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33 comments to “One Direction's Harry Styles Tears Up Over Twitter Abuse!”

  1. 1

    People tend to forget that these people are just people. People with feelings and insecurities just like the rest of us.

  2. sherry says – reply to this


    wow, do better research. this is a pretty old clip and he was crying over a performance on a tv show they did during their first album. he lost his breath during his solo of "what makes you beautiful". it makes no sense to be talking about the haylor hate and this clip

  3. seth124 says – reply to this


    what a baby, he picked the wrong line of business if he can't handle people making fun of him. he should expect that if you are in a boy band you are going to be made fun of.

  4. 4

    I agree that even if you like him or not … you have to remember that he is human. It's none thing not to like his music but to judge his character is another if you've never met the guy.

  5. WTF says – reply to this


    this is a very old clip of him, by are you bringing this up now??

  6. HailHaylor says – reply to this


    This is a really old clip… like a year or so! It aired in the UK a long time ago.

  7. It takes a long time.. says – reply to this


    Hey, everyone has problems. You decide and truly choose which direction to grow from there.

  8. Louise says – reply to this


    It aired in november 2011…. Really old news!

  9. Nic says – reply to this


    Heartbreaking!! HARRY, don't feel bad! You are such an amazing young talent. DO NOT let silly social media get you down. =D I'm a 34 year old woman, and honestly I don't listen to One Direction a ton - but I think you all are great and hate to see anyone, especially someone of your talent with so much in front of you waste time on hateful posts that have nothing to do with your true character! Chin up. :)

  10. Melanie says – reply to this


    Wait, this was posted today?! Um, I think Harry understands how to handle mean comments by now, lol. It's been ages since that aired. I love 1D!

  11. 11

    Aw I never really paid them any attention, as I'm 26 & not 15 anymore and don't go nuts over boy bands - But, he seems really sweet. I just want to hug him! Now I am gonna be mad if Taylor writes a song about him. And how about their accents?

  12. mango says – reply to this



  13. KELSEY says – reply to this


    this one direction special is from about a year ago….he's not crying over "haylor" hate. he's crying over hate put out there about who he is. not who he's dating.

  14. Dizzy234 says – reply to this


    Re: seth124 – He is human also this is about a yr and a half old he was just getting into the business and didn't know how to handle it yet. Regardless his is human and has feelings but this is old news.

  15. WazUp says – reply to this


    With all this drama did you guys forget that Zayn's birthday is in 10 days! 😕

  16. 16

    This broke my heart. Harry if you read this, you are so unique and amazing. Seriously, you have so much going for you. People who have no reason to dislike you are sad, they're miserable with their own lives. Please do not take what they say to heart. The friends and family surrounding you know you best and I can tell they love and care about you very much. It makes me sick that people can be so ugly towards someone they've never even met.

  17. Fiona says – reply to this


    This clip was about him crying over getting hate cuz he lost his breath in his solo of WMYB, not because of Haylor. Even if he did get hate about Haylor i doubt he'd cry.

  18. Baby Boy says – reply to this


    this is clearly for publicity and to gain the "aww" factor, i just watched the performance and it was hardly even that bad

  19. 19

    This entire article is bullshit.

  20. 20

    wipe away those tears with $100 bills lol

  21. 21

    this shit is stupid . its not that people have to start sending hate to harry but to every celeberty. and its more funny that one direction fans are mad when someone send one direction hate but they are alouwd to send hate to taylor swift because thats fucking okay. and i dont mean all the direction fans i mean the losers eho send a other people hate.

  22. 22

    Can you people not read? Perez says it aired in November and the reference to Taylor is a side thought, as in he's saying if he got upset about the tweets he read at that time he wonders if he's upset about the tweets about Taylor now… geeze you guys are so quick to jump all over Perez when its you that doesn't understand the context in which he's saying it.

  23. 23

    some people no matter if they are famous have, personal life so please stop saying that he looks bad with taylor they look awsome together.

  24. sammy says – reply to this


    perez why the false information? This harry styles video has been up for longer than a year on youtube it aired December 2011 not this December. Perez needs to calm down about all of the ”Haylor” drama aswell.

  25. illy says – reply to this


    Well, no matter what people on the internet are cruel. They will always hate someone in a boy band especially, whether or not they have heard the music. Just the way the world is..but as a celebrity rising in fame you have to deal with it. That's part of it, people are always criticizing. Sorry Harry, that's what comes with it.

  26. jenny245 says – reply to this


    True fans would know that this is an old clip. its about a performance he felt he messed up in

  27. JDmc says – reply to this


    Horrible reporting. The validity of the stories on this site get worse every day. This is from a documentary last year and has to do with what people said after their first performance of their first single.

  28. L says – reply to this


    That's truly awful. I'm personally not a fan of One Direction because the style of music they perform but they seem like really good people and honestly quite talented. Everyone has an off day! It sucks that just because he's famous people don't feel bad about dissing him. They're just cowards hiding behind their computers. No one would say that to his face. Sorry Harry, that people are disrespectful jerks! Hope he's feeling better now that time has passed.

  29. 29

    Ok, so Harry broke up w/ Tayler!! Now poeple R giving him crap for NOTHING!! Il ove Harry SOOO much!! I to be honist… i don't like Tayler Swift. i think she's pertty. But not for Harry. I <3 Harry!!

  30. 30

    Saying Harrys a baby!! Come on now!! Thats pushing it!! Do U C people going around telling people their babies because there crying?!

  31. Christina says – reply to this


    He's not a fucking baby, this video is years old and he felt like he messed up on his first performance and let everyone down when he didn't. Rats abused him about it and he got upset.

  32. Miss Butterfly says – reply to this


    Re: seth124 – Shut your mouth. you are the kind of person that made him cry.

  33. Julie says – reply to this


    No one should be mean to harry styles because he has
    Not done anything wrong in my point of view