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One Direction Warning From Spice Girl: Fame Won’t Last!

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Mel C One Direction Fame Advice

Someone a little jelly?

It’s hard to imagine the boys of One Direction fading out of the spotlight, but if anyone should know about that happening to the biggest pop group out there it would be a former Spice Girl.

And now Sporty Spice Mel C is using her knowledge for good.

While speaking with Heat magazine, she offered up a little wisdom to those adorbz to the max boys. She said:

“They seem to be breaking America, which we were lucky enough to do. My advice would be just enjoy it, because so often with success like that, it's over so quickly … With pop bands, [fame] is often so short-lived that you have to take every opportunity that you can, and it is hard.”

She might've been there, done that, but we don't like her talking to our 1D boys that way!

We’re feeling pretty sure this boy band can hang in there.

However, it seems they might have to change one thing if they want to last as Mel added:

“I would say that you have to rest as much as you can. I think it's harder for boys, as well, but there's lots of evidence that they like a bit of a party. There's no time for hangovers, really. It can be difficult, but I have no sympathy.”

Guess that means the Directioners are going to have to let 1D get their beauty sleep instead of trying to hunt them down at various hotels.

Or is that just us??

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14 comments to “One Direction Warning From Spice Girl: Fame Won’t Last!”

  1. Jasmine says – reply to this


    Your 1d boys? Really cause i'm pretty sure 2 years ago when they were on X Factor you said "they would never be big in America, and the British fame won't last"

  2. Heather says – reply to this


    I have to disagree most bands break up and that's why they lose fame. Nsync broke up when Justin went solo. The Spice Girls broke up when Geri left and the other 4 made a crap album without her that was a far cry from their older stuff and by the time they got their shit together there fans had moved on. Maybe if these bands stopped breaking up they could actually last, if you leave your fans for too long they move on. Still love the spice girls and Nsync though. Still listen to their stuff lol. As for 1D I highly doubt they will fade out there music is very teen boppy and that genres fan base is pretty loyal.

  3. 3

    No 'boy band' or 'dancing girl band' will ever last because they don't play their own instruments and generally do not write their material. The biggest 'boy band' in history, so far, were The Beatles. And they evolved beyond that early mop top mania stigma to become something else entirely because they not only played but were brilliant writers (Lennon\McCartney|Harrison). One Dimension has exactly that. For them to mirror the Fabs it would have been like NSync turning into Rush.

  4. Chris says – reply to this


    I'm in no way sticking up for 1D as I can't stand them, but it gets old hearing people say that singers who don't play guitar, drums, or whatever don't play an instrument. The voice is an instrument. And Mel C knows what she is talking about. 1D better listen to her.

  5. 5

    unc si just using the old formula from the 90s b4 the rap crap hit and took over all the music back come the dancing bears the difference is there is no competition they are the only ones and everyone is way behind u got boy bands sprouting up like mushrooms but 1d hit it first theyll likely last awhile now .. then they can split up and last a bit longer .. who would of thought bieber would last this long

  6. Fan says – reply to this


    [Re: lastonestanding – lol. You clearly don't know anything about 1D. I laugh when people say 1D don't write their own songs or play their own instruments because what was playing in the background of Little Things? Oh yeah, Niall's guitar. And Liam's. And One Direction wrote 1/3 of the songs on Take Me Home, even though none of them are the chart toppers, they're mainly slower and meaningful songs.

  7. 7

    Wait, Perez is "feeling pretty sure" they can hang on to fame. WHEW! I bet they are SOOOOOO relieved. Perez - you are a fucking idiot when you try to inject yourself into the stories you gather from other sources. Stick to the gathering and leave the commentary to people who actually have respect and intelligence.

  8. 8

    She's right. Regardless of what anyone thinks of their talent or their staying power…they aren't going to continue at the level they are at now forever. Even if they manage to stay together and keep making music, their star power will fade, its just natural. Look at a boy band like the Backstreet Boys…they are still together (even have Kevin back now), still making cds, still selling out concerts and having successful tours…I still count myself a huge fan…but they're nothing compared to what they were in the late 90s/early 2000s. They didn't break up or anything…their fans just got older than the "teeny bopper" era, and music moved on to other things. It happens. It will happen to 1D eventually. When you're THAT popular, you can only go down.

  9. Christy says – reply to this


    Like another person said in these comments, Perez is the biggest hypocrite & back tracker. In X Factor 2010, Perez HATED One Direction and said they would never go anywhere. He hated them, a lot. And now that they're famous, he "loves" them.

    Anyway, Mel is absolutely right. I think 1D already peaked with Up All Night. Their 2nd album was no nearly as good or memorable. A problem with 1D is they are not all good singers. Their approach to the 2nd album with equal voice parts didn't do well.

    If anyone knew, Liam Payne is the most talented and best singer in the group BY FAR. In all honesty, he should've been a solo artist since music could use more of a traditional pop voice right now. He'll be the Justin Timberlake, mark my words. I think he's already planning a solo career.

  10. Stephaboo says – reply to this


    Ummm…Perez a few years ago you bashed 1D none stop and said theyd never make it past the UK…Fuuucking hypocrite. Also, she is right!

  11. Meg says – reply to this


    I LOVE One Direction, but she makes sense. Boy bands just don't make it that long. I hope they do make it, but odds are against them. I don't think she seemed "jelly" at all. Plus as others have said, don't call them your 1D boys.

  12. Paola Rodriguez says – reply to this


    Re: lastonestanding – It's One Direction not One Dimension!

  13. CLLS says – reply to this


    ..you know what….i will be super shock if one day i will wake up and one direction is still there…..no doubt,,,they wouldnt gonna last long…

  14. guillermo says – reply to this


    Hey perez!
    Well, i was ridding once and twice those words from mel c, but she not talk bad about 1D, she is helping those guys as a master pop grup band.
    Mel C. its a great woman, a mother, and she gives some advices, no throwing sh´t or something like that.