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Mariah Carey Throws MORE Shade At Nicki Minaj During Nightline Interview! Watch Her Digs HERE!

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Isn't it always so funny how reading what someone says and then HEARING it can really showcase what the intent behind the words really was?!

Let us give you a beautiful example of what we mean!

Mariah Carey sat down with Barbara Walters for an interview on Nightline last night, during which she once again addressed her much-publicized, possibly-staged feud with fellow American Idol judge Nicki Minaj!

We ALL know the story by now, so we're not going to re-hash the details, but as we noted earlier, the diva explained her decision to take the gun threats the rapper allegedly made against seriously enough to hire extra security, because "anytime anybody's reeling threats at somebody, you know, it's not appropriate. I'm a professional. I'm not used to that type of environment."

Reads completely logical, right?!


To TRULY appreciate just how much venom is tinged throughout all of Mimi's faux-saccharine word choices, one must watch an actual clip of the interview, which you can do (above)!

And if that's not DIVAliciously bitchy enough for you, just wait until she responds to the new song Her Minajesty recently recorded, which allegedly was written TO SLAM her co-judge!

OUCH! We need some ice, and that burn wasn't even at us!

But hey!

That's what makes her THE QUEEN!

Nicki has to create an entire diss track to devastate her enemies, but all Mariah needs is some side-eye, an especially icy tone of voice, and some careful use of alliteration to have the same effect!


What do U think? Team Mimi or Team Minajesty?!

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35 comments to “Mariah Carey Throws MORE Shade At Nicki Minaj During Nightline Interview! Watch Her Digs HERE!”

  1. Gigi says – reply to this


    Mariah is the queen of throwing shade ! Love it… "I didn't know she sang, I thought she rapped or whatever". LMFAO !!! She tries to sing Mariah, she tries. LMFAO !!!!

  2. 2

    Love Mariah

  3. OhPlease says – reply to this


    Love Mariah!

  4. Sam says – reply to this


    I don't see how anyone could be team Minaj. Mariah is hilarious, grounded, genuine, classy, and stunning. My god, she is 42- in this interview, she literally looks like at least 10 years younger. She is SO GORGEOUS.

  5. Tiffany says – reply to this


    LOL!!!! nicki minaj is a douche! touche Mariah, touche!

  6. tommy says – reply to this


    get over it mc…lol

  7. alleykateholesen says – reply to this


    ok yall catch these t's , mariah shouldnt be throwing shade whens the last time mc picked up a mic ? lol i think this beef is ttly fake neways im sure its for ratings, i def will b watching yall r gonna fall in love with onika WATCH!

  8. Joe says – reply to this


    Don't get me wrong, I think Nicki definitely over reacted and should not have resorted to ALLEGED threats.. However, that being said when I think of Mariah Carey I can't help but think of a pure narcassistic diva that I personally couldn't stand to be around. I have no doubt believing that Maria was throwing shade from the get-go about not being the only female judge and I don't doubt she was making off color comments towards Nicki before everything came to a head. I don't think threats of violence are necessary, but if I had to be around that, if I had a gun I would shoot MYSELF.. Oh and by the way, fuck Barbara Walters for being so one sided and not even bothering to get the information from both sides. Can't stand her either.

  9. 9

    MARIAH IS FIERCE!!! I kinda hope nicki keeps going just to further her humiliation…And if your gettin on your knees at night and pray to the Lord He's gunna make it happen, make it happen: nicki minai's death

  10. Larry says – reply to this


    Re: alleykateholesen – when's the last time? Like just this week when she was on her Australian tour sold more than Nicki's salary on idol. The beef might be fake but it is true that Nicki is a fake ass bitch so crude and so unclassy. Mariah needs to check that bitch.

  11. 11

    I acutally don't listen to either one. BUT senority and stability are in Mariah's favor. I would like to see if Nikki could make it with out her Lady Gaga type dress. Lets see who will be around in 2-5 yrs. My bet is on Mariah.

  12. Agent_Mariah says – reply to this


    Re: alleykateholesen – TEAM MARIAH! … and F.Y.I. She just had 3 SOLD OUT concerts in Australia. Something Nicki couldn't do when she recently played in Aussie.

  13. 13

    Re: alleykateholesen – WTF? A month ago she did a massive performance in Rockefeller center that was covered by NBC…So your "facts" are laughably inaccurate. When was the last time Nicki picked up a mic and held a note? OH WAIT ITS NEVER HAPPENED!

  14. ericmtl says – reply to this


    Hasbeen stunt queen. Hate her.

  15. 15

    YES MARIAH YOU ARE THAT BITCH, she throws the word class around so easily. like what is classy? people who have "CLASS"… welcome to 2013 get off your classist shit, the shit is real in the streeeeeeets.

  16. 16

    Re: Larry – Gosh man… she sang in a place that holds only like 4000 people. Seriously, she cant fill a bigger place anymore thats why she does it in smaller seats.

    Anyway, both are annoying, narcissistc b*tches and both need to shut up. When I see Mooriah with her kids I cant help but thinking "woah, everything for the cameras, just like Joan Crawford.", Mooriah does anything for the cameras, buys a lot of people under the table and gosh could Barbara Walters be more bu- tt licking?. When she talks it always feels as if her fake teeth are about to fall.

  17. 17

    fuck nm…just another no talent piece of shit.

  18. fuhgettaboutit says – reply to this


    Team Mimi!!! at least we all know for a fact that she had an amazing, stunning talent at one time. Everything about Minaj is "fabricated", including her appearance, her performances, her "music" (or whatever) and her ripoff style (sorry, Mrs. Potato Head). She is relentlessly trashy and makes me want to vomit in my mouth, she will destroy herself long before Mariah has to waste one ounce of energy. Minaj is a toasted jumbo Honey BooBoo.

  19. Rita says – reply to this

  20. Rita says – reply to this


    Re: Esin Emko – Comments like that are just plain stupid. Whether you like Mariah or not, you can't deny the girl could sing. From Vision of Love to We Belong Together, the woman inspired every R&B and pop vocalist out there with her talent alone. I agree she isn't as great as she once was, but credit where it's due!

  21. Rita says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL just watched the video. Mariah's reaction is priceless! 'Don't know.. I don't know..' HAHAHAHA, Re: selinaaaa – how can you say that isn't class?! A skanky bitch *cough*Minaj*cough* would have started swearing or doing her chicken impersonations that she likes to call 'rapping'.

  22. 22

    I'm SO pissed that Idol cast Nikki Minaj. I'm so sick of celebrity stunt casting. Mariah has had a 20+ successful career and deserves to judge. Who is NM to judge? I won't be watching the show at all. Stupid Idol!!

  23. emma says – reply to this


    Re: alleykateholesen – 6 days ago in three sell out shows in Australia (sold out in 4 mins while Nicki took 6 months) and she has amazing reviews. re seat yourself.

  24. sandy says – reply to this


    Re: Joe – actually she picked up a mic just a few days ago. She did a mini tour in australia in the last week. She did 3 shows in the last week in australia. The reviews all said her voice was amazing. here is a review by an australian newspaper for you to read.

    Everyone who went including myself all said her voice was amazing!

  25. sandy says – reply to this


    Re: alleykateholesen – actually mariah was in australia in the last week doing 3 shows. Everyone who went even non-fans raved on about how amazing her voice sounded. you can read the review by an australian newspaper here . first thing the newspaper article wrote was

    1. “The voice” is still in tact. It’s epic, it’s huge, it’s everything you would think it should be and then some. From the belty climax of ‘Hero’ to that signature Mariah squeal that pierces the finales of songs like ‘Emotions’, it’s all there and showing little sign of wear. Just: wow.

  26. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    so I thought this was all made up BS that MeMe didn't do anything do deserve or had nothing to do with?-Then why is the self important cow on Barbara WaWa bringing it up again??-how many hours did she practice the "look" in the mirror so she could "throw shade" as you say on this interview? ya know WaWa has her nose so far up MeMe's huge fat but she isn't going to ask any question that hasn't been scripted by MeMe-so they planned this whole BS out together-and why Minaj called the over rated stripper miss piggy look alike "Shady Grady" that's exactly what this manipulative scheming conniving fame drooling has been ho bag is doing and playing the "white card" with her Barbara interviews and then showing up at the BET awards all down with her "black heritage" is just one of they many many ways MeMe shows what a fake loser clawing for the cash she really is-a couple of "tours" like her flop in Australia and we can be rid of her

  27. tahoegeminii says – reply to this


    Re: sandy – I don't know where you dug up that review but the Aussy press couldn't say enough bad things about what a 3rd rate show she put on and what an over rated flop she was -she couldn't even sell out 3 shows with less than 4000 seat per theatre-so her whole entourage and BS demanding freakshow traveled 1st class to Australia and couldn't even clear $300,000 per show-after paying the venues, roadies, sound tech-like 200 of them-right? warm up acts, and affording her "lifestyle" the whole way -you can bet the "Aussy Tour" cost dear old MeMe a pretty penny-just like how much she had to pay to record and distribute that complete trash dead fish flop single Triumphant the white elephant-seriously it will be so funny when the money Tommy set her up with is gone and she actually has to live on what she is making-the hag must spend several million a year on clothes she can't fit in for starters

  28. Rush_hour says – reply to this


    Re: tahoegeminii – Were you there? I wasn't, but I surely watched multiple videos on YouTube taken by no less than the people who were actually there, and it looked and sounded amazing. I just read back your post and I just realized you're just a pathetic troll who can't even give out facts. Minaj fan, I expect.

  29. teeter totter says – reply to this


    What the heck does "throwing shade" mean, never heard the term before. TY.

  30. ar1202 says – reply to this


    i love mariah, and i think shes one of the best singers in history. but i like nicki to, to be honest i dont know why shes on a show to judge peoples singing abilitys, even though shes a rapper.but i think people never see what nicki had to say. like seriously you really think nicki just started yelling at mariah for no reason. everyone one knows mariah is a diva and mariah probably was acting snobby and nicki want going to take. i think mariah was in shock, because shes use to people listening to her because shes a diva. and nicki wasnt going to take mariah snoobyness. and in the video nicki says that mariah was making comments. so maybe mariah was making comments that offended nicki and she stood up for herself. i still love them both, but there is always 3 sides to this story. mariah's side, nicki's side, and the Truth.

  31. Rachel says – reply to this


    No love for Minaj, but Mariah's old enough to not engage in this childishness.

  32. **** says – reply to this


    Re: tahoegeminii
    How cute! You hate Mariah Carey. However, you could find more productive things to do with your time than following every move she makes, like learning to write English.

  33. Calvin says – reply to this


    Re: tahoegeminii – I happened to think Mariah's shows in Australia were quite bad (few golden moments where she sounded amazing, but nothing spectacular), so I was really surprised at all the positive reviews she got. I tried finding some negative reviews and couldnt find any so I have no idea where you got your information from about her recieving all this negative press. Only a few fan reviews commented on the shortness of the show and the lack of songs she sung. Secondly, you bring up the fact that it was an arena and act as if selling out shows for a capacity of 4000 is a bad thing… Vocalists, such as Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Aretha, Christina and Adele, rarely perform (or sell out) stadium concerts (I know Mariah has before in the past in Japan, but this is not something that's happened regularly to my knowledge). Only performers sell out stadiums because there more about the theatrics and energy of a show.

  34. Po says – reply to this


    Re: tahoegeminii – Mariah is loaded. She's worth something like $500 Million! She'll never run out of money! And even if she did, she just signed onto an $18 million contract with idol, so she'd still be mega rich without the money Tommy 'set her up with' (even though Mariah wrote and produced all her own songs). You're massively misinformed, my dear friend.

  35. JC says – reply to this


    Someone here asked, "when was the last tym MC picked up a mic?"…I think the question should be, " how many times MC picked up a mic in her entire career?"…