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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Celebrate The New Year Wight!!!

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After a Christmas spent apart, this is surprising news!

Reconciled Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rang in the New Year with a romantic trip to the Isle of Wight.

The actors didn’t hold back on the PDA when they were spotted on the ferry from Portsmouth with their arms wrapped around each other as they made their way to the cozy town of Ventnor.

The twosome hit a MAJOR rough patch last year with the K-Stew and Rupert Sanders scandal so they were probably VERY excited to do the dirrrty put 2012 behind them.

If a proposal is really in the cards for Valentine's Day than it looks like the odds are becoming more and more in Kristen's favor.

We're happy these pale pretty loves are working it out, but we know the Pattinson clan doesn't agree!

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Celebrate The New Year Wight!!!”

  1. 1

    It would be a lot easier for them to put 2012 behind them if people like you would stop mentioning the 'scandal' every time their names come up.

  2. Rob deserves better says – reply to this



  3. cherryplum says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – i agree they could easily put the scandal behind them if people would just sop bringing it up all the time

  4. setha2z says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – PerezHilton has the right to mention the scandal because Kristen herself put it out to us back when she both acknowledged it and proclaimed her love for Rob. That made it a public matter, it seems to me. That said, I think R & K should IGNORE public comments and proceed living their own lives on their own terms, together or apart. Only that way will public interest in their issues wane. Personally, I hope they make it as a couple. They have a lot in common and a huge investment in building and re-building their relationship. Happy New Year, everyone!

  5. Ana says – reply to this


    Re: cherryplum – I agree people need to leave them alone and give them some space to work things out

  6. kisa says – reply to this


    o great pattinson is back with his cheater girlfriend.well it was first time for her,she needs one chance. be alert pattinson

  7. elena says – reply to this


    happy new year robsten

  8. KristenManiac says – reply to this


    Well….his clan does not approve of the relationship. Hmmm, the clan is not sleeping with her, Rob is. I'd put my bets of KS.

  9. RK fan says – reply to this


    Perez don't know anything. They did not celebratet on Isle of Wright. They celebrated with friends outside of London. Insiders know. Perez just writes what he hears from other gossipsites. Another thing, did Perez ever saw the pic of Kristen and Victoria at the BD 2 premiere in London. Does not look like Victoria dislikes Kristen, never saw such a big smile on Victorias face……and what about the pic of the Dad's. I bet everybody of the Pattinsons and Stewarts gets along with each other. Maybe Perez should dig deeper to get his stories straight……..

  10. Jem says – reply to this


    Why is it so surprising? Why would they spend Christmas together when their families live on different continents? They spend every New Year on the Island of Wight. It's only surprising to you, Perez. Also on the story linked about Kristen spending Thanksgiving with the Pattinson's in UK…Thanksgiving is a a US holiday and is not celebrated in UK. I'm case you need to freshen up your history lessons google Thanksgiving.

  11. Jem says – reply to this


    Re: KristenManiac

    True that! My husbands family was not happy about him marrying me. However he wanted to. One would think a family member would just want their loved one to be happy but families can be selfish judgemental bunch.
    I wonder who is Perez Holton scource in the Pattinson family or if he is just writing fiction based on his own twisted opinion about how he feels the family should/will react to their relationship.

  12. Anon... says – reply to this


    I wonder if you are so perfect that you put on the grill of the errors of the more I wonder if you feel so miserable that you take Perez errors of others to feel good about yourself at the end of your day you will be only a mediocre commentator for celebrities gossip in the absence of the info you really invent or go along with other equally mediocre tabloids you. You can write whatever you want at the end of the day people like me who know the truth of what happens to them even where they are and are always happy ah defend your privacy and your important detail I recall that your family does not kristen loves that the story is completely different if either will not know or do not ask those fans that apparently they are better informed and with first-hand info and see you which is ironic because they are supposed to should inform the truth is you means no fans and is in backwards fans know more than you and I'm not someone close fan who is tired of so many stupid things that are written about human beings who just want to live in peace. For once in your life be a man if you are not a bastard and do quality work a mediocre job not assure you that people will respect you more and you will not look like a cockroach and your self esteem will rise a few points.

  13. sj says – reply to this


    n =6297854]Re: rosebud99[/re] Re: rosebud99 – amen to that!!!! 7We dont care ….that is in the pastnow..old news …limp rag…

  14. antipodean says – reply to this


    At the end of the day does it really matter, if they can get over it why can't anyone else. Anyway as the old saying goes the more you push the more likely the opposite will happen, let them learn by their own mistakes in their own time, not when you lot decide to get on your moral high horse and whine about it.

  15. Alice says – reply to this


    I spent New Year's Eve in Ventnor and I assure you that neither Was here ..

  16. Olivia says – reply to this


    But journalism is this? this lie, with a picture quality malisima said three years ago. Tabaja journalist …

  17. bjsmith says – reply to this


    What website was this? My friends and I would love to see it to prove a point. Because we are hoping that Rob and Kristen and his family are just fine.

  18. Kasey says – reply to this


    Quite frankly the whole mess is a bunch of bullshit. Let them get married and then get divorced (which is where it will end up, hey it's the film industry). I don't believe anything the gossip sites say, I just read them to see what crazy crap the fanatics start screaming when they say something they don't want to hear.

  19. Sandie says – reply to this


    I come from the Isle of Wight and it is very romantic x I left there a few years ago now but always go bk for romantic breaks wiv my partner x Robert and Kirsten should be left alone to sort their relationship out x it must be very hard for them with everyone scrutinising their every move x

  20. Allvampedout says – reply to this


    so sick of hearing about this…maybe people would back off if she would give up and let the cat out of the bag on the relationship…i know he would in a heartbeat. God i hope Rob really thinks about it while hes in Australia and makes a smart choice, i think if he stays with her it will literally kill his career and destroy his reputation as an actor for sure, if there was love there she would let him touch her and show affection in public like any other celeb couple…love is not supposed to be a secret!

  21. sheila says – reply to this


    I think Rob and Kristen probably spent New Years in London. It's not surprising they were together as they have spent it together for the last 4 years at least. I don't mind Perez' stories. They're more funny than snarky most of the time. Don't understand why anyone thinks Kristen is killing Rob's career. I think Rob may have rightly benefited a bit from Kristen's indiscretion. Sort of like Taylor Swift benefited from Kanye's bad manners with a lot of good will. I hope Rob and Kristen make it and I hope Kristen spends time in Australia with Rob cause she won't be following him to the MidEast.

  22. Cat Lauren says – reply to this


    The story of Rob and Kristen spending the New Year at Wight is bogus. They were in London with friends having a great time eating great Mexican food!!