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Mariah Carey's Allegedly Abusive Ex-Husband Claims Responsibility For Her Success In New Memoir!

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Isn't it just always the SAME story from guys like these?

Mariah Carey may be a happily married of two with her husband Nick Cannon now, but back when her career was just starting out at the age of 23, she was trapped in a marriage to Tommy Mottola, from whom she later revealed to be mentally and emotionally abusive to her throughout their four years together!

However, in his new memoir Hitmaker, the record executive 20 years her senior gives an entirely different account of the way in which he treated his wife, and instead asserts that his demands of her are the SOLE reason she's as big an icon as she is today!

He writes:

"If it seemed like I was controlling, I apologize. Was I obsessive? Yes. But that was also part of the reason for her success. My feeling was that there’d be plenty of time for Mariah to celebrate just a little ways down the road. I’m not talking 10 years, just a few."

Yes, and there it is exactly: it was YOUR feeling, NOT hers.

And because you used fear tactics and psychological warfare to make her feel like your feelings and expectations were more worthwhile than her own, it doesn't SEEM like you were controlling: it means you were!

Whether or not your treatment of the woman you claimed to love at the time affected her road to superstardom is debatable.

What ISN'T debatable is the mental and emotional scars she had to no doubt spend years working through to re-discover her self-worth, regardless of how you choose to look at it in hindsight.

Just shameful!

We're just so thankful that our beloved Mimi got out when she did!

Now her career not only flourishes, but her personal life AND relationships…and we'd LOVE to see Tommy try and take credit for that, too!

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32 comments to “Mariah Carey's Allegedly Abusive Ex-Husband Claims Responsibility For Her Success In New Memoir!”

  1. easymusiclinx.com says – reply to this


    could be my grandpa…….


  2. sevgi says – reply to this


    no offence, but Mariah's best albums are from the time she was married to Mottola, and he WAS the reason she was able to do what she did back then, I'm talking Emotions, Music Box and Daydream…. it sure as helll didn't get aby better than that! Butterfly, Rainbow, Emancipation, yeah they were good, but not on the same level as the Mottola area… #missingthe90's

  3. 3

    1. He is right.
    2. Mariah knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she married him.

  4. 4

    Re: sevgi – I agree. He may have been a control freak, but career wise, he did a lot for her. Just like Shania Twain and Mutt Lange.

  5. 5

    Mariah was willing to DO ANYTHING to make it big…..

  6. 6

    Mariah would be applying today for a chance on America's Got Talent with her Pet Poodle dog act if it wasn't for Tommy….

  7. 7

    Why do you twist his words? He didn't say it was a SOLE reason, he said it was part of the reason. And he's right 100%.

  8. 8

    I don't like this guy. Talk about trying to make some money for his gold digging wife Thalia.
    Thalia is such a FAKE and I don't know who buys her music. Paulina Rubio is numero #1. Back to Mariah I love that son "Love Takes Time"

  9. derek says – reply to this


    Yes segvi her slbums did sell more when she was with him but you're not getting the part where he would not promote her other albums after they divorced . He turned on her career and was doing very petty things to her . He was a abusive controlling man .

  10. Gigi says – reply to this


    Mariah has had plenty of success since she left him.. She didn't need him. He can't take credit for her song writing ability or her voice. Period. He also tried to sabotage Michael Jackson, and is the person responsible for giving that no talent bitch J-Ho a record deal . . . . . . . . .

  11. Gary says – reply to this


    Her best album ever, Butterfly, was a result of that relationship. I'm not saying Mariah should have gone through what she did to give the world such an amazing album, but that marriage and his ways made her the person she is today; strong, uncompromising, and incomparable. Commercially, she was more successful in the 90s but that's because the formula it took to be a successful star was different than it is in the 90s. Look past what seems obvious, folks!

  12. Rita says – reply to this


    he played a huge part in making her successful, but 60% of it was Mariah's doing. Firstly, she actually had a pending record deal with Warner Brothers before Mottola signed her, and secondly, Mariah writes and produces all her own music (besides the covers, of course) herself and was an incredible singer long before she even knew he existed. The only part he can take credit for was her public 'good girl' image.

  13. Rita says – reply to this


    Also, I LOVE Mariah, but can someone please tell her to stop putting on so much fake tan and using so much botox. She's looking a mess.

  14. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    Really Perez?-abusive?-who said so miss piggy MeMe???-after she home wrecked his marriage and used him to sleep to the top-Sony and Tommy spent more on her marketing and buying her awards and air play to make her a "star" than for any other marketing campaign EVER for anything!!! that's a fact-so in fact he IS the reason for her celebrity and since leaving him what has the cow done but failure after failure-proof's in the pudding I would say and MeMe has been riding on the gravy train Tommy set up for her for the last 10 years-all she has done is get fatter and more illiterate -and prove that it obviously wasn't her that was writing, marketing and producing her so called "hits"-MeMe is a huge fake poser loser who has been lip syncing her BS for years-everything about the her is a bunch of ridiculous hype-why do you think Tommy used all the stripper and soft porn promo to get her to sell??

  15. sevgi says – reply to this


    She was married to the guy that made her a star, even if he was controlling, abusive, of course she had every right to divorce him, but she knew very well what she was doing when she married a man 20 years older than herself.. she knew partial she was in it for the business, and let's face it, Mariah's best albums are the ones from the 90's, and that is including Butterfly.. When Sony turned on her, after the divorce, she should have kept the relationship professional instead of parading into the R&B world, while taking off 90% of her clothes… she knew very well she was never ever going to top Hero, Dreamlover, One Sweet Day, even her christmas-anthem "All I want for Christmas is you" is from the Mottola-Area

  16. 16

    Re: rosebud99 – You also forgot to add to that list Gloria Stefan and even he made his wife to be accepted as a "real" singer after telling her to record a live album and to do a show for tv completely live, he practically raised her status.

    Re: derek – Why would he keep doing it if they didnt have a contract anymore?. They had a contract while she was also working under his name, when they divorced he also moved on from the CEO if remember correctly so it wasnt his duty anymore to keep cashing for her.

    Re: Gigi – He was the one who adviced her in everything she did. Like doing the Christmas albums, she didnt want to do it and said that those things were for old people and he insisted and you see… the "queen of xmas", thanks to him.

    I think some people need to remember, cause they seemed to forgot, that while she holds some number ones songs, she also holds the number one spot in the artist in who the most money was spent for publicity in the music history. Yes, Mottola invested an incredible amount of money promoting her debut album, was such an incredible amount that it was said by many to put at risk the company. He was a business man and he is succesful for a reason (apart from the allegations that he belonged to the music industry mafia lol … ).

  17. 17

    So Perez, really, how much is she paying you to lick her boots?. You always hated her and I dont believe for a second the "stop bullying" cause we all just got to move to Kristen Stward to see how much you have not changed.

  18. 18

    Re: rosebud99 – The status of the singer I meant is Thalia his current wife.

  19. mimi's fan says – reply to this


    I love Mariah, I think she is great, but tommy isn't lying. Mariah would not have a career if it wasn't for tommy. her biggest albums were with him. he also made some other big stars today like Jennifer lopez, Shakira and celine dion. so its not like he is lying.

  20. jenn says – reply to this


    umm tommy isn't lying. he should take credit for Mariah success. all she does is bash his name around the world. Mariah needs to stop acting like the victim of that relationship, she knew what she was doing when she married a older man. especially a powerful older man.

  21. emma says – reply to this


    Mariah has never denied how much Tommy has helped her during her early career. This is not about their professional life but THEIR MARRIAGE. does his controlling, obsesive and abusive behaviour get condoned because he did HIS JOB by promoting her? Mariah happen to have made 2 BILLION dollars for Sony in 9 years so lets not pretend he was doing it all for Mariah, he is a business man, he saw what she could do for the company and he did everything he could to guide her, but it was her talent, her hard work and her fans that made her what she is, a lengend. nothing excuses his role in their marriage.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    He had a bit of a Svengali hand in it, but Mariah and Mariah alone had the talent and the pipes, not to mention the musical background.

  23. magnus says – reply to this


    It's all about priorities. Mariah's got hers straight! Hadn't she married him, Madonna and Rihanna would be the solo female artists with most number ones in the USA. Now, Mariah built up a nice 6 number ones lead. Well done!

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: magnus – Didn't Katy Perry get one of those number 1's records?

  25. 25

    As someone stated above– Tommy was a businessman. Mariah is insanely talented with a voice LIKE NO OTHER and he knew that if he invested in her, she would make the company BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Marrying her was an added bonus because he could monitor her every move. She said she noticed his obsessive behavior before their marriage and thought his attitude would change once they got married, but he got worse! He:
    1. made her cry during their honeymoon
    2. listened to her phone conversations
    3. allowed her to only go to gay clubs with her girl friends
    4. had body guards follow her every movement and report back to him where she ate/where she went shopping with/who she saw
    5. told their "servants" at their mansion to not look at her in the eye
    6. made her sing at their home 24/7 (she called the house "sing sing"/prison)
    7. sought to destroy her career once they divorced

    Mariah married him because he was like a father to her when she was an 18 year old kid. He guided her and helped her and he seemed like a dashing prince to her. Maybe there were other motives, I don't know, but I sure as hell think she didn't want to be smothered by her husband just because he was her boss.

  26. Tinki says – reply to this


    What a douche, he left out the part where he keeps all her earnings and she leaves with nothing. If he is such a hitmaker then how come his wife ("singer,actress") is not known at all in his very own country. He forgot to mention how all the money he used to finance mariahs carey belonged to SONY and how how he was fired for financing his lavish life with their money. If he is such a hitmaker then how come his label Casablanca records has no signed talent? Mariah had 1 offer on the table besides SONY when he signed her on. She would have done just fine with out him . .believe me.

  27. debbie says – reply to this


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