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James Franco Proves He Wants To Be Ashely Benson's Boyfriend With Justin Bieber's Help

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James Franco and Ashley Benson deliver flawless impressions — they really should consider acting, LOLz!

Furthermore, this collaboration is the finely sculpted fondant on the cake that proves these two burgeoning lovers are a serious couple!

As if a New Year's grope wasn't evidence enough, the Spring Breakers co-stars secretly recorded this video poking fun at both the crowned prince of pop and his true Believers!

Ch-ch-check out those laugh-happy lovers' light-hearted parody of Justin Bieber's Boyfriend (above)!

Though the song has grown stale, we're blown away by how easily a baseball cap and an androgynous haircut allow James to so successfully channel the Bieberoni for this inoffensive prank!

Will Justin laugh this one off?

Or is this Boyfriend remake more fuel in a fire that began when the Pretty Little Liars star dumped JB's best bud to start dating Franco!

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13 comments to “James Franco Proves He Wants To Be Ashely Benson's Boyfriend With Justin Bieber's Help”

  1. Kylie says – reply to this


    "Proves" that the are bf and gf how? They are just making fun of Biebs (and Gomez). There was another girl in the video too so I guess he is dating both of them according to your theory? Benson is kind of a bitch for making fun of Gomez seeing how Selena got benson the "Spring Breakers" role. Franco is great in this as usual

  2. Atasi says – reply to this


    They are not dating it's a prank to da Biebs ha ha ha!!!

  3. nerd says – reply to this


    listen, here is a guy who can't sing so he makes fun of singers.
    I'm not a fan of bieber, but he knows how to sing.
    Franco is unsatisfied with his life, he keeps doing things that he knows he's not good at.
    He's doing things that are at his level.
    That's his culture, that's where he's from. when he talks about low-popular culture, homosexuality etc, he's talking about himself.
    He's a sad 35 years old.
    that guy is so mean with other people, he's just showing people how unhappy he is.
    he's going to have so many regrets later on in life.
    let him embarrass himself.
    Why do you think he can't sleep ? Why do you think he sleeps on a couch and always surrounded by other people? because he can't stand himself and cannot be with his own thoughts.

  4. James Franco is a Boss says – reply to this


    Re: nerd – Are you insane or something, this was by no means a hate video. This was just a joke and it was the funniest thing I've seen in years. Also, James Franco seems to me to have the perfect lifeand any worries is his business, including whatever his sleep pattern is.

    As in a balance of working extremely hard (one of the best actors of our generation), not taking himself too seriously (look at the joke they play on him in " This is the End" movie trailer, he can take it). Are you so gay for Franco yourself that your blinded by a bit of fun? He is also actually 34 years old considering you have been researching him, and news flash you can have fun at any age.

    No way should Justin, true Beiber fans or any fan should be offended by this. We have enough trouble in the world, let's get some sense of humor.

  5. nerd says – reply to this


    Re: James Franco is a Boss

    Anybody can have fun at any age but the way he does it is incredibly immature and idiotic.
    His idea of fun and bashing other people in his writings and so on is pretty twisted.
    And no, he is not one of the best actors of his generation, compared to the other actors, he hasn't worked on many good projects or many GOOD directors and hasn't had any really good parts.
    I don't see a heart in this guy. the way he films people, or treats them is disrespectful.
    And that girl in the video is acting like a whore. and so is he. it's stupid.
    The fact that he hangs out with younger people says a lot about him: he's emotionnaly immature, he doesn't want to grow old, their emotionnal intelligence is at his level and he likes them young so he can manipulate and influence them.
    When I see the vulgarity of his work, the way he talks about these subjects or tries to be so controversial is ugly. his interests describe his mindset.
    He's obsessed with porn because he is lonely, insecure and disgusted with himself.
    He's so phony.
    he only seems interested in very superficial things.
    He keeps talking about celebrity, celebrity, oh celebrity, oh my celebrity, me seen through the eyes of, me seeing this, me, me, me, me, me……
    What the fuck? Is there something else that you find interesting except an image that you're creating of yourself?

    And yeas, i do think that his sleeping habits says a lot about who he is.

  6. herr says – reply to this


    He sucks. the only thing people know him for is: "i just do so many things, i'm so tired, blablabla…….."
    he lives off rumors, that's it. That's not a fucking career. That's just showing off and getting attention for no reason.
    He's ridiculous.
    How will he be when he'll be 50?
    He has no human values.

  7. Sarah says – reply to this


    They belong together…they both love attention. It is a huge diss to Selena…guess benson is a hoe

  8. TTFan says – reply to this


    Re: Kylie – Umm can you not see? Clearly the other "girl" in the video is a man in a wig. His brother actually. Don't know what Ashley would be doing with him in a hotel room if they weren't dating.

  9. vavavav says – reply to this


    Re: TTFan

    It's not his brother. what you are saying is sickening. he's touching him in weird ways and kissing him and putting his tongue out.
    It's some other guy…
    ewww, you're freakin' gross……

  10. mcama says – reply to this


    lol dave franco is the "other girl"

  11. chaoticmiss says – reply to this


    The other "girl" in the video is Dave Franco. It is meant to be funny not gross… If you missed Dave's cameo the entire video went over your head. Stop whining sissies.

  12. 12

    Oh please. This was barely insulting. It was funny and Franco is hot.

  13. morrow says – reply to this


    actually, I think the other "girl" is Jamal Hammadi.
    and keep cool guys, this is just a parody. Don't you ever do things for fun ?