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Anderson Cooper Will NEVER Uncage His Little Fox For Playgirl

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Welp, there goes our reason to live!

Yesterday on his show Anderson Cooper addressed some pretty eXXXciting rumors regarding his pants fox, telling his audience:

“It’s amazing how quickly false stories or rumors get started. Yesterday, I got inundated with calls from people about some story about me that was going around and I don’t even know where it started but it was on some online publication that said I’d be approached by Playgirl and offered to pose nude for Playgirl magazine.”

THEN the cruel Anderson Live host got our peen hopes up, adding:

"We had the photo shoot yesterday. I felt really free and comfortable in front of the photographer. They just made me feel good."

But, alas, it was all a joke. Anderson added:

"No, in truth no one wants to see my pale little chicken legs sprawled out on some shag carpet.”


We — and by "we" we mean every straight woman, gay man and simi bi curious human or robot in the universe — would LOVE to see you sprawled out just about anywhere!

But, it sounds like Anderson is just too sky to please his fans! UGH!

Too bad. We'd really like to know just how Silver the fox is!

[Image via WENN.]

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5 comments to “Anderson Cooper Will NEVER Uncage His Little Fox For Playgirl

  1. 1

    I bet his loads taste fabulous.

  2. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: PerezIsAGreasyPig
    Okay? But I bet he smells delicious, though. He looks like such a neat person and he said he doesn't use cologne so I imagine he smells clean, soapy and like himself. Yummy. :P

    And he IS delusional. So many people would drool over sexy pictures of him. But thinking about it, part of his sex appeal is this reserved attitude, shyness and the fancy suits that get peoples' fantasy going.

  3. 3

    what about kathy griffinshit???

  4. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    Too old, too pale….yuk…

  5. kim says – reply to this


    Re: Alan Brickman

    Speak for yourself. Apart from naturally darker skin I don't see anything attractive in those toasted bodies that will probably get skin cancers at some point.