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Kim Kardashian Could Still Be Tied Down To Kris Humphries When Baby Kimye Is Born!

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Kim Kardashian Gives Birth Still Married Kris Humphries

While Kim Kardashian might have Kanye West for the next 18 years, due to baby Kimye, there’s still one person who can’t seem to let her go!

Ah, Kris Humphries — the giant elephant in the room baby nursery!

As we previously mentioned, Kimmy is STILL legally married to Kris… and is said to remain married, even at the time of the baby’s birth around late June!

An insider explained:

"Unless Kim Kardashian gives in to Kris' demand that she admit the marriage fraudulent, the divorce proceedings will still be ongoing and she will still be legally married to him when she gives birth.”

What a pain! This divorce case just seems to be dragging on and on… can’t Kanye pay Kris off or something?! LOLz!

It even sounds like whatever romantic plans Kimye has set for Valentine’s Day will be interrupted by Kris, seeing as Kim and Kris’ lawyers will be setting a trial date the day after, in court!

Reportedly, since Kris’ basketball schedule is getting in the way, the earliest court date would be in mid-June!

Talk about cutting it close!

While a source claims that it’s not Kris’ intention to drag the whole trial out, Kim’s lawyer feels she’s now “handcuffed” to Humphries, as Kim just wants to move on!

Sounds like Humphries wants an annulment, but Kim isn’t about to give into that… at least, not just yet!

We hope for baby Kimye’s sake that all of this gets settled somehow before he/she makes its entrance into the world!

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21 comments to “Kim Kardashian Could Still Be Tied Down To Kris Humphries When Baby Kimye Is Born!”

  1. 1

    So why is it okay with you that the Kardashian whore has mated with a dumb darkie outside of her marriage — a legal and binding relationship that STILL exists — but you've done nothing but bully and beat up on Kristen Stewart for her cheating on a man she's not married to? I know you're a dumb piece of shit, but even YOU can't ignore your double standard here, ape face. This is a perfect example of why no one takes you seriously and why you still struggle to gain true celebrity. We all know you're a perverted, obsessive nobody who can and has been bought by trash. The contempt you get on your own site is what you've earned, retard. And it's never going to get better, asshole.

  2. Kay1 says – reply to this


    eww.. why was she sooo cautious to have a child with Kris.. I guess he's to pale for her lol she's so trashy.

  3. kay1 says – reply to this


    Eww.. I wonder why she was so cautious about having a baby with Kris.. I guess he's to Pale for her lol She is so trashy.

  4. 4

    Isn't this the other way around? The Kardashian are now going to be tied down the baby Kanye for the rest of time.

  5. SaoirseLei says – reply to this


    Actually it's Kim who won't let go by refusing to admit the truth. LOL

  6. 6

    If Kim really loves her unborn child, she'll give in to Kris and his demands. Everyone already knows the marriage was for ratings/cash. She wouldn't be telling us anything we don't already know. This baby will have a challenging life what with the self-centered egos of his parents, the sex tape and the marketing lifestyle of the Kartrashians. It would be nice if his mother WASN'T still married to someone who isn't his father BEFORE the birth. God, how sad. How in God's name did Kris train her kids not to have any morales?

  7. 7

    Better talk to your Lawyers Mr. Humphries. I believe In the state of California YOU my dear are responsible (child support) for for any child born while married to Mrs. "Humphries"…..until of course you frickin stop crying and just sign the damn papers already!! (Ya of course DNA can be done…we know who the baby belongs to) Just move on already!

  8. lologo says – reply to this


    Re: 4shar2 – You are absolutely correct! He will be legally responsible for that baby. It does not matter who the baby daddy is.

  9. 9

    Kris will have to pay child support…

  10. 10

    Kim should just give Kris what he wants because technically the law says the husband is the father of the child and he could take it away from her - not very likely. On the other hand he neds to be careful for the same reason, he could be saddled with child support if the Kayne things goes south which it will.

  11. pikll says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – hahaha….your comment is the best and soooooo right!!!!!

  12. JBAJr says – reply to this


    I don't know why she just won't do it, it's not like anyone really believes they were married to begin with. I wouldn't be surprised if they were BOTH dragging their feet for more publicity. Makes me sick………Gives little credit to the argument that "Gays will ruin the sanctity of marriage" with royal a-holes behaving like this…..

  13. 13

    All she would have to do is agree to an annulment (a judge could still say no) that is ALL That goof ball asked for….that is it. Of course an annulment means the pre nup is void which means the gag order she has over his head would be void. HUMP she will never let you talk about her and Hump—-No one would care.

  14. working says – reply to this


    she cant admit to fraud. if she does then he can sue her for money.

  15. 15

    This is awkward for the entire family but it should be an interesting story for reporters to hold onto for the next year… Oh the kardashians going through hell is giving jobs to reporters & journalists LOL

  16. paityn says – reply to this


    God i hate kim, she is the most unclassy girl out there, who had a baby with another guy while married, thats just discusting. Sure everyone deserves to be happy but what she did is just plain selfish and wrong. And no Kris does not have to pay child support, Kim and kanye are having the baby, Kanye is legally the father, only the legal father of Kim's baby has to pay, marriage to another guy means absolutely nothing, sure Kris might me a stepdad for some time, which again, Kim thats a horrible thing to do, but Kris has no legal obligation to pay for her child. She needs to own up to the mess she caused and give the guy an annulment, idk what kind of horrible person would do what she did to Kris and still demand a divorce, it was fraud and he deserves some closure, poor guy. I have always loved Kris, Kanye on the other hand is an ugly douche. There kids are gunna be funny looking thats for sure.

  17. ChiTownGirl says – reply to this


    DAMN Kris give her the freaking snip !!!
    Kris was a jackass and who cares if the marriage was fake GET IT OVER WITH DAMN

  18. Trinty says – reply to this


    Kim will be divorced before the baby is born. Kris' basketball schedule will not delay the divorce proceedings. He will be done with basketball by March if not before. They will probably be divorced by Feburary. Kris has delayed this enough I doubt the judge will let his team drag it out any longer.

  19. Lisa says – reply to this


    Kim will be divorced from Kris within the next couple weeks I guarntee you that, I bet anything that her lawyer will file for a bifurcation of marital status which will return both parties to single status and hash out the other issues later. LA courts are known for doing that ask Les Munvez and Kelsey Grammar, basically it says I want to move on and I have a pressing issue(pregnant) (want to get married to someone else immediately) and the court will issue the request and the other issues are worked out after, there is no way a judge will deny her request for that. Knowing Wasser she has already filed, actually this pregnancy will get Kim out of this sooner than she would have been out.

  20. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: ChiTownGirl – Sounds like a personal problem to me, you may want to find a way to deal with that hatred. LOL!!! Poor thing.

  21. asmiralda says – reply to this


    Well the baby will be born in June maybe? I hope it will be a girl, who will be looked exactly like Kanye, dark skin like Kanye, curly hair like Kanye, mouth like Kanye, and butts like Kim.