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Chris Brown Wants To Sing Grammy Duet With Rihanna! What The Hell?!

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chris brown rihanna grammy duet domestic violence

In an alternate universe, Rihanna & Chris Brown will sing a duet at the Grammys this year and not a soul will object!

Other notable features of this parallel dimension?

Donuts fall from the sky instead of drops of water! Chicken McNuggets are shaped like Zac Efron!

Sadly, that place is a fiction!

In the real universe, however, McNuggets are vaguely oval-shaped, rainwater doesn't come with sprinkles, and Breezy & CB will NEVER perform together at the Grammys without strong objections!

This is because Chris infamously and repeatedly attacked Ri that night in 2009, irrevocably altering their relationship and his image! But with that stop Breezy from trying to make it happen? Apparently not!

A source close to that situation revealed Breezy's plan:

"Chris wants to perform with Rihanna at the Grammys to show the whole world they are back together. Chris doesn't care what the haters say, and wants to give the viewers an over the top performance with Rihanna."

We usually admire men and women with the pluck to ignore haters, but the haters are hating in this instance for good reason! They haven't forgotten CB's violent actions and they feel allowing them to perform on that stage is tantamount to condoning it!

The Grammys don't need that kind of dramz, anyway. A source close to the producers admitted:

"[Producers] haven't signed off on having Chris and Rihanna perform together.It's an extremely delicate situation and there is concern about the backlash the performance could receive. But it could also be ratings gold."

Delicate is one way to put it! Regardless of Chris and RiRi's intent here, this could be more controversy than it's worth!

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Chris Brown Wants To Sing Grammy Duet With Rihanna! What The Hell?!”

  1. 1

    There is a thing called forgiveness.

    But then, if you did forgive, what the hell would you rant about ?

  2. free says – reply to this


    The hope for gold ratings will win of course. Talk about a no-brainer.

  3. 3

    I am sick of hearing about both of them. I don't care.

  4. radio biff says – reply to this


    Chris Brown wants to *lip sync* Grammy duet with Rihanna…

  5. lala says – reply to this


    It was 4 years ago, you bring it up every chance you get, move on. She clearly has.

  6. Andra says – reply to this


    and if she wants to perform with him as her BOYFRIEND, what's the problem ?!
    i'm sick of all this haters, nobody takes no heed of them. mind your own life, it's so much better.

  7. 7

    Why do you even bother to write about these two pieces of crap?

  8. Mind your business says – reply to this


    What up with Perez obsession with these two black young artist? Smh What about - SERIAL WIFE BEATERS: Alan Jackson, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Tom Sizemore, Chrstian Slater, Eminem, Tracy Lawrence, Ozzy Osbourne, Glen Campbell, and many, many more. In 2012, Heather Lockerlear was arrested again, for assulting her boyfriend & so was American Idol alumni Adam Lambert. Pink was filmed beating her husband down outside of a club in 2010 yet we see no continued coverage of these stories. Just saying

  9. Jennah says – reply to this


    I think that people should get over it!! Chris and Rhianna are happy together! That's all that matterS!

  10. janette says – reply to this


    You are very quick to point out every single time how Chris best Rhi but what about the other celebrities that also beat up there partners and by the way were white. Leave them alone already. She's forgiven him. I'm sorry but you are one nasty man. I think you get a hard on talking shit about people. Are you that miserable?

  11. kikikiwi says – reply to this


    This is the first public open relationship I've ever seen… but I guess it's working.

  12. Ceecee says – reply to this


    Im wondering why are you trying to fight Drake because he is with Rihanna, then you shouldn't have abused her! What a stupid choice. You are less intrested in now! Now she is with her song, Diamonds.