats all thank you

  8. mlington says – reply to this


    gaga sucks…. gaga is losing all her friends. why? cause she is fake

  9. Really... says – reply to this


    Stay pressed Perez….she don't give a shit about u anymore dude. U really must be hurt by that huh

  10. ***** says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl
    He can't even post about her anymore. He just gets around it by posting links to stories about her.

  11. 11

    This is the first Lady GaGa post I've seen for a while. Was there a blowout between the two? And why the small post and unflattering picture?

  12. comparini says – reply to this


    Perez you are a stupid person and this story is because you hate lady Gaga. Perez you are nothing nobody loves you

  13. az liberal says – reply to this


    Because her music sucks and she's a fur wearing twat.

  14. 14

    This is what you call "shaddddeeee" : )

  15. 15

    Perez, grow up, what are you gaining for posting this kind of negativity. You should know better that negativity only attracts negativity you and all your namaste bs should know this. Grow up, bitch.

  16. 16

    I have noticed a trend on this site. This so called entertainment blogger promotes the heck out of certain artists non-stop and then all of a sudden there is nothing or he posts crap about them. Let us all hope the same trend follows the Kardashians.

  17. Shawn says – reply to this


    FUCK OFF PEREZ! Seriously…….Whatever your problem is with Lady Gaga it's more than obviously, You over advertise for the same celebrities for limited times, then they piss you off and they are suddenly on your "HATE LIST" your a sad person….And ticket sales mean f*ck all anyways, Lady Gaga's Toronto show sold out within minutes, she added a second show. She is at #6 for 2012 ticket sales also……so no one cares if you hate Gaga or not….get over yourself.

  18. Marcella says – reply to this


    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!…Hahahahahaha!!!! Good, teach this bitch that spending 200 thousand dollars on murdered animal coat is wrong!!! This could not happened to a shadier cunt!! Lady Caca is ovah!!!!!

  19. JP says – reply to this


    StubHub probably purchased too many tickets and probably can't sell all of them due to competition from other vendors. Go to Ticketmaster, and they're still selling tickets to those same shows for 6 times more the price StubHub is. This story is bullshit anyway. There was no such report in CNN about failing tickets sales. It's the Examiner, Perez. About as credible as your site these days.

  20. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: evan – Punctuation is a wonderful thing, try it sometime and then your comments might make more sense. As it stands it is one really long run on sentence.

  21. 21

    Re: TexasWoman – I think the artists make him stop posting when he starts taking credit for discovering them, also the artists realize that the posts about them make people not like them. Look at Kat Graham, 5 posts daily now nothing, Please God, let him piss of the Kartrashians fast.

  22. 22

    LOL spiteful are we?

  23. Jacob Henderson says – reply to this


    WHY? Because NO ONE CARES anymore. She had her over exposed moment. She maxed out every possible thing that could make her interesting. She is BORING and has no staying power/relevance. NEXT!

  24. 24

    i love this post this is the perez we know and love ..

    gaga is the most ingrateful c*nt on the planet the dank lank brown hair girl with glases playing the piano got put on this site with its 3 million clicks or more a week month whatever either way she showed zero gratitude and now shes on the slippery slide down and her ex friend who used to adore her before she betrayed him and i know it was her …is watching the show .. down she goes ..

  25. 25

    Outrageous outfits are only PART of the show… look at Elton John in the 1970's. he had a solid foundation of music that he built the gown wearing goofy eye glasses persona upon. Plus he released six albums of awesome music in his first three years of being in the public eye (including a double album!). That was the rule then, two albums a year. How many have Gaga put out? Two? Not counting the remix album which is pure industry shit as far as this old timer is concerned. No, flash is *poof* and that is that. You need more than a coupe songs to maintain interest.

  26. 26

    LOL, no one likes you anymore perez.

  27. colleen says – reply to this


    i just looked at the 23 dollar tickets are for parking…not the show

  28. Kansas says – reply to this


    Re: evan
    Hey… see that button beside the ? on your computer?
    It's called a 'period,' and one uses it at the end of a sentence. Give it a shot.
    (Fuck, why are 99% of Gaga fans so fucking illiterate?)
    Go back to school, evan.
    And by the way, Perez - while being an illiterate jackass himself - did NOT cause Lindsay Lohan to feel badly about herself. That ship saled years ago when she started doing coke, and assuming that being an 'actress' gave her permission to steal shit, and generally behave like a 15 year old spoiled brat who deserves the world on a platter.
    About Gaga? She's a fucking has-been who took a gimmick and tried to make it into a career.
    She's discovering now that it takes more than a meat dress, songs about prostitutes and marketing degree to make it in the music business.

  29. Mark says – reply to this


    Re: comparini – That might be true, but very few people love this ridiculous bitch as well.

  30. Maurice says – reply to this


    hey gaga? if you're reading this….. BUH BYE.
    U Suck balls.

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    She needs a couple of new, snappy songs. It's the writing. It's not the meat dress.

  32. 32

    Re: teeter totter – your punctuation is messed up too. pot, kettle moron.

  33. 33

    Re: Kansas – can't believe you are criticizing the lack of punctuation by evan. at least he spelled everything correctly, unlike 85% of posters, perez and you. i mean, saled? that's not even a real word. and dude, your punctuation is questionable at best. humph.

  34. 34

    noone gives a shit about her …

  35. KansasSucks says – reply to this


    Re: Kansas
    If you're going to criticize someone's grammar, at least pay attention to your own.

    " That ship saled years ago " That would be "sailed."

    "and generally behave like a 15 year old spoiled brat who deserves the world on a platter." That clause to that run-on sentence you wrote is grammatically incorrect and doesn't even make sense.

  36. 36

    I hope she gets shot

  37. 37

    You're starting to look really desperate Perez.

  38. serge says – reply to this


    so Prez< jelouse? hope you going to die soon!

  39. @v@ says – reply to this


    Look at her big hits. Punchy, a bit repetitive with a really great hook or two. Go for that, but remain honest to yourself and what you want to say. You can do both. You currently have all the best resources available to you, producers, etc. Better to write it yourself re coinage.

  40. Butt-hurted says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – Yeah, finally someone says something coherent. Muackk!! :-) Perez is an ugly bitch with a dildo up his a$$ . Hay tu perezito you have no remedio lolz.

  41. HG says – reply to this


    this is interesting considering that it's in the top 30 of highest grossing concert tours of all time.

  42. sara says – reply to this


    this i find so funny, lol poor gaga