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Justin Bieber's Camp Claims Dead Photog Was OBSESSED With Beebz?!

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Oh man this is too sad…

Sad if it's true, but even more sad if Bieber's people are just trying to demonize the deceased photographer!

Because it seems that sources close to Justin Bieber claim that Chris Guerra, the man who was killed while crossing Sepulveda Blvd. attempting to snap pictures of Justin's parked Ferrari, was constantly harassing the young pop star!

AND they apparently claim that Chris lied on the phone to his friend when he said he had seen Bieber smoking pot from a pipe in his car, a call he made just moments before crossing the street.

Those behind the Beebz maintain that Justin barely left the Four Seasons on New Years Day except for a trip to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood, and that he was NOT smoking weed.

They also allege that even though Chris told his friend that he had spotted Selena Gomez's car at the Four Seasons, that could NOT be the case because Bieber and Selenita had had a MAJOR fight in Mexico on December 30th and the tumultuos couple haven't seen each other since!

Bieber's peeps ALSO insist that Justin was not very fond of Chris, but he held his tongue in the wake of the Paparazzo's death out of respect to his family.

Hmmmmm. What interesting accusations!

Our thoughts are with Chris' family and loved ones during this difficult time.

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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13 comments to “Justin Bieber's Camp Claims Dead Photog Was OBSESSED With Beebz?!”

  1. hmm says – reply to this


    i know he wasn't in the car or anywhere near the accident, but it IS his fault for what happened. he's such an immature little punk that he has to have that ridiculously flashy car that the paparazzi KNOW and he KNOWS that they know, so he can always have someone following him, to feed is ego. if he had been someone who was thinking logically, and instead of wanting to show he has "swag," he would've gotten a black SUV that's hardly noticed, instead of a car that's so easy to point out, and then complaining about the paps all the time. dumbass.

  2. 2

    The guy is dead - seems very petty to say stuff like this. It doesn't matter now.

  3. dabates says – reply to this


    Re: hmm – Your logic is simply flawed. I am not a "Beliber" or anything but if the photographer was stupid enough to run into the street to get a picture of a celebrity than he clearly did not value his life at all. Flashy car or not, I don't give a fuck who is driving you don't run into the middle of traffic for a freaking picture. It sucks that the guy died acting like a blatant dumbass but such is life.

  4. 4

    Time to move on from this. Tragic yes. Although I don't like Bieber, it's not his fault that people are so desperate for celebrity photos.

  5. 5

    Aww Cmon, this guy was dedicated to getting pictures of just Bieber. I am sure he made his life a living hell, and would have followed him and run across traffic if he was in a Hyundai. And had his friend not blabbed the whole story yesterday to the website Perez steals from, no statement would be made. Give me a break, your bias against this kid has you missing some major factoids.

  6. 6

    Also, next story will now be about Selena and Justin breaking up, Perez took the article but didn't point out this detail? He is so obsessed with them, maybe he was just coveting posting about it by itself.

  7. 7

    Oh please. First of all, homo, you always get shit wrong because you're a dumb twat. Second of all, IF the guy was focused on anything about Bieber, it was probably to expose Bieber's many sins because the little shit doesn't think rules and laws apply to him. Now STFU about this, asshole.

  8. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: hmm – seriously? It's in no way Justins fault that people are obsessed with him. Get real man. This photographer as well and the rest of the paps need to learn to back off. They put others lives as well as their own in danger on a daily basis to make a boat load of cash themselves. A photo of Justin Bieber smoking pot would be worth a lot of money. Had this guy cared more about his life and less about money he'd still be alive. Justin isn't the first guy to have a sweet sports car. He wont be the last, why shouldn't he own one if he wants to?

  9. 9

    isn't it nice this culture of blaming the victims we have in North America. I'm a little old to be a "belieber" (spelling?) but the mere fact that someone can cast the blame on the kid who was being stalked, and not on the grown man stalking him is bizarre. To say this child should have to buy a plainer car so stop a whackjob from running into the middle of a busy highway doesn't make sense in any language or culture. Justin wasn't even there, and if he had been, it's not like he pulled the photog into the street. to blame this boy is no different that to say a girl was asking to get raped cause she wore some sexy makeup.

    Just as a clear cut example:

    Ke$ha came here about 3 years ago and i love her. I really wanted a photo of her and to get a little closer. she was performing outside down the block but I chose NOT to dive across the street, and I remain alive. WE can't avoid being shot, or an explosion, or slipping and falling most of the time, but we all have the choice not to walk in the middle of traffic. How about a little sympathy for the elderly woman who hit him, who did absolutely nothing wrong, and now has to go to sleep every night with the memory of killing him because he was a dumbass?

  10. Hmmm says – reply to this


    Beiber went to Roscoe's for chicken and waffles, but he didn't smoke first? Don't know if I buy that! No matter what the truth is, Beiber's team is pretty cruel for bashing a dead person. Let it be, he won't take photos of you ever again.

  11. 11

    Is there a point for pointing fingers now? No one is "deserved" to die (like some of the beaver's fans stated)! Think a minute for Chris's immidiate family what your remarks could hurt them deeply.

  12. Girl says – reply to this


    Re: hmm – are you kidddding me? Are you that stupid? The guy walked across a freeway. Don't see how you can blame this on anyone.

  13. yourdumb says – reply to this


    Re: hmm – sure… because he shold change how he lives his life so that paparazzi don't kill themselves trying to harass him… that's a stupid argument…