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Lindsay Lohan Catches Another Lucky Break After Skipping Out Of Assault Hearing!

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It's like she is living the Just My Luck sequel … the one none of us remember asking for!

Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan chose to continue being a paid escort pAArtying it up in London instead of showing up to her scheduled court date stemming from the misdemeanor assault charges she incurred after punching a psychic in a New York nightclub, the prosecution has decided to delay the proceedings…as the investigation against the troubled starlet is apparently STILL incomplete!

In an announcement made today, prosecutors explained:

"The investigation into this case is continuing."

WELL. That's a good thing…for now? We think?

Honestly, we can't imagine what other kind of evidence they need to gather against LiLo unless they really are gunning to press the aforementioned charges against her!

UNLESS, of course, they want to see how her legal issues in California work out before tacking any more infractions on to her ever-growing resume of deviant behavior!

So enjoy your out of the country, gurl!

It may be the last time you're legally allowed to leave the good ole' US of A for a while!

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Catches Another Lucky Break After Skipping Out Of Assault Hearing!”

  1. 1

    as Albert explained I am blown away that people can make $7150 in a few weeks on the internet. did you read this webpage

  2. 2

    Perez you are so indecently happy when she has problems.

  3. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    So - Crackie's attorney says the charges will be dropped because he has brought - or should I say bought - a witness outside of Lohan's sycophants, who says she never hit anyone. I also hear he has a lucky rabbit's foot attached to his Gucci briefcase. I say - Perez is right - they are going to wait out the hearing on the 15th to see how Lohan fares with the judge who doesn't like to dole out jail to criminals. Also - it's sad, but even if she is sentenced to jail in California, the most she'll proabaly serve is a couple of weeks. And then no probation after that. If Lindsay was smart, she'd just take jail and be done with it - no years of probation hanging over her empty head after she serves her "time" (which is measured in microseconds in California). Now if she is convicted in New York - it'll be Rikers Island. And oh - how I'd love to see that conceited narcissist in the general population of that hell hole. America is so sick of her. She will never work again in Hollywood in a major motion picture. Her chances of winning an Oscar are negative 100 %. She made and spent 25 million dollars and screwed up everything in her life not because of her parent's obvious stupid behavior - but because she inherited their stupid genes.

  4. 4

    This poor excuse of a human being will never be punished at the level she deserves. She is a drug addicted crack whore piss poor excuse for an actress. I wish she would just go away…I am sick of reading about the entire family. The parents are worthless pieces of shit. I think the only way to teach her is to lock her up for years with no over crowding get out of jail early pass…but we all know the bitch will never be in for close to that…it's slap slap on the hands now go fuck up again because you are famous. Hey Lindsy you shit just like me you are human like me and you are not a gold plated turd…you are not invincible.

  5. reader. says – reply to this


    It was likely she was informed beforehand that the assault hearing was cancel before the media knew it was.

  6. OhPlease says – reply to this


    I just wish they would stop wasting tax payers' money of this woman. Either put her in jail or just let her kill herself. All of these ridiculous and meaningless hearings, continuances, etc are annoying especially when you consider Sandy victims, etc.

  7. 7

    she should stay there

  8. 8

    Re: OhPlease – I agree with oh Please but what I can't understand is how can she time amd time again get away with ALL the crimes she has done, anyone else would be put in jail and the key trown away, I just don't think it is fair…

  9. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: nordic girl – I agree,do not understand it either.