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15 comments to “Robert Pattinson Still Sharing His Burrito With Kristen Stewart”

  1. 1

    Now that the Twilight crap is done I really dont see him tolerating her much longer. The trust has gone and theyll be apart for months and months. Nope, theyre done. She'll never find anybody as good as Patz so she's blown it…as well as blown numerous other men :/

  2. 2

    "like a couple of kids in love after one broke the other's heart by cheating with her director."
    seriously, Perez….let it go! you can't post anything without mentioning her cheating on him! it's so annoying….

  3. Rob deserves better says – reply to this


    Re: Lasqueesha – I agree wholeheartedly she cheated on him like a dog and shows no remorse and rob has said numerous types before how he feels about cheating when in a relationship

  4. glorimae says – reply to this


    Why don't you shut the hell up Lasqueesha you stupid, ediot, moron you don't know nothing about Kristen and Robert. Just leave them alone they are doing fine and yes they have reconciled and are back together. I think you are jealous thats all you are plane jealous you can't have him Kristen has him so get a life and leave these two alone.

  5. Lisa says – reply to this


    Good for them!! I wish them well!

  6. carlie says – reply to this


    meh, I think they'll stay together for awhile longer, they seem tight even if she did fuck up

  7. nina says – reply to this


    I love robert, whatever makes him happy perez. stop being such a bitch about her messing up too, it's nice they were able to move on from a rough patch together.

  8. ellenj49 says – reply to this


    This stuff is so stupid. Get a life. They are together and that's all that is known. Without a statement from them nothing is true. Lay off the cheating thing and foul language. Rob has forgiven her and I'm sure God has also. You don't personally know these people so making comments about the cheating are out of line, and low class. Move on.

  9. setha2z says – reply to this


    It appears as though RobSten have worked through the rough patch in their relationship this far, and are continuuing to make progress. That's cool because it gives us all hope that we can overcome problems in our own lives, if we keep our eye on the prize and really try. The way Rob handled himself through the storm has been particularly classy and humble. Good for him, and yes — good for Kristen as well for fighting back from her big boo-boo, to keep her man!

  10. Drake says – reply to this


    I hope she dumped Rob manwhore, he fu@k all blonde he meet at bar or pub..DISGUSTING MANWHORE!!!

  11. Jeni says – reply to this


    Re: Drake – Oh really! Did you see him? Where you there when he was fu**kin another girl? I don't think so. Shut the F**k up

  12. love says – reply to this


    I am so sick of hearing about her cheating on rob. its so obviously not true. yeah I saw the pictures. but Kristen and rob hid their relationship for like ever before we got any actual proof that they were really together. why would someone so private who knows the paps will be watching her every move get caught in that situation. obviously it was a publicity stunt for snow white. in those pictures she obviously wanted to get caught. it was acting, that's what she is people, an actress.

    they obviously love each other and I refuse to believe she would do that to him.

    and even if you could eventually get over someone you love cheating on you it wouldn't be that fast. at least not while still looking at you the way rob looks at Kristen.

  13. 13

    these two look so miserable together, I want the old happy Robert back withouit his filthy GF

  14. Peaches says – reply to this


    Still missing Ann Curry on the Today Show! She should of been Hosting the Golden Globes Tonight. We miss the Today Show Sweet Heart!

  15. Peaches says – reply to this


    JLO looked Amazing! With all of her Handsome EX'S there, her little Boy Toy looks ridiculous. He is so out of her realm.

    Best Dress: Hyden ,Halle, and Sexy Jennifer Lopez