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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles' NYE Kiss In Action! Watch Video HERE!

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Start spreadin’ the news — Haylor is real!

And if Harry Styles and Taylor Swift aren’t REALLY really real… they are at least putting it all on display, either way!

We already showed you the pics and told you how Twitter went absolutely CRAZY over Haylor’s midnight New Year’s Eve kiss… and now you can see for yourselves!

Check out the two in action (above)!!!

Awww! How cute!!! Almost like a movie scene… anddd action! LOLz!

While the couple still hasn’t admitted that they are indeed a couple, we think actions speak much louder than words in this case!

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17 comments to “Taylor Swift & Harry Styles' NYE Kiss In Action! Watch Video HERE!”

  1. Bob Smith says – reply to this


    Is it just me or did he totally not look into it?

  2. Mikaela says – reply to this


    Re: Bob Smith – It's not you. I thought so too. She's constantly trying to catch his attention, and he keeps looking away.

  3. Heather says – reply to this


    People are so annoying annalyzing their relationship. Clearly he is into her because he flew to be with her. Honestly it's getting annoying, their together GET OVER IT.

  4. Tina says – reply to this


    Harry is gay.

    Just another fake but celebrity "boyfriend" for Swift's shi**y songs.

  5. Alexa T. says – reply to this


    Taylor is actually a frickin' obsessed stalker.. I wonder if management put him up to this.

  6. dodgyend says – reply to this


    How adorable! I love how Directioners are looking for some clues that he is not into it and clinge to that gay fantasy they have for him. Dude flew all the way from UK to be with her…is clearly smiling while hugging and grabbing her ass….lmao…..and those tweens are still in denial.

  7. Avian bell says – reply to this


    Taylor I do not like you. And back off Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kim says – reply to this


    You people are morons. Get your facts straight. Harry was the first one to say that Taylor was one of his celebrity crushes.. Their managers exchanged contact info and here we are. He probably wasn't into everyone all over his shit while he's trying to have a moment with his girl. 2013 - should be the year everyone gets a life of their own and gets out of the whole "im mentally dating a celebrity" phase.

  9. Helena says – reply to this


    Its just a fling I can bet on my life that they will Be over in abt five months….she is a pedophile

  10. Sarah_Catherine says – reply to this


    Right so Taylor writes these songs about boys mistreating her nd stuff…anyone ever stop to think that maybe she's actually a bad girlfriend since she's the one who's had all these boyfriends…and I love 1D too but I don't care if they have girlfriends so ladies calm your tits you'll all meet nice fellows one day and won't even think about your celeb crushes :)

  11. Jess says – reply to this


    rather they are together for real or not, people need to calm down. Fans act as if they should have a say so in who he dates. Why can Zayn, Louis, and Liam have gf's, but not Harry? Fans say it is because he lied about it, that is BS. They would have ripped Taylor apart anyway, they were before it even seemed like they were dating! The pictures at the Zoo got way too much. If you were an actual fan, his dating life wouldn't have any affect on how you felt about him or the boys. I personally think this kiss does look staged, just the way they walked right there for about 30 seconds, kissed, and then walked away. As for their entire relationship? I have no clue, I am not around them and don't know them. Plus it doesn't concern me.

  12. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Well we know wen they break up her new songs going to be called "new years kiss" or something hahaa oh well

  13. lol says – reply to this


    Lmao.. This shit is not gonna last… Idk.. Something doesn't seen right.. There while flu NH seems so rehearsed… I've said it before and in saying it again… Taylor is using NH Harry for her songs and when it's over, Harry is gonna be sitting on.the side.looking stupid so yea… Read between the lines ppl

  14. Harrysex12 says – reply to this


    Taylorswift is a fuckin whore she need to get a life I bet Niall warned harry about her all she's going to do is right a song about him and their breakup cause she's a bitch with red lipstick and I'm not jealous of her because she is geek and cares only about her dumb cat and she dresses like an old lady and I hope she look in the mirror after she does her makeup cause it disgusting Taylor swift is a whore a bitch and I bet in highschool she had to pay people to date her

  15. Emily says – reply to this


    All your guys comments make me have faith still and make me feel so much better, yeah they won't last long. She totally kissed him he deffinitly did not kiss her even though he didn't stop it but he was just being nice

  16. 16

    Yeah! I totally agree with all of you, yeah she kiss him, but he didn't, the kiss is about only 5 SECONDS, after that, they start hugging each other. For taylor your a BIG SNAKE ever…..truly……After this HORRIFYING EXPLOSION KISS, god she is gonna write another song for, literally for Harry, I cannot wait for the break-up…….god please harry break-up already with her she's all over you head to toe, SHE'S ANNOYING, DISGUSTING UGLY OLD WOMAN…………EWWW……..;) This is will be the next Taylor's album………..coming soon this 2013………..and of course for Harry….
    1. My First 18yr old Kiss
    2. I've got Tongue to Tongue in New Year's Eve
    3. Let Me Kiss You, your DIRTY MOUTH
    4. Live While, that I'm Getting OLD NOT YOUNG
    5. I've just got a BLAST RIDICULOUS KISS from the 18YR OLD
    7. I'm OBSESSED STALKER from the Hottie Brit
    8. Be careful With Me, I'M GONNA BREAK-UP WITH YOU SOONER
    9. I've had a 2MINUTES KISS in New Year's Eve, (Not Perfect)
    10. I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE and that ONE THING is YOU, Brit Boy
    I ran out of ideas, but i think this is gonna be taylor swift break-up song for harry…..i just……i just…….i hate that girl ;)

  17. Hfitzy says – reply to this


    How can any of you tell if he looks "into it" or not?!?! you can't even see him!!!! Give it a rest. She is NOT a "whore" or a "slut" or "stupid" or "using anyone". She is a young woman dating boys HER OWN AGE!!! If you idiots think she should be getting married to anyone at 20 years old you are all clearly completely out to lunch. And all of you who are jealous of anyone who dates these boys need to come back down to earth and out of your make believe world.

    I am just very exasperated with young people who think it's all right to say anything they want about celebrities or anyone else for that matter as long as they are hiding behind a computer screen. These are people too. You wouldn't like these things to be posted about you would you? If you don't like her, fine, but this is just a pre cursor to the bullying you all probably particiate in on a daily basis anyway.

    If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Shame on all of you.